They arrived at the emergency entrance in record time, the screech of tires on the pavement announcing their presence. Tim was relieved to see Ducky waiting for them, standing by the automatic doors. "We're here, Tony."

The other agent was pressed against the door, his eyes squeezed shut. His entire focus was on his breathing, using the procedures he had learned while recovering from his bout with the plague.

Ducky opened the passenger side door. "Tony, I've brought you a wheelchair."

As Tony began to protest, he was cut off.

"Not a word. You wouldn't be able to walk very far. You don't want to fall flat on your face in front of the pretty nurses, do you?"

Tony huffed out a reluctant laugh before sliding carefully out of the car, allowing the medical examiner to help ease him into the chair. He kept his eyes closed as he was wheeled into the hospital.

Sometime later, after suffering through a thorough medical exam and what seemed to be thousand of questions, Tony was sitting in the same wheelchair, having some breathing therapy. He hated the large plastic tube he had to hold in his mouth and wasn't that thrilled with the misty fog that was to be breathed in, but he had to admit that it was working. His throat didn't feel quite so closed and that choking feeling was almost gone. But what he really wanted was someone to answer his questions.

He pouted around the room, empty of anyone to vent his frustration on. When Ducky finally appeared, Tony was tempted to jump up and kiss the man. His green eyes were full of fire as he started to remove the device.

Ducky held his hand up. "No, put it back in your mouth, young man."

Grumbling, Tony complied.

"Now, I believe I know what you want to say, so let me speak. First, both Jethro and the young lady are fine. In fact, both will probably be released later today."

A weight dropped from Tony's shoulders. He found himself turning away for a moment from Ducky's too observant gaze as he regained his composure. Once he felt more secure, he turned to face the older man. "Good," he said around the mouthpiece.

"Now, as to you."

Tony stiffened at the serious change in Ducky's demeanor.

"You swallowed some of the filthy water while pulling them from the car. They want to keep you overnight for observation."

This time Tony did remove the breather. "No."

"You could have an infection."

"Then give me antibiotics. I'm not staying here any longer than I have to. And I'm definitely not staying overnight."

"Don't be foolish…"

"It's not foolish. I'll be fine at home. If I have any problems, I'll call someone."

Ducky stared at Tony who swallowed deeply before returning the stare defiantly. "You live alone."

"Yeah, so?"

"If you relapse, if you suddenly have an asthmatic attack, you won't be able to move, much less speak."

"What if he stays with someone?" The raspy voice made both men jump, their attention darting to the open doorway.

"Gibbs!" Tony almost jumped to his feet, but was stopped by his boss' upheld hand as well as Ducky's restraining hand.

"Jethro, you've been released?"

"Yeah, Duck. I was on my way outside to call a cab and get out of here when I spotted two of my agents loitering in the emergency waiting room, looking very worried. It wasn't until I reamed them out for wasting time waiting for me that I discovered that DiNozzo was here. As a patient."

"You okay, boss?" Tony asked.

Gibbs thoroughly surveyed his senior agent before answering. "Better than you." He turned back to Ducky. "Why wasn't I told?"

"Because it wasn't something you could do anything about. You've been busy with your own concerns and that of Maddie Tyler. Has the child left?"

"I had McGee drive her home. I had to promise to call him with word of DiNozzo first." A proud smile flickered across Gibbs' face. "He's come a long way, having the guts to defy me." He repeated his earlier question. "If I have DiNozzo stay with me, can he be released today?"

"I don't need anyone babysitting me," Tony grumbled.

"Shut up, DiNozzo. You want out of here?"

"Yeah," he replied sullenly.

"If they won't let you out because you'll be alone, then staying with me should take care of that. Right, Ducky?"

"I believe so. Let me speak with Tony's doctor. I shall be right back."

A heavy silence reigned in the small room, Tony resuming his therapy. As they both looked at the floor, Tony snickered.

Gibbs looked up. "Something funny, DiNozzo?"

"Yeah," he replied, holding the breather just in front of his mouth. "Us."

At first annoyed, soon Gibbs chuckled. "I guess we are."

"You're really okay, boss?"

"Thanks to you, I am." And a very vibrant dream.

"Good. Only I can't take credit for it." He swallowed nervously. "It wasn't me. I didn't do anything."

Gibbs' eyebrow tilted up. "That's not what I remember."

"I doubt you can remember much, Gibbs. By the time I got Maddie on that platform and dove back to the car, you were…" Tony hesitated, his voice almost too soft to hear. "You weren't breathing." He didn't think he'd ever forget the sightless eyes that were waiting for him.

"You got me out." It was a statement, not a question.

"Well, sure." He decided to confess quickly. "I gave up on you. I only did one real pump of CPR and a… Well, I quit working on you and switched to Maddie. I let you die, Gibbs."

"No, you didn't. You did what was right, working on the civilian. So get that stupid idea that you did something wrong out of your head right now. Understand?"

"Okay, I'll try."

Gibbs leaned back against the wall, watching as Tony seemed to relax. He waited until the younger man seemed to be on the verge of dozing off. "So you performed CPR on me?"

"Only one hit."

"Hmmm. You usually have to perform mouth-to-mouth first." He knew he'd hit a nerve when Tony's eyes suddenly widened. "Did you have to kiss me, Tony?"

Tony's mouth dropped open, about to protest before he thought better of it. "Maybe."

Gibbs looked at his senior agent, a twinkle in his blue eyes as he took in the flush blooming on the younger man's cheeks. "So, DiNozzo, tell me. Was it good for you?"


April 2008