What the Sorting Hat Said

A/N: Yes there's probably been millions. But why not another one? Exactly what did the faithful old Sorting Hat say to Voldemort, to Hermione, to Ron, and to so many others? A short series of one-shots, dwindling through the ages. I twiddled some of the ages, and I don't know when one of the Dumbledores killed Ariana, but I decided to make it when Albus was ten, so there. Enjoyy the story! (Sorting Hat's thoughts are italicized, narration is normal, and people's thoughts are bold.) I do not own Harry Potter! I don't know how often I'll update; but if I get reviews..


Albus Dumbledore

The Sorting Hat was tired. A rare thing, since it hardly had brains. But yes, it was tired.

People these days, he silently fumed. Back in the day, when I could just sit happily on Gryffindor's head, enjoying my life..oh yes, those were the days. And now! People who are cunning, and brave, and power-thirsty, not to mention loyal, and smart, and some people who just aren't anything at all! Goodness, they should have made an Oddball House..make my life hundreds of times easier..half of Hogwarts would be in it.

"Dumbledore, Albus!"

Excuse me, came a little voice, a polite voice even in his thoughts, and the Sorting Hat realized he'd been placed on a head. He sighed slightly, then began listening to this boy's thoughts.

Who're you? Never met a boy like you..

So sorry, Mr. Hat..I just want to be in something good, you see. Right now, I'm trying to muster up every ounce of bravery, smartness, cunning, and loyalty. Especially loyalty. You have to be loyal to get into Gryffindor, right? And Hufflepuff too. Oh, but I don't think I'd like Hufflepuff very much. Oh..I just want to be in something good.

In their own way, all the houses are good, boy. I see now..you are loyal. Very, very loyal.

Really!!?? Thank you, Mr. Hat, oh, thank you. Mr. Hat, may I ask you a question?
Stop calling me Mr. Hat, and yes, go on..

Okay, Mister—okay. Was there really ever a good Slytherin?

A chuckle entered Albus's mind. Funny you ask, boy...I'm not quite sure, as I cannot really see what goes on out of this great old Hall. But from what I hear from the teachers, there are several. It depends, sir Dumbledore, what good is..have we not all wondered?

Good is..good is good. Murdering someone—that's not good.

Did you ever murder anyone?

Oh, that question has forever haunted me..I always thought I might have. My dear sister, Ariana Dumbledore..oh, I can't tell you.

Don't worry, I already know. I can read your mind, you know.

So..am I bad?

That is a question you must find out for yourself. Back to this house-matter. You want power, Albus..I can see you want power.

Oh no...

But! But you are also loyal..you are also fair...you are something of a genius...and you are brave. In all my days, and let us keep this between us, I have never read the mind of such a different boy.

So what am I? Will I have to—will I have to go home?

My boy, if I could send children home, half of Hogwarts would be on the train. No..you are brave, noble, chivalrous. You remind me so of my old master..


My old master...Godric Gryffindor. And in that case, you better be..