Naruto x Gundam Wing crossover ficlets

What this is: A collection of random ficlets and short stories. (The method of crossover isn't always the same (sometimes there isn't even one.) The characters involved aren't always the same. The timeline in both shows... etcetera. Some of the ficlets are yaoi or het, some are utterly without pairings. They'll be marked as such. Most of them are humor. Not all of them might be.)

What this is not: A multipart with an overarching storyline. Something I'll update with anything regarding regularity. To be taken seriously.

Story: Wufei versus Team Seven, fight!
Genre: gen, humor, some action.
For Edenfalling.


"You're a ninja?"

The intruder gave a wide, obnoxious grin and nodded, totally ignoring the gun that Wufei was still pointing at his face. "Uh huh!!"

Wufei gave the grinning, bright-orange-clad kid who had just jumped out of the bushes a long, unconvinced look. "...As in... spy, assassin... discreet..."

"Yeah! Oh hey, there's a door in your statue-thing!"

Wufei resisted the urge to gape as the kid ran up Shenlong's leg. How on Earth did he stick to the metal? Maybe his shoes had suction cups -- and he was getting inside his Gundam! Gritting his teeth, Wufei grabbed the wire and tugged, zipping up to the cockpit.

The blond kid was sitting in the command chair, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the screens and buttons.

"Get. Out."

"What? I didn't touch anything! Hey, why's there a little sitting room up here? Are you taking up surveillance? It would be more discreet if your statue-thing wasn't like four buildings tall, you know."

"... That's classified," Wufei growled back, gritting his teeth, and fingered his gun again.

"You mean, you have to kill me now? Oh damn. I'm sorry."

Wufei paused in the middle of taking aim. "You're sorry I have to kill you?"

"Well, yeah." The blond grinned suddenly. "I know it really blows to fail a mission."

Arrogant little -- oof! Wufei was tackled onto the lowered cockpit door, too fast to follow. His reflexes took over -- he rolled, collar in hand, a perfectly timed two-legged kick -- and swore as the kid was thrown over the edge of the door. Far over. Fuck. He hadn't quite decided to kill him yet...

There was the sound of breaking branches underneath, and he crawled quickly to the edge, back smarting.

... The orange-clad kid was swinging from a branch by his knees, a shower of leaves and broken wood raining on the forest floor. Under Wufei's eyes, he straightened up like a gymnast, waved, and then slid down the trunk as if it wasn't bark but ice, and wasn't utterly vertical to boot.

Swearing louder, Wufei knelt up, aimed -- and threw himself on his side as something metallic zinged overhead and thudded hard against the Gundanium. It skittered on the door, coming to a stop against Wufei's leg; he glanced back quickly then turned to the forest again, trying to pinpoint the one who had thrown that ...knife at him.

There -- red clothes? What the -- a girl, pink-dyed hair, how had he missed her? He shot, once, twice -- orange reflection on the metal!

Wufei narrowly managed to roll back inside his cockpit in time to avoid the main of the gust of fire roaring at him from the other side. He came to a stop sprawled uncomfortably on the floor, half under his seat, and lost a few seconds slapping his shoulder and hair to put out the flames.

There was a little asshole standing, perfectly balanced, on top of one of the tallest trees, in plain sight. Wufei didn't know where he had hidden his flamethrower (or even if he used -- later! He'd reorder his worldview when he wasn't in a fight.) What Wufei did know right now, was that his ponytail was smoldering, and his back was bruised, and his shoulder was already blistering.

And if they wanted to play with fire...

Smirking viciously, Wufei grabbed the controls, closed the cockpit, and flicked away the cap of Shenlong's flamethrower trigger.