Hi everyone that's still got this on their follow list. As you've probably noticed, I've deleted the sequel.

I think it's kinda obvious I'm not happy with the original version of that story. And by the lack of reviews, it's clear you aren't either. I'm not sure exactly what happened to my writing, whether it's just the length between updates that killed it or I've lost my touch. Either way, the way BWITKYT was going was terrible. One of the problems was that every chapter seemed disjointed and a separate thing, rather than a flowing story. I also don't like the whole flashback thing any more, they were terrible.

It would be so easy to just forget the sequel completely and leave it with just this story, it'd kinda put everything in a more positive light. But I said at the start it's a never-ending story, and you all expected more from me, and I still want to give you it. Plus I love this story and characters so much, I feel like BWIADW was the only good story I've ever written. Maybe I'm just vain, but when I was writing it, it felt like the characters existed and such, haha. And having over 60 people have this story on their favourites (unfortunately only 34 have this on follow so the other half of people won't even see this) is such an awesome achievement for me. Not to mention over 200 reviews, I still can't believe that to this day.

I don't know how many of you (if anyone) misses this story, but I'm going to keep trying to continue with it. I've already got the first 5 chapters ready to post, I did them 2 months ago but I've been debating on whether to post it or just give up. But yeah, I'm going to repost it. So I just wanted to let you all know, so if you haven't got me on author alert, I'll be making the sequel again today.

Hope to see you reading it again and reviewing.