Chapter 2

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"God ain't it warm in here?" asked Nick to himself, feeling his forehead, which he was surprised to find dripping wet with sweat.

"No sir, it ain't, it's quite cool in here actually the windows have been open since even before the murders took place," answered the man in the corridor, who Nick thought was the officer.

"Before, but how would you know..." Nick started but didn't get to finish before blackness took over.

Outside the crime scene

"Brass you sent anyone in to keep an eye on Nick yet?" asked Cath, with a look of concern in her eyes.

"No sorry I was about to, but got side tracked, officer Thomas," shouted Brass.

"Yes, sir what would you like," said Thomas, walking over.

"I want you to go into the house, and keep an eye on one of the CSI's in there he's called Nick Stokes and he wasn't looking well, oh and take this bottle of water, O'K," said Brass making sure it was all crystal clear to the officer.

"Will do, sir," grumbled Thomas, walking towards the house.

"Oh and make him drink some of the water," shouted Cath, not knowing if he heard her because he was already near the back door of the house.

"Yeah, yeah," grumbled Thomas.

Inside the house

"Nick Stokes, are you in here Nick Stokes?" shouted Thomas, pulling out his gun when he got no reply.

"Nick Stokes, if you are in here then you need to speak up, some of your colleagues are worried about you," shouted Thomas, even though he didn't realise that Nick was up stairs gagged with a gun to his head.

Thomas started looking in the cupboards down stairs and was about to go upstairs when he heard movement in the kitchen. He rushed to the kitchen to find out that it was a cat rummaging around the cat food in an open cupboard.

"And what's your name then?" asked Thomas picking up the cat whilst it was meowing and trying to escape.

"Captain Brass, I couldn't find Nick Stokes, anywhere in the house, I'm not sure where he is, but I found this one in the kitchen trying to open some cans of cat food," said Thomas half distracted by the cat.

"Well get the cat some food, it looks like he needs it and have another thorough look through the house and I will join you in a minute once I have informed his colleagues," mumbled Brass who had more things on his mind, like the safety of Nick.

Officer Thomas went back to searching the house but this time he started going up the stairs. He reached the top and he thought he had heard a muffled voice coming from one of the cupboards, but instead of investigating it, he decided to go in one of the bedrooms.

While he went to have a look at the bedrooms, the murderer dragged Nick out of the cupboard into the bathroom, because he saw Nick go Green and didn't want any mess on him.

Outside the house

"Grissom, the officer hasn't been able to find him yet I'm going to go and have a look for myself, but I will try to keep you informed, O'K Griss," said Brass.

"O'K but I better be the first person you inform when you find him," shouted Grissom, to Brass who had started to walk towards the house.

"Cath, Nick hasn't been found but he shouldn't be that far, we will find him even if it takes all the man power we've got here and more," whispered Griss, who had been pulled into a tight hug by Cath.

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