Summary: It was a decision he did not want to be burdened with. The choice of death was in Paris' hands, the destruction, the peace of Achilles. Oneshot, drabble.*

Title: Apollo's Arrow

Troy was burning.

The city was up in flames, his men were dying, his father's shriek was still echoing in his ear, yet Paris did not flinch.

His naive eyes were trained upon the warrior in front of him. Achilles' muscles rippled as he gently picked up Briseis. Paris drew up his arrow, his practiced arm pulled the cord back, ready to pierce into the demigod before him. The young prince paused. What good would this do besides taking the life of a god-touched warrior? Briseis moaned softly; he wasn't sure if she was in pain. Paris could taste the tantalizing, bittersweet appeal. The weight of the bow suddenly lifted, guided by the hand of Apollo. The God's whisper was only for Paris' ear.

Let it go, son of Troy...let your men not die in vain...kill the beast Achilles, Paris...

The arrow flew.

Author's Note: I loved the movie. It was a brilliant adaptation of the Trojan War. I was somewhat disappointed that the mythological aspect was left out, though. I hope you enjoyed. A review would be appreciated.

*Drabble:a short story consisting of fewer than 1000 words