Tony DiNozzo was finishing his report on the case the team has just completed, a rash of burglaries at local Navy Federal Credit Unions. The television monitors around the floor were showing ZNN and certain other news channels, although the sound was muted. A familiar face caught Tony's attention. He reached for the remote and turned the volume up enough to hear the reporter's words.

"…in addition to the numerous federal charges, Francisco DiNozzo is also currently under investigation for the death of his wife, Antoinette Paddington DiNozzo. Previously declared a case of drunken driving, it has since been discovered that the late Mrs. DiNozzo had no alcohol in her system."

Tony muted the sound again, unaware that he was under observation by his boss until he felt the calloused hand grip his shoulder.

"Okay, DiNozzo?"

"Yeah, boss." Tony glanced at the photograph of his mother currently pinned to the bulletin board behind his desk. He gently touched it, a smile on his face. "I'm getting there."

November 2008