Phrase #3; "You are insane."

"You moron!" Shawn slapped Eric upside the head with the towel. "How could you forget you didn't turn the sink off completely?!"

"Hey, you're the one who forgot it wasn't working right! Don't blame me!" Eric said.

"I told you it wasn't working!" Shawn yelled. "This morning, I said guys, make sure you turn the faucet all the way off, it's been dripping lately. You said okay. Three hours later, we come home and the floor is all wet!"

"...Sorry?" Eric offered. Shawn buried his face in his palm.

"Sorry isn't gonna get the floor dry and fix the faucet," he grumbled. "Come on, we might as well get to work. We're gonna be here all night."

"Why should we? Can't we just call a plumber or a repairman?" Eric asked.

"We can't afford a plumber or a repairman!" Shawn reminded him.

"Then...maybe the floor will dry naturally?"

Shawn sighed.

"No, the floor is not going to just dry naturally. The wood will rot and the molding around the sink and the dishwasher and everything will get mildewey," he said.

"Then we'll buy a new floor!"

Shawn smacked his forehead again.

"You are insane, Eric! I won't even get into all the flaws with that plan!"

"Well, excuse me for being creative!" Eric said. Shawn sighed.

"Just get some towels and help me, would you? The longer we stand here fighting, the longer the water will set in and ruin the floor," he said, grabbing a sponge and a roll of paper towels.

"Fine." Eric dragged a laundry basket full of towels over, and they got to work.

Hopefully the floor would be at least decent before Jack came home from his date.