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Summary: This is the Sequel to "Let it Be". This chapter contains spoilers for Let it Be, so stop here, and please read that one first.

Is Nessie still attracted to Jasper? Is Jake still 'seeing' Leah? And what will happen when both their lives intertwine again? Will they find friendship? Love? Or something else?

Read and find out!

Prologue JPOV

January 2029

My name is Jacob Black, I look 25 years old.

My life however contains 39 years, 39 special years.

I was born in the LaPush reserve as the son of Billy and Sarah Black, I had two older twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca. When I was seven, my mother was killed in a car accident. My father developed an illness that got him into a wheelchair. Times were not easy, but nevertheless I was happy.

Life was plain and simple.

That all changed when two things happened. First, the Cullens moved to Forks. And second, I met Bella Swan. Initially those two events were not related, but they became very much related.

Bella was the first girl I loved. And lost.

Somewhere along the way things had gotten very very complicated. Long story short: Bella became part of a vampire coven, I became part of a werewolf pack, and I imprinted on a newborn half-breed. That's how complicated my life had become.

All the same, the years to come were the happiest of my life.

This is where Ness came in the picture.

And Ness… hard to explain what she was to me. She was my earth and sun, my air, my life, my everything. I have always considered this imprint the ride of my life. Time stood still, my life was on hold, biologically and personally as well. Everything I did was for her. Every thought I had was for her.

Well, not every thought. There was Leah, too. While I was waiting for the love of my life to grow, until she was ready to love me back, Leah fulfilled my physical needs. She did more than that. She gave me peace of mind. I needed her. Even when we truly loved each other and thereby hurt each other by continuing the affair, we still needed it.

As Ness became a woman, we all expected her to fall in love with me.

Never happened though. Instead she lived her carefree life, as far as a half-breed turning into a vampire can be carefree, and I lived the worst year of my life. There were happy moments, sure, but those were the moments that I fooled myself into believing she was mine, and loving me. Instead I got to witness her falling crazy in love with her high school boyfriend, and feeling attracted to other men, all but me. I was like a brother for her.

There is nothing more painful than watching the one you love, love someone else.

I could have told her I loved her, but deep down she knew, she had to know, I did everything for her.

And so I did the only thing I could do to save myself. I left.

I broke the imprint, the strongest bond possible.

I moved to New York and worked in different places. I learned to choose for myself again. I needed to find out who I was, if not half of an imprint gone bad.

I kept meeting Leah, but plane tickets were expensive. After two years of solitude I had enough of my freedom, of roaming around like a lost kid, and I moved back. Not entirely, I don't know if I'll ever go back to Forks or LaPush. I moved to Seattle. To be closer to Leah. It was wrong, she was married to Alec who was good for her, I did not attend the wedding by the way, and she had adopted a boy that was two years old by the time I moved there, Dean. It was wrong, but it was also clear that we could not stay away from each other, moving to a different continent would only make flights more expensive.

We wondered sometimes what would have happened if I had broken the imprint sooner, before she had met Alec. We could have had it all. But you never know that.

I try to live without regrets. I made the choices I thought best at that time. And so did she.

I bought a small garage in Seattle and rented an apartment nearby. I worked my ass off that first year and the garage soon became successful.

I had dinner everyday in the diner next to the garage and that is where I met Eve. My beautiful wife. We have been married for three years now, and life is good. Maybe even as good as it gets.

I vaguely remember happier years, but they seem surreal now, with wolves and vampires and imprinting and all.

This is real.

I love Eve as much as I can, and she loves me back.

The garage grew and I needed more helping hands. I hired another car mechanic, Damian. Seth's boyfriend. They moved to Seattle as well. Both uncles of little Dean had wanted to move closer and so I offered Damian the job. As the garage grew even more, I hired Leah as well. Me and Damian do all the car stuff, and Leah takes care of the rest, finances, appointments, ordering parts… The three of us form a great team. I finally managed to get to know Leah without the sex, although we still needed that too. She is no longer bitter after losing Sam, she hardly ever thinks about him anymore. She has everything she ever wanted, I think she is happy.

The six of us are all really close friends now, Leah and Alec, Seth and Damian, Eve and me. We go on holidays together and spend a lot of time in each others houses.

I don't feel guilty for betraying my friend Alec by sleeping with his wife. Well, sometimes I do, but mostly I believe that there is simply no way around it. Maybe they both know, Alec and Eve. They never bring it up. Sometimes me and Leah go on business trips for the garage. She books only one room and we don't leave that room for the entire weekend. It is nice to not sneak around from time to time.

Eve is happy too. We are good friends and I treat her well. She feels loved, she should, I do love her.

There is only one thing that could make her life more complete and that is becoming a mother. We have been trying to have a baby for two years now, so far without luck. But we are both still young and live with hope.

Sure I think about Ness sometimes.

But like I said, it feels surreal.

It's like I have been in a coma for eighteen years, and I had this beautiful magical dream, about a boy and a girl that were each others sunshine, a wolf and a vampire, and they were made for each other, and then I woke up.

To real life.

You don't dwell on dreams like that, you don't miss the persons in it.

You just think about it sometimes, and smile.

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