A/N: Missing Scenes from the episode Requiem.

Don't Go Near the Water

By Lizabeth S. Tucker


Tony DiNozzo sat next to Maddie Tyler's legs, his face turned toward Gibbs, his shuddery breaths shaking his entire body. He knew there was more that he should be doing such as calling for help, but he found himself unable to move, unable to take his eyes off the man he admired most in the world. The man who, just moments ago, was dead.

His vision was filled with grey splotches and random white dots as he continued to struggle with his breathing, refusing to give into the overwhelming need to cough. Tony heard the squeal of brakes and shouts from up above. Thank God, Ziva and Tim are here.

"Tony! McGee, call for an ambulance." Ziva jumped onto the platform, hurrying to check on the two people beside her teammate.

McGee joined Ziva with his cell phone in hand. "They're on the way." He caught sight of Gibbs and blanched. "What happened?"

"The car…went underwater…" Tony gasped.

The next few moments were frantic with the arrival of paramedics who began working on Gibbs and Maddie, bundling them into stretchers and taking them off in the ambulance. During the entire process, Tony remained sprawled nearby, his focus entirely on the washed out features of Gibbs. When his view was blocked, Tony would frown, but still said nothing unless directly spoken to by the paramedics asking questions regarding the amount of time the two victims were not breathing.

Tim McGee and Ziva David followed the stretchers up to the ambulance, not realizing that Tony hadn't followed them. As the boxy vehicle roared off, sirens shrieking, the two agents began to secure the scene.

"I have a weapon here," Ziva called, placing a number card next to the gun.

Before McGee could ask any questions, another team arrived to conduct the investigation. He gave them the basics of what he knew about the situation. "Gibbs and Maddie Tyler are on the way to the hospital."

"And DiNozzo?" Clarice Johnston asked.


"Hey, McGee, what the hell's Tony still doing here?" Frank Carmichael asked, standing at the end of the pier and staring down.

"He's still here?" Tim and Ziva ran for where they had last seen their partner. "Shit. Ziva! Call for another ambulance, tell them to hurry!" Tim slid down the ladder, barely touching the steps as he hurried to Tony's side. He knelt beside the trembling man, hurriedly removing his jacket and wrapping it around the other man. "Hang on, Tony, help's coming." Tim began rubbing his hands roughly up and down the senior agent's arms, trying to warm him up.

"G-Gibbs?" The soft-spoken stuttered question barely caught Tim's ear.

"He's on the way to the hospital along with Maddie." He added stoutly, hoping he was correct, "He'll be okay. You saved them both."

"No." Tony shook his head. "I g-gave up on G-Gibbs. I had to help Maddie. I c-couldn't work on b-both of them." His green eyes, bloodshot and awash with tears, looked at the spot when Gibbs had last been.

"You did the best you could." Ziva David climbed down to the platform, moving to where Tony was still struggling to breathe. She had heard the lament and knelt in front of him. "Gibbs would have kicked your asp if you had done anything different."

"Ass," Tony corrected the Israeli automatically before closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around his chest.

Ziva's smile wasn't lost on Tim.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Tim asked softly.

"Self pity doesn't suit him, neither does misdirected guilt. Tony, listen to me." She touched him gently on the shoulder, pulling at the jacket to cover his neck more fully. "Are you listening?"

"Yeah, I'm lis'ning."

His slurring had Ziva and Tim exchanging worried glances. She jerked her chin toward the pier. Tim nodded as he carefully pulled away from Tony's shivering body, letting Ziva take his place. Once free, he scrambled up the ladder to search for the needed ambulance.

"All on your own," she continued, "you managed to take out both of the bad guys. I assume that was you?"

Tony blinked at her before nodding.

"You got Gibbs as well as the girl out of the car according to Maddie. You performed life-saving measures on them both. So you have nothing to feel guilty about."

Tony's fight to not cough was lost as he tried to protest, his face turning red as he choked. His body began to tip to one side, the lack of oxygen and the violent tremors racking his body removing his sense of balance.

Ziva clutched him closer to her own body in an effort to keep him from toppling into the water. "McGee! Carmichael! I need help!"

Both agents looked over the edge of the pier.

"Where is the ambulance?"

Tim frowned. "Delayed in traffic. Dispatch is estimating another five to ten minutes."

"We cannot wait that long. Help me get Tony to the car. We will take him in ourselves."

Tim climbed back down, followed by Carmichael. With all three struggling to control an oblivious Tony, they managed to get him up onto the pier and into the backseat of the vehicle driven closer by Agent Johnston. Ziva took the wheel while Tim climbed into the back with Tony.

"Need any more help?" Clarice asked, leaning into the front passenger window.

"No," Ziva said before changing her mind. "Yes. Please contact both the hospital and Dr. Mallard. Let them know that we are on the way. Ducky will need to explain Tony's medical history."

"Got it. Good luck." Clarice slapped the top of the car before stepping back, barely avoiding having her foot run over.