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Chapter 2 - Sasuke

He ignored their accusing stares. Their curses on his back whenever he sees them and yet, he cannot be blamed completely; He was also a victim of unjust circumstances. But there was a pain he cannot ignore. The one in his heart when he had learned of her death; Karin helped him blocked the pain he feels by constantly reminding him of their coming marriage.

Their most awaited day came quickly. As he finishes dressing up, he went to his car and drove to the church. An hour had passed and the groom hasn't showed up yet. People started whispering until an attendant came rushing "he has met an accident. He might die"

The wedding was cancelled due to the incident. Sasuke stayed comatose for a whole month with Karin rarely by his side. On his 32nd day, he opened his eyes and asked "where is my fiancée Hinata?"

His question shocked them and nobody wants to answer him. The doctor made some tests and it seemed his memories before his first accident had came back but he has no memory of what he had done after that. After a week, he got impatient for not seeing her see him. And he started to lash out at anyone who dared not to speak about her whereabouts.

It was Naruto who had gotten the courage to tell him the truth. He started with his treatment of her after his first accident, what he had put her through that had Sasuke yell at him for lying. But Naruto wouldn't stop, he continued with his story of burning their memories in front of her while smiling cruelly. And the last is his marriage proposal that he had made her witnessed on his birthday. Sasuke lunged at Naruto and punched him "LIES!!!!"

Naruto stopped his attacks and sees his friend controlled himself "tell me where she is, I need to see her" but Naruto would only look at him in pity "WHERE?!!!" his next words made the Uchiha crumble to the ground "she took the plane after your proposal to Karin. That plane crashed. Hinata is dead"

The people inside the hospital heard a yell in pure agony "NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A week later, Sasuke was brought by Naruto to her grave and left him alone. From a distance he heard him "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Time had stopped for him. Fate had been far too cruel to the both of them that he hated it with all of his being. He would continue to live to hate that fate.

If he thought that it was the end, he's sorely mistaken for fate had another game up on her sleeve.

Hundreds of miles away, a pair of lavender tinted orbs had opened to see the world.

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