Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Inuyasha or The Characters of The Manga and Anime, They Belong Solely To Rumiko Takahashi. I DO NOT MAKE NO MONEY OFF THIS STORY, I Just Write For My Own Enjoyment.

A Vampire's love and A girl's heart.


We were surround with tugs, they laugh at my friends and I. one of them asked me if we wanted to have a good time? but i said to them "fuck you!" they got mad, and tried to force themselfs on us. tried to fight

them off. But it was no use, I felt one of them kick me in my stomach. The pain was to great, blood started to stepping out of my mouth, I start to think about the love of my life "Inuyasha…" then out of nowhere

he came, but he looked different. He voice sounded rough and still sounded like honey. "Inuyasha…" I said, he gave a sadden look, "forgive me kagome." Then he bite one of the man, drinking his blood. I notice

that Sesshomaru, Miroku, and Shippo were doing the same to the other guys. My heart stopped, from that moment on I knew it, I knew that I saw them, vampires. I didn't know they were real. But when I saw

Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, and Sesshomaru. I knew that they were ones, "kagome, I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed, I noticed that his hair was longer, his eyes red and blue, his claws shaper than a knife, and his

fangs was drip in blood for the man his killed to protect me. "kagome please say something baby," but I couldn't. my is nub, I couldn't speak, and that I knew that I love him no matter what he had become. Before

I could I say something, I felt his cold perfect lips against my warm lips. And noticed that he was crying, for the first time that we been together. He was crying, my Inuyasha was crying. For a girl like me. am I

something to him? what am I?