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Beastboy was about to lift up the extremely heavy weight one more time as Robin spotted him, when suddenly the weight dropped because Beastboy had managed to pull a muscle. Thankfully Robin was there to catch the weight and place it down gently otherwise Beast boy would have been crushed. Beast boy then sat up, one of his hands rubbing the affected shoulder area as Robin came over to see what the matter was. Beast boy then turned to Robin and said "Robin I've heard you can do a wicked massage. I was wondering if you could massage this pulled muscle I have here?" Robin smiled, knowing that wasn't all Beast boy wanted but he would play along for now.

Robin nodded, saying "Take off the top part of your uniform and I can get started" Beast boy then complied, taking off the top part of his uniform, revealing the lean muscular build underneath. All that exercise Gar took had given him a lean, muscular build that his green fur accentuated nicely. Robin began to get semi-hard while staring at Beast boy shirtless. He then shook his head and reminded himself he needed to get the task at hand done first. There would be time for sex in a little while.

So he walked up to Beast boy, his half hard member poking into Gar's back as he began the massage. First he started at Beast boy's shoulders, rubbing back and forth, back and forth while pressing to make sure the muscle would unwind. Gar gave out a small moan as he relaxed, causing him to blush under his green fur. He turned up to Robin while Robin continued his massaging and said "Sorry 'bout that but you're just so damn good at this. Where did you learn this?" Robin replied "From a Tibetan monastery. They believed massaging would help newcomers to the temple relax and unwind thereby getting them closer to enlightenment."

Beast boy smiled, saying "I bet I'd want to go to that temple. How about after you're done here you can take me there?" Robin nodded, saying "Sure beast boy, I'll take you there. But I've got to say you're muscles are tense all over your body. Do you mind if I go lower?" Robin almost laughed at how ridiculous the game he and Beast boy were playing was. But both of them wanted to spice up their sex lives so they both agreed to play sexual games with each other whenever they could get some time away from the rest of the team and right now was one of the best times to play games they ever had. The rest of the team were on a mission on another planet and so wouldn't be back for days at the least. Beast boy and Robin had been left here in case trouble began to brew back on Earth.

Beast boy nodded, saying "Of course Robin go as low as you want if it'll help me relax" Robin replied "Of course this will help you relax. That's what a massage is for" Robin then went lower, grabbing Beast boy's pecs, and rubbing them, even lowering his head to give kisses to Beast boy's biceps. By this time the lower part of Beast boy's uniform was severely tented and Robin could see it. So Robin took off the top part of his uniform, exposing the muscles that complimented Robin's build nicely. Then, with his cock poking into Beast boy's back, he slowly reached down and grabbed Beast boy's cock through the tented uniform. There was already a nice wet spot at that spot which meant Beast boy was getting more excited by the minute.

Beast boy let out excited murrs from the feeling of a warm hand over his cock. Robin smiled then framed Beast boy's package, cupping his balls and fondling them. Beast boy then reached up and embraced Robin in a passionate kiss, their tongues vying for control of their respective mouths. This continued until both of them needed air and so they reluctantly let the most passionate kiss both of them had ever had, slip away. Beast boy then used his powers and transformed his normal cock into a horse cock, 13 inches long. This meant Robin had to devote both of his hands to rubbing it, pleasuring the green hero. Both of the Titans then embraced again, but instead of a violent battle for their mouths, their tongues intertwined pleasantly enjoying the pleasure that both of them experienced.

Robin then stopped kissing Beast boy and he went to the front. He bent down and put his fingers inside Beast boy's waistband, pulling the tented spandex uniform down over Beast boy's legs and onto the floor. This exposed the bright pink boxers that Beast boy had said were a gift from Starfire though frankly Robin didn't believe him. He then fingered his way through the cotton underwear until he found Beats boy's fully erect cock though it wasn't hard to fine because of its large size. When he found it he pulled it through the slit in Beast boy's boxers then brought his face to it, inhaling the scent wafting off of the penis.

Robin then bought his tongue out and began to lick up Beast boy's cock, first one side, then the other, his tongue casually feeling which spots on the member got the most reaction out of Beast boy. He found a spot midway up the left side which seemed to drive the furred titan crazy so Robin stopped with the licking and wrapped Beast boy's cock in the succulent embrace of his mouth. Beast boy moaned from the heat enveloping his member which drove Robin to suck the cock like a Popsicle, driving Beast boy completely insane. Robin then found the specific spot that got the most reaction out of Beast boy and he swirled his tongue around that spot driving Beast boy to the brink but just as Beast boy was about to cum, Robin pulled out, earning annoyed grunts from Beast boy. Robin then said "Get up so I can fuck you", putting on a wicked smile as he stood up.

Beast boy smiled, enjoying this sudden burst of dominance from Robin, so he obeyed Robin's demands and stood up. But before he turned around, he reached forward, pulling down the bottom part of Robin's heavily tented spandex uniform, revealing Robin's 7 inch, fully erect cock. He gave it a little thwack, earning a moan from Robin, before turning back around and bending over. Robin then got some lubricant from a pocket in his uniform, putting it all over his cock and over Beast boy's ass, getting happy murrs from the other titan.

Robin then placed his cock right at Beast boy's entrance before thrusting, hard, into the green boy's ass, sending shivers of pain and pleasure throughout Beast boy's body. Robin then sped out his thrusting motions, moving in and out of Beast boy's tight ass, Beast boy doing all he could to squeeze Robin's cock for all it was worth. This went on for a few minutes, Robin reaching over and grabbing Beast boy's horse cock, rubbing it up and down in the same rhythm of his thrusts. Beast boy and Robin then exploded, Robin inside of Beast boy's ass, Beast boy on the floor of the gym. Both of them collapsed on the floor and embraced each other, enjoying the moment as both of them lay there, waiting for the afterglow to wear off.