Frozenrain padded up to his sister upon her return, seeing as Fallenwish was with her, he gave her a curt nod "Welcome back Silentcry, Fallenpaw"

Fallenpaw gave him a mock glare "It's Fallenwish now" she puffed up her chest proudly, Frozenrain purred in admiration and rested his muzzle on her head, which she only flicked away and trotted to the medicine cat den.

"Is she okay?" Frozenrain asked his sister seriously

Silentcry sunk her head down low as if in depression, when she saw her brothers horrified expression, she grinned and started nodding like a mad cat.

Frozenrain flicked her shoulder "Don't scare me like that!" he scoffed and tried to push her down with his forepaw on her forehead

Silentcry retaliated by ducking down on her all four legs and head-tackling his chest, with a thump he fell backwards and to the floor.

"Oww! Why did I ever show you moves?" Frozenrain whined, throughout apprenticeship he had always shown her fighting moves his mentor had taught him.

"Hey mousebrains!" a voice hissed, they turned and saw Crystalpaw standing there with a look of disgust on her face "Guess what? I talked trash to an elder, and Shinestar makes me have to gather herbs with Silence as punishment! She might as well had just make me eat dung"

Silentcry shot a pleading glance at Frozenrain, as if he could go back in time and take Crystalpaw out of trouble and change this, but that wasn't possible.

"Come on, lets get this over with" Crystalpaw growled, Silentcry trotted to lead the way, only for Crystalpaw to stick out her tail and trip her, Silentcry landed on her chin and let out a silent wail of pain.

This was going to be hell.