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I only knew what my dad had told me of course, and I was fully aware that he had edited it to be more age appropriate for me.

Bella's parents had been riding in a bus when they were killed. They were going to Chicago for their anniversary or something among that nature and they had been riding in it for awhile and it was dark out.

The driver was tired or something, they knew he hadn't been drinking so Bella and I didn't share the 'alcohol induced person responsible for killing one or both of our parent's thing.' The police had concluded that the driver had been on his third straight shift and was in desperate need of some sleep.

Unfortunately the department that scheduled his shifts ended up killing nine people. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel near midnight when they were traveling down a road close to Wisconsin. When he fell asleep he had obviously lost control of the wheel and the bus swerved into a thick patch of trees.

The passengers on the right side of the bus were extremely lucky because the wheel swerved to left and instantly killed the people towards the front on the left side. Including Bella's parents and the driver.

"I'm sorry Bella." I said gently as I placed the guitar on the wood next to me. I linked my fingers together and propped them on my elevated knees as my head rested against the wall. I looked at her, trying to convey the same understanding she had shown me the day earlier.

Bella sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear before leaving her elbow on the arm rest to prop her head up.

"They were just gone. I had never felt more vulnerable in my entire life; so exposed to the world without my parents guarding me." Bella said, looking out towards the lake.

"I panicked; it was almost to the point of hysteria. What if I forgot the way my dad Charlie smelled after he came home from a day of work? What if I forgot the feeling of his mustache tickling my forehead when he kissed me goodnight? And my mom. What if I forgot how her eyes shined? Or even how she sung when she was cooking dinner? I wasn't even worried about Emmett or anyone else I was just frightened by the idea of forgetting."

Bella looked at me now. She was biting her lip and her brown eyes were wide and bright. I knew from experience they turned like that when she was about to cry…or there was a time that she had allergies too.

"I don't know what I would have done…if Emmett hadn't…if he hadn't stepped up, I…I," Bella choked on the single syllable as she blinked her eyes rapidly.

Without a second thought I stood up and walked the three feet over to her. I scooped her off the seat and sat down on the wood again. This time I nestled her into a sitting position between my legs that were spread out to make room for her body. I wrapped my arms around her stomach and pulled her against my chest, out facing the lake.

"Shh, it's okay. Emmett did step up. He did take care of you. And that man loves you more that anything in the world. You know that right?" I asked her softly, whispering into her ear. It seemed like she was frustrated with the crying; that was definitely something I could relate to.

"But what if he hadn't?" She asked me as she started to relax against me and rested her head where my heart was, still wiping at the annoying tears.

"What if George Washington hadn't been born? What if we lost the Civil War? What if the Holocaust could have been stopped? What if's do nothing. They change nothing that has happened. And in your case that's a good thing, because why wonder about something that didn't happen and could have been bad. When something did happen and turned out very good?" I lectured her passionately, but still trying to maintain a supportive tone.

Bella didn't say anything. I was starting to worry that it was possible that I may have upset her, which, let's be honest, it is pretty possible with me. I could upset my neighbor's lawn gnome for God's sake.

But then, it was like the star's had shifted and all was completely whacked in the heavens because Bella said two words that I never even dreamed of having her say to me. "You're right."

Pissy lawn gnome's can kiss my smartass.

I grinned to myself as I tightened my hold on a now calmer Bella. Her breathing was more normal and she wasn't wiping at her eyes every three seconds, it was more like every 19-23 seconds, somewhere in that range.

"Always listen to the dumbass. He's usually right."

It had been a nice moment until Bella whacked me square in the chest. I felt a little guilty about spending about four hours talking about my dad and only spending about ten minutes talking about her parents before I couldn't be serious anymore. But Bella seemed content.

The girl in my arms was as strong as an entire army. As a ten year old she had lost both parents and she had come to terms with their loss, and she has actually accepted her life. She was so strong. She didn't need so much babying like I did. Bella was the only girl I was okay admitting she's stronger than me. Because she is.

"I'm sorry. We can talk about them if you want." I offered to her as I tucked the lose strand of hair back behind her ear.

"Maybe not right now. I just didn't want you to feel bad or guilty someday for not asking. I wasn't even going to say anything but you just seem so much better –for lack of a better word- now that you've talked about it. I envy you for being so collected and strong about it." Bella explained quietly, looking down at her lap.

I snorted. "Funny, I am about as strong as a baby cub." It was irony that she perceived me as the rock in this friendship. No, it wasn't even irony, it was just plain hilarious.

"Those cubs grow into fierce lions Edward." Bella turned to me and smiled. I rolled my eyes and scoffed silently, but eventually I gave her a small grin back which satisfied her.

We sat there for a few more minutes, not moving even a centimeter. I was just about to become uncomfortable with the heavy silence when Bella placed her hands on the ground, and propped up a little.

"God, let's do something actually fun. Unless you want to hear about the time I was seven and my cat died." Bella said sarcastically, I laughed and stood up.

"Ice cream or swimming?" I asked her when I bent down to scoop her into my arms, just like routine.

It was about 80 degrees with the sun near it's highest peak in the day. It would be a perfect day for swimming because there literally was no breeze whatsoever, which meant no waves for Bella to have to deal with.

But I still really wanted ice cream. That would be why I left the decision to her because I would be debating for the next hour.

"Let's go swimming, we can always get ice cream later." I shrugged and started to walk towards the door. As I was walking through the doorway, I may have, sort of bumped bumped Bella's a head just a tiny bit on the frame. She glared frostily as she rubbed her head. I grinned sheepishly at her as we made it to the bedroom. I set her down on the bed and then turned to walk out the bedroom, shutting the door behind me.

I leaned back against the frame of the door, mentally exhausted. It was a werid sensation to describe, but I could feel myself changing. I don't know into what it was changing, but spending this much time with Bella, it was making me...better.

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