So this is a Calvin and Hobbes story. It's alternate universe, Hobbes is not a stuffed tiger and Calvin is not a little boy. I've actually had a lot of fun writing this so I hope it is well received so I can keep it going. Feel free to give feed back, there's a handy little button for it. Let me know if you hate it, like it, or think I'm the worst person in the world and I'm destroying your view of the world. I tend to do that with things, My cousin will never look at South Park the same, or this probably, when he see's what I've done.

Well here it goes, sending the baby off to school for the first time! Teehee.

Ps. There's a dash of swearing

Done Up My Buttons And Unstitched My Seams

Calvin Watterson was, at times, unbearably average. Average height, middle of the road blonde hair, and a standard manner of dress that consisted of T-shirts and black jeans. He was a fairly handsome boy of seventeen, but had a personality that most found difficult to coincide with. But beneath all the normalcy of his outer exterior resided a world of creativity. He had an imagination like no other, and used it to it's full capacity. His dream of becoming a writer was practically a reality. Once he finally settled on something he thought was good enough of course.

He was a boy with few friends and few enemies. He excelled in English, but was essentially rubbish in everything else, to a point that almost reached pathetic. He simply refused outside help, he's pride and level of self-importance getting in the way. It didn't matter to him if he did well in school, he had no intention of going to college anyway. Ray Bradbury didn't go to college, George Orwell didn't go to college, and they were two of the most well known authors of all time. Ignoring the fact that their most famous works were simply a parallel to a totalitarianism society that effectively controlled the human populace.

Life however was not accustomed to those exceptions to the rule, and some how, life kept finding ways of reminding him of just that. It was a Friday afternoon, and Calvin's childhood frienemy and neighbor, Susie, was driving him home in her old, but well cared for VW. This habit she had taken up of driving him to and from school had begun at the beginning of the year. Whether or not it was merely because she felt sorry for him and his lack of companions or because she had an actual desire to be his friend was still a mystery. But they got on well enough, with the minor exclusion of the anomalies like today. The day's when Calvin was given back a test or assignment, that the teachers believed he had performed less than satisfactory on.

"Calvin, you really should try harder in school," Susie had said motherly for the second time, while Calvin simply looked sullenly out the open window. "You aren't stupid, no one as talented as you in English could be stupid. You just aren't applying yourself."

"I apply myself where I excel, I see no necessary reason to do it anywhere else, it would just be a waste of time," Calvin grumbled.

"I could help, if you wanted me too. There's still lot's of time. You finish this year off strong and keep it up next year you could get into a great college. One with a very prominent writing program."

"I don't need your help and I don't need a writing program. I'm fine, just the way it is. You sound like my mother."

"Well if you won't bring yourself to listen to her because she's your mother at least listen to me because I'm your friend," Susie suggested hopefully.

"You give me rides to school, that's hardly what I'd call a thriving friendship," Calvin pointed out.

Susie sighed heavily, tightening her grip on the steering wheel. "Calvin, I am trying to make an effort here. We've known each other our entire lives, we are friends by default. The least you could do is to humor me, and to try just a little bit in return."

"I never asked you to make any effort Susie."

"Well sometimes, a person just doesn't need to be asked," Susie said, breaking at a light perhaps harder than necessary.

Calvin looked over at Susie's frowning face. He let out noncommittal sigh and unclasped his seatbelt. Bag in hand he opened the door and slid out of the car, shutting it with a firm clunk.

"I'll see you later, Susie," He said as he walked away.

"Calvin! Calvin, come back!" Susie called after him, but she only received a dismissive wave as he walked in the opposite direction of their street. "Cal–" She had tried to call once more, but was interrupted by the shrill horn of a car behind her, the light was green. She growled in frustration, but gunned the car through the intersection, deciding it was best to just leave him alone and allow him his space to let off some steam.

Calvin walked lazily down the street for a few minutes, wanting to be sure that Susie had not followed him. He took a glance back, and saw that she had indeed not pursued him. He exhaled in relief, and turned back around, ready to continue to his home on foot. He rounded the corner cautiously, checking that the beetle was out of sight.

Calvin re-wrapped his scarf as he felt the chill of the breeze press itself against the exposed flesh of his neck. It was the end of February, the snow had melted away, leaving only a slush of puddles in it's place. But the wind was still unforgiving at times, and the lawns and roofs of houses still found themselves coated in a layer of silver frost in the early hours of the morning.

But despite the less than welcoming elements of the outside he trudged on. Dwelling on his unprovoked feeling of melancholy, wishing for a brief moment that he was still in the confines of Susie's warm car. The traffic rumbled besides him, the sound of tires sliding though uneven stretches of pavement provided him with a strange reassurance that he could not explain.

A loud popping of exhaust caught his attention, and he watched as the number 7 bus speed past him. This was the bus that he had used to get himself home, before Susie's had begun her "befriend Calvin by driving" campaign. Calvin thought momentarily, about trying to catch the bus before it got to far, but changed his mind, as he had no bus fare, and he's pass no longer resided in his wallet.

However there appeared to be a patron of the public transit system that did not want to miss that bus. A voice was heard yelling obscenities over the roar of the bus, and Calvin was suddenly knocked to the pavement by the swearing individual, as he tried to run after the bus, and dodge the crowds of people. He had effectively missed the group of elderly women in walkers but had sent Calvin directly into an icy puddle on the ground.

"Oh shit, I am so sorry," the voice professed, and Calvin felt himself pulled to his feet. "I was trying to get that bus, and the old ladies and...Shit, and you're all wet, I am such an idiot, I'm so sorry."

As Calvin looked up the tall figure bent down and picked up Calvin's fallen school bag. He rose to he's proper height and offered the bag back, which Calvin took slowly. The strangers pale face was marred by a red blush. He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, removing his beanie in the process, which he twisted nervously in his hands. He reveled shaggy black hair, with orange tip's, and ears that had several piercing's.

"Uhh, hi," He offered awkwardly. "I'm really really sorry, I didn't mean...I can be so clumsy and...well stupid and I'm sorry...but I..." He trailed off, is complexion growing redder. "Shit. Hello, I'm Hobbes." And Hobbes offered Calvin his long fingered hand to shake.