Sly Cooper fanfic10

Special Thanks to Jammin Jabala for allowing me access to use his OC: Julius Black...

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ). The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Deception...

Untold Chronicles...

Cache Raid

Cache Isle. (300 years ago)

As the crew of Captain Algernon took their first step onto the beach of Cache Isle, Maurice Black, the forerunner of Julius Black, held the chest of gold over his shoulder. He and the other crew members marched across the beach and into the small fortress, along the way, he began to think.

After leaving his wife and child, after sailing decades while these pirates in harvesting the wealth embedded in the world, it was all being stored away here. But not just here, but several other hiding places known only to the Captain and his map, the Seeker's Scroll.

This angered the crocodile, he had sacrificed himself, left behind everything to have a share in the greatest treasure ever composed, only to have the agreement canceled. Now that it was going to be hidden here, where future treasure hunters can explore and discover the wealth, it meant that all his time served aboard Algernon's ship was all wasted.

Upon reaching the fortress, the center of its core was a hexagon, where six doorways were placed on each side, in which of one they had just entered through. Large amounts of treasures were placed through four other rooms, and the final doorway, across from the entrance, the pirates stored away weapons and armor with its keep. The final piece of equipment, that Algernon himself placed within the arsenal, was a scroll containing a message. With that, Maurice knew now that he was expecting the treasure, in which he had worked so long and hard for, to be found.

With the scroll in place, the Captain stood in the middle of the hexagon, and raising his hand over the six-point star on the marble floor. Suddenly, a small, jewel-like object flew from the star into his hand, and with that, the doorways, holding the treasure, closed shut with stone doors. Shielding the treasure.

The object in the Captain's hand, a Moonstone, was the only key that would ever open the doors again. As it glowed, revealing that it possessed power, he smiled.

Later that evening, with the key to the fortress at hands, and with more treasure to hide, Maurice had had enough standing in the Captain's shadow, watching him claim all the treasure that he had given sweat and blood for, only to hide it like some rodent hides its nuts. When night fell, and Algernon asleep, he would make sure he take what was rightfully his, once and for all.

As night fell, without informing any of the other crew members of his plan of mutiny, for knowing none might join him in his assassination, Maurice took his rapier and slunk into the Captain's dorm, as he lay asleep.

The timing could be no perfect, in only a minute, he would take what he had worked for, and more. The Captain's assassination would do more than earn him his pay, it would put him in his place, as Captain Black. The crocodile who had betrayed Algernon and claimed all he had for himself .

Would it be worth it? To have everything piece of treasure, in which was claimed by fair piracy, to himself, to return to his home, to his wife and child as a pirate conqueror, to live the rest of his live in luxury. Would all of that achievement be earn by slaying a single soul? To paint his blade in pirate blood? Of course it was.

He loomed over the Captain, his weapon raised over his head. Nothing personal, thy Captain, he thought, but thou will not sendith me home without my true payment.

Just as he was about to slay the Captain in his sleep, his foot had stepped onto a loose floorboard, which emitted a squeak of a sound. Unfortunately, it was enough to awaken Algernon from his light slumber, as his eyes snapped open, spotting the crocodile, a weapon ready to kill him.

Before he could strike, the Captain leaped from his bed and kicked the rapier out of his hand, delivered several hits into his torso, and sent a clear jab to his chest, launching him to the wall.

Maurice peeled off the wall, supporting himself on his hands and knees as the doors flew opened, revealing the Captain's first mate; Henriette "One Eyed" Cooper.

"Captain!" the raccoon called, standing beside him, "Are ye-?"

"I be alright, shipmate," Algernon assured her, turning away from Maurice.

Unknown to the Captain, the crocodile was fortunate to carry a back-up dagger. With his back turned, he pulled out the blade and charged at Algernon. Unfortunately, with some well calculated maneuver, the Captain kicked his rapier to his hand and knocked the dagger from his grip and lunged the blade into his chest.

Maurice made a small gasp as he coughed blood, the Captain had just stabbed him with his own weapon. As he pushed the rapier deeper, twisting it as he went further, the crocodile's arms went limp, as his legs collapsed.

As he hit the cold wooden floor, he could hear the Captain speak, "You double-crossing bilgrat," he spat at him, "Remove this trash from my sight."

He felt his arms taken and pulled along, as all he could do was choke on his own blood. As he felt cold, his eyes closed and dark filled his vision. His munity plan had failed.

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