Sly Cooper fanfic11

Special Thanks to Jammin Jabala for allowing me access to use his OC: Julius Black...

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ). The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Deception...

Untold Chronicles...

Cache Raid

The next morning after the celebration bonfire, the revelation and their next destination officially decided, the crew collected the treasure and equipment and loaded them onto the Gallantry. On this trip, more than just treasure was discovered. It was in the early morning that the announcement was made, informing the entire crew that all of the treasure was not Cache Isle, the rest of the wealth would be at their next destination. Although many of the pirates were disappointed with the news, they were excited to know there was more treasure to collect, and they were just on their way to collect the rest of it.

Among them all, Julius Black seemed to approve of this. The crocodile carried two chests of gold, one over his shoulder and the other dragged behind him, as he walked up the ramp onto the galleon. Even if he did take more than allowed, was he really being greedy? Questionable. He vowed to retake the treasure he was for certain truely belonged to him.

Meanwhile, Bentley, with the company of Penelope, Neyla and Borg, related the revelation to Sly, leaned at the end of the stern, listening with interest. "Well, it's good to know we won't have to quit just yet on the treasure hunt."

"I agree, and I guess the Scroll knew what it was talking about when it told us to find a crew," the turtle exclaimed, turning to Neyla, "How did you know how to read that type of writing?"

"I didn't," the white tigress replied, confusing everyone, including herself, "I just looked at the wors and everything just... clicked."

"'Clicked?'" Penelope repeated, "That doesn't provide enough logic. Nothing 'clicks' just like that with normal people."

"Yes, but I'm not a normal person," Neyla told her.

"Yeah, you're a clone," Bentley said, Penelope's eyes grew wider suddenly.

"Wait a minute, Neyla's a clone?" she repeated, "and no one told me?"

"I thought it was obvious," the white tigress said, placing her finger on her belly, pointing out her missing belly button. "And I thought you were smart enough to at least notice this."

"Well, I did sense something out of the ordinary about you," the mouse told her, "but shouldn't be your job to mention 'I'm a clone' to someone you're rooming with."

"Maybe, but perhaps we should talk more often, we've only been roommates for a few weeks, and-"

"Ladies, not to be rude," Sly stepped in, "but you're beginning to lead the readers away from the plot, so could you take this somewhere else?"

"Fine." Both girls replied, as they left the two thieves, and the robot, along.

"Okay then," Bentley began, opening the map of the Scroll, pointing to the black jar symbol, "All that's left to do is find this island."

With the anchor taken up and the sails hoisted, the Gallantry took motion throughout the waters, as the next destination awaited their arrival. Many busy sailors scurried and passed each other, not stopping to socialize with each other. The only pirate who stopped and watched was Black, standing near the front of the ship.

He glanced at the rising sun for a while and turned to the crew, spotting a particular figure within the crowd. AAI21-Borg made his way through the pirates, heading to his work station of the ship, the infirmary.

Along the way, the android looked up to spot the crocodile, who gave him a suspicious glare. It was in that moment at their eyes were locked, each trying to figure out what the other was thinking. He knew something, Black use to think, but he was aware of a more greater detail, the machine knew everything.

With that, he suspected that he, as well as all of Cooper's loyal followers, will soon learn of the mystery behind Borg, all of the secrets he hides, they will be unleashed, as well as something even more surprising. When the revelation of Borg comes, and his secrets end to be a mystery and further, it will only be the beginning.


Now I know this might not be my best work, but let me tell you all that my next work will be more promising. UC: Lockout will have a lot left from this story. There will be secret plans, super intelligent insects, a great tragedy, beasts thought to only be Folklore, and the Revelation of AAI21-Borg.

Anyway, any questions? Comments? Etc.?