Author's Note::. Just something I've wanted to write since getting back in JAG over the summer. This is a Harm/Caitlin fic. Sorry all you Harm/Mac shippers.

Since she fell out from her position at the JAG headquarters, Lieutenant Commander Caitlin Pike had often envisioned how things were going along there now, how many of the old gang were still there and how many new folk had joined up. She often thought of these things, ever since she decided against returning since the case of her harassment had come up to the surface and she lost her case, wanting to drop it anyway.

Caitlin, 'Kate' as she was better known among her friends, had been apprehensive about returning to the JAG headquarters or even going near to Georgetown again, but Georgetown was unavoidable since that's where she'd now set up residency. The week before Christmas, just broken up with her boyfriend and she had uprooted and moved herself back to Georgetown to get back into the JAG office and with her old buddies once more.

Upon arriving at the JAG HQ, Caitlin felt a wave of panic, was the Colonel who had assaulted her still in the services? She looked around and the first person she saw was Bud Roberts, he hadn't changed a bit, still he was a little clumsy and seemed dopey but he had always made her smile, he was such a good guy to be around. When he turned, his face lit up, she smiled brightly back to him before he came over to her.

"Lieutenant Pike, ma'am it's great to see you back here, it's been a while!" he smiled to Caitlin, already making her feel welcomed and at home.

"Oh please Bud, call me Cait…but I'm glad to be back here" she smiled softly to him and softly brought him into an embrace, "It's great to see you, how are you?"

As Bud made to answer Caitlin, he was interrupted by his wife Harriet, "Caitlin?!" and the blonde giggled, rushing over to see the , "It's great to see you! I don't believe you're back. Gosh Bud, were you going to just keep her here on the doorstep, come on in Kate!" Harriet busied around her, already switching into her maternal role around Caitlin.

After several rounds of the JAG headquarters, Caitlin finally met him again. It had been a few years since they'd last saw each other, but there he was in his dress whites, gold wings on his lapel and that smile just beaming at her. The brunette looked to Harmon Rabb Jnr and smiled to him. Looking back at Caitlin, he felt his breath was taken away, she looked even better than he'd remembered her ever looking.

"Caitlin…" Harm smiled as he walked to her.

Bud smiled seeing the two reunited before he spoke up, "I'll let you two catch up, Harriet wants me to file some stuff for her…see you later Lieutenant, Sir" he smiled, giving friendly nods to both of them.

Caitlin smiled up at Harm as Bud left, he then spoke up, "So, you wanna grab some coffee and catch up?" Harm asked her. She nodded and he walked with her to the breakroom to get the coffee and sit down to chat a while. Harm poured Caitlin out her cup and handed it to her before he took his own and walked over to a table with her to sit down.

The two gently sipped at their coffee first before looking to each other and smiling and then they both went to speak at the same time;

"So, how are y…?"

"I've missed being he…"

Both of them laughed together and it was Harm who then spoke up again, "So, how are you? We've missed you here…" he asked Caitlin, watching her softly, still smiling and looking at her smile back at him.

She nodded gently and set down her cup before she replied, "Well, I'm great –"

"I know, you look it" Harm interrupted her.

Kate gave a soft giggle before she continued, "Yes, I've really missed being here, though now, I have no idea who the majority of the people are who work here now, the only one's I recognize are Bud…and you…so I don't really see who's missed me…"

Harm just looked to Caitlin, not saying anything. He didn't think he had to, his expression surely would have given it away, but she didn't seem to notice it.

"Anyway, how've you been? Still got that harem?" she smirked to him.

"You know you loved being a part of that…!" he chuckled, took a sip of his coffee and answered her first question, "I'm good, it's been pretty quiet around here lately, all the commotion that's seemed to have been going on is just Harriet and Mac planning the Christmas and New Years parties…"

At the mention of Mac, Sarah MacKenzie, Caitlin took her cup and looked into it before taking a slow sip, she could feel her mind asking herself, 'Is she still around here?' before she looked up to Harm and gave him a soft smile, "The parties, oh how I missed those things!"

"Yeah, they were something else!" he chuckled. He noticed that Caitlin's body language changed when he'd mentioned Sarah to Caitlin, so he decided to push it a little further to see if he was right, "The years I had my harem…" he shot Caitlin a jokey glance before continuing, "I always asked Mac to go with me, up until she was engaged I mean…and then after she and Brumby broke it off"

The brunette could feel herself getting jealous but she offered a false smile and nodded, "Must have been fun. I mean, those things are really boring if you don't go with a date, even if it is just as friends"

He knew it. Caitlin was jealous of Mac! Though he wasn't going to play on it, so he asked her, "Any special someone in your life Kate?" before he took a gulp of his coffee, watching her.

Caitlin looked to Harm and then to the table, "No. No, not at the minute" she answered him before she relayed the question to him, "How about you?" she asked him and glanced to him casually before lifting her cup to drink.

"Well, I don't but I've got my eye on someone…I've known her for quite a while too" Harm replied, keeping his eyes trained on Caitlin, smiling gently as she stopped her cup before her lips and he let his smile grow.

"Does…this person know?" she asked him, her cup still poised before her lips.

"She…does now" he smiled to her softly.

Caitlin's brows rose as she tried to say something but she couldn't. Each time she made to speak, she couldn't get any words out until finally she took a sip form her coffee and gently sighed, " Oh…" before she set her cup down and looked to Harm, her lips flicking up at both corners into a gentle smile.