We know you better than you know yourself.

Because, you see, we've been there since the beginning. When you were darting around, head buzzing with the utter joy of simply being alive, and reborn, and you, we were watching with apprehensive eyes. Would it be the same? Would you be the man we hoped?

We saw your first save, saw you take the sword and the satsuma, saw you become yourself. We travelled with you to the ends of the Earth, witnessed you losing your heart and your mind. We saw you damn yourself a thousand times over and survive every one, and we could not move to stop you. We did not want to.

In every look, every word, every time you slept and woke, we watched you. We saw what happened beyond you, around you. When you closed your eyes, we opened ours.

And yet we are deceived. For though we know you well, we do not understand. All those times, those people, those places. Everything we thought would bring you down.

In the end, only yourself. Your own nature. Your never-ending need to save all, to the last man. And in doing so, you lose.

But finally you know. Because this is not the end, Time Lord. This is not your final battle. You do not vanish from our thoughts because we can no longer see you.

You are woven into a thousand echoes throughout history. The birth of our planet, the end of humanity, the breaking dawn of time itself, you are there. All those moments that have been; all those eons yet to pass.

I don't want to go.

But you are not going. Although you laid no claim, immortality has chosen you. And we watch and wait for your eleventh first breath.

To days to come.

All our love to long ago.