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This story consists of the old characters Grissom and Warrick.

Everybody was in the break room sitting around talking about the baseball game that had been seen last night.

"Nick have you been eating something you shouldn't be?" asked Warrick.

"Why do you ask, I haven't got a rash have I?" asked Nick.

"No you are kind of pale, well more pale than usual, isn't he Cath?" asked Warrick turning round to Catherine.

"Yeah I'm sorry Nick but I have to agree with Warrick, you do look pale, you know there is a bug going around, do you think that your coming down with something?" asked Cath putting her hand on his forehead only for it to be pushed away by Nick.

"I'm fine," moaned Nick.

"Well you feel slightly warm, even though you did push my hand away," but she was sounded out by Nick having a sneezing fit.

"What did I tell you, mate," said Warrick.

"I'm fine just some hay fever," mumbled Nick.

"Hay fever in the lab Nick that's quite impossible," said Grissom coming through the door.

"I should know my own body by now, but thanks for everyone's concerns," said Nick, wiping his nose on his handkerchief.

"Yeah well if you do want to take the day off you should, I'm sure we could cover, couldn't we Catherine?" asked Grissom.

"Yes, we could," answered Cath.

"Thanks but no thanks I came in today, so I'm doing my shift, now I would like to no what my case is and with who," snapped Nick who was trying to stop himself from coughing but didn't manage it that much.

"Right we've got multiple DB's at a house near the stadium that held the baseball game, it happened only about 20minutes ago so the police are all covered searching for the murderer if they are still around and what they heard of the neighbours he could still be near by, we also got a break in at a jewellery's they got away with about $35,000, so I'm going to take Nick, Sara to the house and Catherine your with Warrick at the jewellery's, O'K let's get going," said Grissom starting to walk out of the break room, whilst everyone was getting up grumbling.

At the crime scene

They had got to the crime scene and Nick had fallen asleep, Sara and Grissom just looked at him.

"Awwwww do you think we should wake him, he's unwell and he looks so peaceful?" asked Sara.

"We could leave him until we find out what has happened," answered Grissom.

"Brass, what happened here?" asked Sara.

"It looks like someone came into the house and went into all the rooms searching for a particular person because some of them are just rough cuts the one in the front room looks like the intentional target," answered Brass.

"So how many victims have we got?" asked Grissom.

"we have got 2 in the kitchen man and wife, wedding rings say that, one in the upstairs bedroom and one in the front room," replied Brass.

"Well I think it's about time we woke Nick up, we can't do this on our own," grumbled Sara.

"Nick, Nick come on wake up we're here," said Sara in her nicest voice, nudging Nick.

"Mmmm, wh..., not now five more minutes," moaned Nick, who turned over in his seat and went back to sleep.

"Come on Nick, we've got a crime scene, and you were the one who said that you fine so get your but up," shouted Grissom.

"I'm up, I'm up, owwww, that hurt," moaned Nick hitting his head on the top of the inside of the car.

"Come on Nick we need to get this evidence and then you can go home even though you say your not sick I know you Nick, and I know when you are sick" said Sara.

"I'm not sick though just slightly tired that's all I haven't been sleeping that well lately," mumbled Nick leaning against the car.

"Fine, now come on," shouted Grissom pulling Nick upright from the car.

"Right, I'm going to be in the kitchen," said Nick walking in the direction of the back door.

"Well Nick we'll send an officer in with you," shouted Grissom.

"No it's O'K, I will be fine, I am a grown man," shouted Nick who was getting a bit annoyed with everyone who kept asking him if he's alright.

"I don't know what's up with him today," said Grissom.

"He's sick, he gets grouchy when he's sick, doesn't like anyone fussing over him, I dunno why though," said Cath, looking at the place where they saw Nick going into the house.

Inside the house

Nick started by taking some photographs, when he saw movement and thought it was another officer that Brass had sent in to keep an eye on him more than make sure no one comes in to the house, but Nick was wrong.

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