Hey guys! Some of you know about this, but if you don't, WitFit is this site that gives you story prompts for almost every day of the month. Some are a picture, sentence, word or scenario. So, I'm going to begin with January, and if I get enough reviews, I'm going to keep doing it every month and post it. Yes, it will all be Twilight related, and will be done with the characters most relatabke to the prompt, some will be human, and some will be vampire. Please review!

Prompt: What does "A string of laughter" make you think of?

Characters: Jasper & Alice

Status: All Vampire, Pre-Twilight

Alice sat at the edge of the large bed in the hotel room inspecting the man, well, vampire in front of her. He was very muscular and lean, with silvery moons crisscrossing his alabaster skin. His hair was the color of honey, or straw, and it was perfectly tousled. He stood in the center of the room, blocking the small television set.

"So, let me get this straight. I am the only of our kind that you have met?" he asked, a strong, thick accent shining through

"Yes." She sighed, "You see, Jasper, I don't remember much of my life, until I saw you."

"Until you just saw me in the diner?"

"No." she laughed, "I saw you up here." She smiled, tapping the side of her head

"By saying you saw me, you are saying that you envisioned me, no? In a vision?"

"Well, I'd suppose so. I don't really know what it was. All I remember is waking up in this cold alley, and my throat was on fire. There was a little boy. An innocent little boy. And something told me to, it told me to just-

She cut off, unable to finish the sentence.

"Attack him." Jasper finished, opening his burgundy eyes and looking into her golden ones

"Yes." She frowned

"There's no need to be upset. It's part of who we are. You have that instinct, that urge, to attack someone purely for nutrition. It's how we feed. And I've done worse just to find something worth eating."

"I'm sure it couldn't have been that bad." She smiled, getting up and reaching to hold his hand

He quickly twisted her arm and held her in a complicated knot.

"Don't try to hurt me." He growled, "You will not succeed."

"I was trying to comfort you by taking your hand in mine." She explained, "Must you always be so serious and defensive? Have you ever had any fun?"

"Fun." He repeated, making it sound like a foreign word

"I should take that as a no, I'd presume?"

"I was raised to divide, conquer, and kill." He breathed, releasing his grip on the petite girl

"I wasn't raised at all." She smiled, as if trying to bring up a distant memory, "But I know, that together, Jasper, together, we can start over, and create a new lifestyle."

"Is that the reason why your eyes are the color of butterscotch and not the color of murder and rage?"

"They are?" she asked

"Look in the mirror." He murmured, motioning to the large reflective piece of framed glass on the eastern wall

She walked over to where he was pointing and stood on her toes.

"It's me." She whispered, taking in the sight of the pale, yet shockingly beautiful girl with short and spiked jet black hair

"That's generally what a mirror reflects." Jasper explained, standing behind her

She whipped around and reached up to touch his cheek.

"Your eyes are red."

"That was my question before." He continued, "People like us, vampires, we have red eyes from feeding on humans. But yours are a different color. Why is that?"

"It is from what I saw." She began, going back to sit down on the bed

She patted the spot beside her.

Jasper hesitated, and then reluctantly walked over to sit on her left side.

"Go on." He urged her, slowly resting his large hand in her tiny one

"I saw these people, or vampires as you call them, with eyes just like mine. So I tried my hardest, with all of my might, to see them once more, and it worked. I was able to watch them in my mind once more. You see, Jasper, the difference between them and you is that they hunt and feed on animals rather than people."

"Animals." He scoffed, "And I suppose that you've tried this?"

"Yes, I have. Which is why I'd assume that my eyes are more like theirs than yours. It is not as satisfying, but it does get rid of the fire in my throat. I just wish that you would come with me, and we could try to live as they do."

"And why should I just pick up and follow you?"

"Because, Jasper, I know you. I've seen us together. I know that my future includes you."

He laughed darkly, and Alice stared at him, intrigued by the sound.

The chuckle turned lighter and lighter and then continued until Alice joined in laughing lightly at what she had just said, and how insane she sounded.

Finally it was silent.

"Your laugh, is beautiful." He smiled, "Like chimes in the wind."

"This is a good thing to be compared to, then?" she smiled

"You have never heard wind chimes?"


"I will promise you this, Alice. I will follow you anywhere. I know that what you see is true, because I myself can do things that are indeed, out of the ordinary."

"What is it that you can do?"

"How are you feeling right now?" he asked

"Intrigued mostly. Fascinated. Suspicious of what it is that you can do."

"Now what?" he asked

"Angry. So angry that I'd like to run forward and launch myself at you. I'd like to attack you, but I can't fathom why."

"And now?"

"Quite morose. This is the feeling that I felt when I first woke up in the alley and realized that I was alone."

"If you hadn't gathered, I can control and alter moods. What you've been feeling wasn't real. I was making you feel it."

"Then what is it that I'm feeling now?"

"Right this instant?"

"Yes. It's something that I do not think I've ever felt before, and I only feel it when I'm looking into your eyes, or seeing you in my mind."

"I'm not sending you any emotions." He frowned

"Perhaps this is a new emotion for both of us, then?"

"Maybe it is. But Alice, I know that I like this feeling. And I like you. I'll tell you what. We will find these people that you've been seeing, and one day, we'll have our own house, and I'll be able to stand on the porch, with you in my arms, listening to our silver wind chimes that sway in the wind."

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