A PlanktonXSandy experiment. Also the first Plankton and Sandy story in the Spongebob section (I believe. When I checked, nothing came up.)

This is told in Plankton's POV. Also, this takes place sometime after the movie.



A Plankton's crush on a Squirrel

My stomach flies every time I see her. And by her, I mean Sandy Cheeks.

She's friends with the yellow fry cook who works at the wretched Krusty Krab. We have so much in common, like, we are two of the smartest creatures in Bikini Bottom and we both love science and inventing, but our species deters me from asking her out. I am only a mere plankton. And she is a land-creature. How would it work? An answer I will ponder for many years.

The last real relationship I was in was with my business rival's mother, but that ended badly.

I would have asked her out ages ago, but there are three problems:

If only I didn't buy my computer wife, Karen. She's so cold-hearted and unreal. She's not just about anyone's kind of girl. She nags me to death and constantly puts me down, while I deserve more than a computer monitor.

If it wasn't for the Spongebrat having feelings for her as well.

When she is around him, he always blushes and acts nervous and over-protective.

I'm not willing to fight the boy. I mean, not now. I'm still etching over the failure of my last attempt to steal the secret formula.

He ruined my takeover of the ocean by singing that stupid song. What was it again... Goofy Goober? What's that supposed to mean?

I love Sandy with all my heart. But I don't think she loves me the same way. Maybe that's the real reason I can't ask her out. In case she doesn't love me back. Besides, she probably loves Spongebob.

That naïve fool.

I'm heartbroken when I think me and Sandy will never be together. It just tears at me...

But to finish this little thing off, I have a song for Sandy. I hope one day she'll hear this...

Lady, hear me tonight,

'Cos my feeling, is just so right.

As we dance, by the moonlight,

Can't you see, you're my delight?

Lady, I just feel like,

I won't get you, outta my mind.

I feel love, for the first time,

And I know that it's true, I can tell by the look in your eyes...

The lyrics are from 'Lady (Hear me tonight) by Modjo. Awesome song. Check it out on Youtube!

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