Alright, so, first HP fanfic, and it's basically just going to be a bunch of drabbles, cause they're easy and fun. This first one is really kind of random. I LOVE JamesxLily to DEATH, so most of these will be them. But if inspiration hits, I might do something else. Give me suggestions and I'll try and write something based on them. Drabble dare me :) I've never done it before, but I'd love to try...if it doesn't work though, don't be too disappointed xD Anyway, I'll leave you to read.

Snow had been falling softly on the grounds of Hogwarts for two days now, covering the castle in a thin white blanket. Everyone was excited; it could be felt in the air. Snow meant winter and winter meant Christmas break.

Lily sat by the window of the dorm, looking down on the grounds. Sirius, Potter, Remus and Peter were having a mass snowball fight, disrupting the perfection of the fallen snow, and occasionally accidently (or purposefully) hitting passersby.

She watched as Sirius hit Potter in the back of the head with a snowball, causing Potter to stumble into Remus. Remus pushed Potter away as Peter tentatively threw a snowball at Black and missed.

She sighed, wondering what it would be like to go join them. She knew what their reactions would be. Sirius would grin handsomely and elbow Potter, giving him a knowing wink, Remus would shake his head in exasperation, Peter would blink in surprise, eyes widening. Potter would probably rumple his hair like he always did, then ask her out. She would say no and he would grin like it was no big deal and say, "Next time, next time."

Lily closed her eyes, leaning back against the cool stone wall. She never would go join them, as much as she maybe wanted to. She was a prefect; she would not join in silly things like snowball fights.

She opened her eyes and turned once more to look out the window. Somehow, at the same instant, Potter looked up, at the very window she was sitting at. He grinned and rumpled his snow-soaked hair, before being unceremoniously hit in the head with another snowball. Then he became preoccupied with chasing Sirius around with a handful of snow.

Lily couldn't help but smile a little. Sure, Potter was an arrogant prat, but sometimes, when he tried, she wondered...

Maybe one day she would join them.