Spice of Life

by Amy L. Hull amilyn at comcast dot net

Written for glass_icarus in the Yuletide 2009 Challenge


"It's times like this I miss Ma living here."

Vivian stirred and looked up. Curled tendrils framed her face from where they'd slipped out of her ponytail and Wil's stomach fluttered.

"Yeah? Well, your mom taught me to make this just for you." She spooned some up and blew slowly on it, peering at Wil through her eyelashes.

Wil moved till they stood, bare toes touching.


Wil sipped, took the spoon in her mouth, then released it, licking her lips. She slid the strap of Vivian's tank top up onto her shoulder and kissed her.

"Definitely better than Ma's."