Author's Note:: JAG fic. Harm/Caitlin centric. Enjoy!!

After leaving the hospital, Harm had taken Caitlin home, letting her get her much needed rest in the comfort of her own bed and with her pajamas before he then left her to go and speak with the Admiral about her suspension from the service at JAG. He got the HQ and marched on the double straight to Chegwidden's office to confront him, not a good idea but Harm wasn't thinking of the consequences as he knocked on the hardwood door of the office before the Admiral called out for him to enter.

Standing to attention, Harm looked to Admiral Chegwidden, who sat behind his desk smiling knowingly to Harm, "I knew you'd fly over here as soon as you heard Harm…" Chegwidden said to him before he smiled a little more and chuckled, "No pun intentional"

Harm frowned a little confusedly to Chegwidden, "Sir…?" he questioned.

"At ease…take a seat" Chegwidden told Harm. He waited for him to sit before he then continued and looked to Harm, "Do you really think I'd be so stupid as to suspend Caitlin because of her keeping the news of her pregnancy undisclosed?" Chegwidden asked, though Harm didn't get it was a rhetorical question, so he went to answer but the Admiral stopped him and smiled, "No, I wouldn't, and after Tiner told me, I had to make a decision, Caitlin needs the time off, she'll need time to get…well again after this"

Harm looked to Admiral Chegwidden and he nodded slowly, sighing a little, "Sir, thank you…I should have known you wouldn't remove her from services"

"You're welcome son, she's a great asset to the team, so I couldn't remove her" Chegwidden smiled to Harm and nodded.

Suddenly, something happened to Harm that had not happened to him before in his life, he felt his eyes stinging and tears springing to them. He cleared his throat a little and looked to Chegwidden before he frowned a little, "I'm sorry Sir. I just…I feel so bad for Kate, she shouldn't have had to go through that, it was all she ever wanted; a family I mean"

Admiral Chegwidden noticed Harm's tone and his tears in the corners of his eyes, he frowned also and then he thought before he said, "Did you want you that too Harm?"

"Which Sir?"

"A family, with Kate…"

Harm took a few moments to process the thought before he looked to his lap and finally nodded, "I did Sir, yes." He replied.

"Then I think you need to do something about that Harm" Chegwidden told him.

"I do Sir?"

"Yes, get back to Caitlin on the double and tell her what you think is right…" the Admiral hinted to Harm, smiling a little, "You might need to stop off at the jewelers on the way…" Chegwidden told Harm as he dismissed him and smirked a little, "Harm, the smaller the box, the more excited she'll be…" he winked.

"Small box…" Harm said, thinking a little before he caught on, "A ring, I gotcha…!" Harm chuckled, his mind already whirling, trying to focus on the engagement display at the jewelers on the way back to Caitlin's, mentally picking out the perfect ring for her, one she would wear for the years she'd spend with him. One their kids would see shining as she prepared the pancakes of a morning, or helped them with their homework or when she removed it to help them with their baths of an evening. He smiled as he drove over to choose the ring and then onto Caitlin's for one of many moments she'd remember forever.


Thanks for reading gang. Hopefully there'll be some kind of closure in a sequel.