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Just Like You (Epilogue)

"Papa? Papa! Papa, please wake up!"

Faramir reluctantly sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. His five-year-old son was gazing at him imploringly from the side of his parents' bed. "What are you doing out of bed at this hour, my little soldier?"

"It is cold in my room, and it is so dark. I had nightmares in there, Papa," the little boy whispered. Faramir frowned.

"You usually run to your mama when you're frightened, little one."

"She was with the baby. He was crying again!"

A knowing light sprang to the father's eyes. "Are you, perhaps, a bit jealous?" When his son shuffled his feet, Faramir chuckled and sat him on his knee. "I suppose it is to be expected, but do you know a secret?"

The boy shook his curls. "Uh-uh, Papa. Are you going to tell me?"

"When you grow older," Faramir murmured in his son's ear, "your little brother will try to copy you in every way. He will want to be you, you know. He will love you and look up to you and believe you are the best man this earth has to offer."

"How do you know, Papa? Were you the older brother?"

"Nay, little one. I was the younger of two brothers."

The boy brightened. "Tell me about your brother!" When his father chuckled and shook his head, he begged, "Please, Papa? Tell me a nighttime story. Tell me about your big brother again. Maybe he will hear you and come and chase away the bogey-man from my closet!"

Faramir laughed again. "All right, you imp! I will tell you a tale for sweet dreams. Though, after all the times you have heard it, you should know the story by heart.

"Once there was a Captain of Gondor—"

"A great Captain of Men!"

"Yes, a great Captain among Men, a defender of innocents, a man of quality, a remarkable swordsman, and a loving brother to the end. His name was Boromir."

The boy twisted in his father's arms and grinned. "Just like me?"

Faramir kissed his little Boromir. "Yes," he said as tears made his eyes glimmer in the candlelight. "Yes, my sweet Boromir, just like you."

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