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Summary: Usagi is a 19 years old girl that has no memory of her past. She starts to work for Sir Integra Hellsing as the new maid. Soon she meets her new boss, she meets Alucard and start to have (odd) feelings for the unknown dark man.

"blablabla" = talking

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Chapter 1 – A New Start

Usagi looked out the window of the black limo that was being driven by Walter, to her job. Maid of the legendary Hellsing. As they arrived, the big gates of the mansion opened, Walter drove through and parked. He opened the door for Usagi. - "T-thank you." – she said shyly, Walter just smiled.

Picking up her bags, they walked through the big mansion, the building was huge. – 'wow! I'm soooo gonna get lost here!' - Walter took her bags. She looks at him: - "Sir Integra is wanting to see you."

Usagi smiled and they walked towards the doors to her office. *knock knock* - "Come in!" - Walter opened the door, walking in with the young woman. Usagi looked around as they walked on the room. There was big desk mahogany on the center, were Integra was sitting, a big window behind her and bookshelves in the walls.

- "Sir Integra, this is Usagi, your new maid." - Integra looked at her, Walter handing to the blonde woman papers with Usagi's DNA and information about her. - "Walter, how is she with her qualifications?" - Walter smirked.

- "She is the best one and with the highest results." - Integra looked at her, Usagi blushed. Integra then looked at the papers and back at her, thinking. – 'Girl? She doesn't look like one... Especially on the top half… Maybe she's underdeveloped?'

Integra then whispered to her butler. - "Walter... are you sure that person is a girl?" - Usagi stood there, unfortunaly hearing clearly them talking about her. – 'Whata hell! I'm a girl! A GIRL! Why won't anyone believe in me? Is be cause of my breasts... They didn't grow like has to be...' - Walter told to Integra about her 'problem'. - "Very well, I understand… Usagi." - Usagi looked at the woman.

- "Yes, Sir Integra?" - Integra smirked to the youth. - "You're hired, you'll start tomorrow." - Usagi blushed and then froze on the sight. It took a few minutes to sink in, then she thanked at her new boss. - "T-thank you very much, I'll do my best!" - As Integra and Walter spoke between themselves, a dark figure came through the wall. Sensing a dark presence behind her, Usagi and turned around. She saw a pair of red eyes looking at her. She froze.

- "Alucard!" – Intrega called the tall male. Alucard walked towards Integra, asking: - "Who's that little boy?" - She looked at him and then to Usagi. - "That's not a boy, Alucard. Usagi is the new maid and she's a girl." – Integra said, Alucard spun around and walked over to Usagi again. Usagi's body was static. She tensed up as he stood in front of her.

- "Girl...?" - He chuckled, grabbing her chin to the woman look at him. Usagi looked at his eyes. – 'His eye's…They looks like want to eat me.. Or worse!' - Alucard let go. - "More like a boy who likes to dress up as a girl... What's it called... Ah! Cross-dressing?" - She froze.

- "Alucard! She's a girl. She just got a 'problem'." - Usagi blushed and looked away, wrapping her arms around her chest in shame. Alucard looked at her, grabbing her arms and forcing her to open them. He touched her small breast's. Usagi's face went completely red and she wanted to scream. Felling her small breast, he chucked. She was letting out soft whimpers. Seeing the situation, Integra reprimand her servant. - "Alucard, stop that perverness at once!"

Alucard stopped, Walter leading Usagi away to her room. Arriving there, she looked at it, the room was small. Then Walter showed her maid outfit, the girl grabbed it, giggling. - "It's so cute, I love it!" - Walter looked at her, smilling and grabbing her face, planting a soft kiss on her forehead. - "I'll see you in the morning." - Usagi stood there shocked.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Usagi woke up by the light coming through the curtains. Sitting up, she yawned hugely. Rubbing her eyes, she looked at the clock. - "What… I still have two hours until I've to get up..." - Usagi laid back down and tried to sleep but with no use.

She sighed and walked to the bathroom, opening the taps to ran the water. Once it was at right temperature, she took off her clothes and walked into the shower. She moaned as the water relaxed her body. In the process of washing, Alucard's words about her being a boy ran through her head. – 'I'm a girl, I know that I'm... Aren't I.?' - Usagi moved her hand to her clit, touching it.

As she touched it a little moan escaped her mouth and she froze. - "That's never happened before... And for some reason, I want to touch it more...' - Usagi moved her hand toward her entrance and touched with her finger. When it got wet from her juices, she stopped herself.

Usagi finished washing herself and walked back into her bedroom. She put her outfit on, and stood in the mirror.

She looked at it on her and giggled to herself. Usagi then looked at the clock, she'd thirty minutes left, then she decided to look around. Walking down the stairs to the main hall and looked round. - "Wow! It's truly huge!"- After she said that Walter appeared. - "Miss Usagi?"

Usagi spun around and smiled. - "Oh Walter, good morning!" - Walter walked to her and lead the young woman where her main job will be. - "Every 3 to 4 hours you'll give the vampire's blood. For Miss Seras Victoria, one blood packet in a bucket full of ice and for Sir Alucard two bottles of blood." - She froze as Walter said his name and remembered what he said and did the night before.

- "Miss Usagi?" - Usagi snapped out of her thoughts. - "I'm sorry... It's just..." - Walter held her shoulders and smiled.

- "Sir Alucard is always like that, you'll get used to it." - Usagi gave a small smile and nodded. Then she grabbed a bucket and a blood packet, with her other hand she grabbed the two packets of blood.

Usagi then walked off, Walter had told her were to go. As she walked down the corridor with paintings on each side, she pushed the certain panting to show the secret passage way. The corridor was dark, she felt uneasy as she walked down the stairs. She took it slow and finally reached the end. Walking towards to the first door, she put the blood bottles on the floor. *knock knock* - "Come in!" - She opened the door, seeing the blond woman. Seras waved to her. - "Oh! Hello there!" - Usagi smiled shyly. - "Uh h-hi!" - She put the bucket on the table. - "Walter told me to bring this to you..." - Seras looked at her. Usagi felt uneasy. – 'She looks like she will gonna kill me!'

Usagi's body shake and tears slowly fell on her cheeks. - "I-I'm sorry... I was only following orders. *hic* Please don't kill me... I'm sorry!*hic*" - Seras hugged her. - "It's okay!" - She looked at her and wiped her tears. Smilingto the new maid, she let go. - "Thank you, Seras!" - Seras told to Usagi her story. - "Oh! I see... So Alucard brought you back to life, like he was giving to you a second chance... By biting you..." - Usagi touched her neck like she was been imaginary bitten, but she quickly snapped out of it.

- "Oh! I better get back to work... See you later, Seras" – The vampire smiled, waving her hand as Usagi walked out of the room. She shut the door and picked up the remain blood bottles. Usagi walked further down the corridor until she came to his door. *knock knock* but no one answered. So Usagi slowly opened it. – "Hello?" - Her voice echoed on the dark room. Walking fast to the table, she put the bottles on it, then she took the empty ones and walked out fastly. When she shut the door, she sighed. – 'T-thank goodness he wasn't there... I wouldn't know what I would have done if he was there...'

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