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Prologue: Reflection

"Whoever you are, let Ri-go! Give him back his heart!"

A boy.

"But first, you must give the princess back her heart."

A key.

"Don't you see yet? The princess' heart is responding. It has been there all along. Ka-heart rests within you!"


"Ka-...Kai-inside me?"


A flash of red.

A girl.

"Forget it! There's no way you're taking Kai-heart!"


"It won't work! The keyhole's not finished yet!"

"What can we do?"


"Maybe we've gotta go wake K-up."

The girl.

Thalassa shells.

"A Keyblade that unlocks people's hearts...I wonder."

A black, keychainless weapon.

The boy.

"Hold on!"

"No, wait!"

A cheeky grin.

A flash of light.


The girl.


Blue eyes.


The moment her eyes flew open her hand shot upward, as if she was trying to reach for the sky.

Except there wasn't a sky.

A few minutes after her vision adjusted she realized she was staring at grey, lumpy stone. She sat up and looked around, scrunching her brow in confusion when she found nothing else but rocks, rocks and more rocks. It smelled damp here, and there was moss oozing out in between the cracks of the stony walls. Strange, childlike drawings were scrawled onto the rocks with white chalk.

How did she get here?

She crawled towards the wall, the one with the drawings. One in particular caught her attention: it was of a boy feeding a girl a strange star-shaped fruit. She grazed the boy's face with her fingers.

"I'm always with you too. I'll come back to you, I promise!"

She glanced at her hands and frowned. She made fists. She relaxed them.

She pressed her palms down on the smooth dirt, pushing herself into a standing position. She dusted off her white skirt and wandered towards the end of the tiny, rocky cave. The more steps she took the brighter everything seemed to get. She could hear the noisy shifting of a waterfall outside.

When she finally exited the congested cave she was hit with a sudden warmth; she glanced upwards and shielded her eyes with her hand, blinking at the sun beating down on her pallid skin. The rushing waterfall was to her left, pouring crystal-clear water into a small pool. Lush green leaves sprouted out of spotless beige sand. Waves lapped the shore not so far away.

Where was she?

Curious, she took a few more steps forward, carefully climbing down the natural plateaus until she reached the beach.

How did she know this was called a beach?

She could feel the warm grains of sand brushing against her toes as she stepped closer towards the water. Gulls hollered and flapped overhead. Fish splashed around in the deeper ends of the ocean.


Was that what it was? She stepped closer towards the small waves, tilting her head in confusion. The farther the water went the deeper the blue became. There was no end to the blue; it almost seemed to run right into the sky.

Where did all the water go? Was there enough space for it?

The sun glimmered on the water's surface, casting millions of sparkles along the rippling waves. She bent over a little to take a closer look.

She gasped.

She saw a face.

She knelt down, twitching a bit when the cold water splashed around her knees. She squinted as she tried to search for the face; every time the sun rolled over the waves the face would come back, but only for a few seconds.

Oh, there it is again!

It was pale and framed with tendrils of white-blonde hair that flipped over its right shoulder. The face had a small nose and pale pink lips with corners that tugged downwards in a slight frown. The face's eyes were large, blue-grey and sort of sad-looking.

Why was the face sad?

She reached to touch the face, but when she did the face reached towards her too. She raised an eyebrow in confusion and the face mimicked her again. Her head tilted to the side, and so did the face's.

Was this...was this her reflection?

But if it was her reflection, she wouldn't be so surprised. Surely she remembered what she looked like…


She reached for her right shoulder; the face in the water pulled her fingers through her unruly platinum tresses. Her hand moved to her lips; the face did the same.

This is...her?

This was her reflection.

This was what she looked like.

Why was she so sad?

"That's you."

She jumped in surprise, cringing when the frigid water splashed onto her skirt. She scrambled to her feet and eyed the figure in black standing a few feet away. It was tall, and its face was covered in a black hood.

"I know it's a little hard to believe, but it really is you." She could hear a smile in that deep, monotonous voice.

She swallowed and tried to square her shoulders, but ended up trembling childishly. She couldn't find her voice; her throat was enclosed, clenched together. It was almost hard to breathe.

What was going on? What was happening to her?

"I know the answers to your questions," The voice continued, "I know why that face in the water looks so unfamiliar. I know who you are."


She lowered her head, staring at her hands again. They were still wet from when she was kneeling over the water; the sun glistened over the wet, ashen skin.

Who is she?

"Believe it or not there are more people like you," The voice spoke up again, "People that are just as confused and lost and curious as you. People like you and I."

She raised her head; the voice was like her too?

"Ah, now I've caught your attention." The hooded figure stepped forwards, the sand crunching noisily underneath its black boots. It stood beside her, placing its hands behind its back and gazing out into the open water. "If you come with me, you will find the answers you are looking for."

Her common sense was telling her that this voice, this hooded figure, this whatever, was just playing around with her but something else, she had no idea what it was, was telling her to go. She needed answers…

She couldn't even remember her name.

"With every new face," The hood was angled towards the water; she glanced down and found the same, sad, pale face staring back at her, "Comes a new name. A new identity." The hood turned to glance at the face in the water, her reflection. Her. "You are a completely different person now. You are not who you used to be."

Who was she before?

"Hm…" The hood murmured to itself, contemplating. Thinking. Creating. "Waves…" Its boot absently kicked at the water, wetting and darkening the leather. "Birth…"

She glanced up at the hooded figure, blinking curiously; what was it talking about?

The figure suddenly held out one arm, palm flowered out and facing the ocean. A swirling oval of black and purple fog appeared out of nowhere, just a few feet away from them. Her eyes widened in surprise, and they widened even more when the hooded figure began to walk towards it, the turquoise and cobalt waves lapping gently against the black cloak. Just before it stepped into the fog, however, the hooded figure turned around and beckoned her with one gloved hand.

"Come, Naminé," It crooned, "There is much to learn."


A/N: Okay, I'll be honest with you - the only reason I'm writing this is because I didn't like the plot for 358/2 Days, so I decided to write my own version; it won't be the game from Naminé's POV, but rather what I thought should've happened - 'cause let's face it: Xion - whom I do not feel any animosity towards - was just a last-minute addition to quell the worst of the Akuroku fandom. Why add a new character when you can just elaborate on an overlooked, already-existing one?

Regardless, there will be some elements of the game in the story so if you haven't played it yet this is a spoiler warning!

When translated Naminé means 'born from the waves'; the nami part comes from oceanwave in Japanese and means birth in French. Just a little factoid for you all =)

There are two main musical inspirations for this song:

1. Evanescence's Fields of Innocence: I thought the lyrics captured Naminé's thoughts and feelings perfectly.

2. Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World: The lyrics fit the Rokunami-ness quite right, and the KH games used Hikki's music as their theme songs so why should this story be any different? =)

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