"Why is my suitcase sitting by the door?" Wilhelmina asks as she comes into her office.

"Now that you're back the company has decided to send you on a skill building retreat."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"You'll go spend an hour listening to some guy give a boring lecture..."

"What is the skill in that?"

"Not falling asleep, and then you spend the rest of the three days being pampered."

"Ok," she agrees.

She's on the private jet, reading a magazine, waiting for take off when she hears footsteps. She looks up from her magazine and finds Daniel boarding the plane. "Oh now this should be fun," he comments.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm going on a retreat," he answers.

"I'm going on a retreat," she reveals.

"Great. Now I have to spend three days with you."

"This seems like a set up."

"By who Wilhelmina?"

"It reeks of Marc," she answers.

"And you reek of the souls you've sucked out of little children."

She rolls her eyes, and dials Marc.

"Marc what is going on?"

"Willie I have you on speaker."


"I want Betty to be able to hear too."


The doors close as he begins to explain. "The two of you are driving the rest of us crazy. While we do enjoy watching you be at each other's throats, it's getting old."

"So what is the purpose of this?"

"You two are going to spend three days together, with no one else," Betty informs them.

"Why?" Daniel questions.

"One of three things will happen, you'll learn to tolerate each other, you'll learn how to pretend to tolerate each other, or one, or both of you will wind up dead. Either way it's win-win for everyone."

"How is that win-win?" Daniel asks.

"Then we won't have to put up with you," Marc answers.

"We're getting ready to take off."

"Call me when you arrive," Marc tells her.

Betty giggles in the background. Marc hangs up. "This is going to be a disaster," Wilhelmina reveals.

"Let's just get through the next three days."


"You do your thing, and I'll do mine."

When they land four hours later they realize that things may be worse than previously thought. They are ushered onto a helicopter.

"Where are we going?" Wilhelmina demands.

The pilot turns to her and answers, "I'm sorry ma'am, but I can't tell you that."

"Where are we now?" Daniel asks.

"In the middle of nowhere," the pilot answers.

"Well that's reassuring," Wilhelmina comments.

Twenty minutes later the pilot lands the helicopter in the middle of a field.

"Where are we?" Wilhelmina quizzes.

"We're here," he answers.

"Here? Where is here?"

"You're staying right there," the pilot points at a cabin a hundred and fifty yards away.

"You can't leave us here."

"I'm just following orders," the pilot answers.

They grab their bags and step out of the helicopter. They move out of the way, and the helicopter leaves them in the middle of a field.

"Come on," Daniel grabs his bag and starts moving toward the cabin.

She drags her suitcase along behind her. "I'm definitely wearing the wrong shoes for this adventure."

"Don't drag your bag," he insists.

"What do you want me to do with it? Leave it here?"

He rolls his eyes, and picks up the bag. She follows behind him. When they reach the cabin he sits down the bag and looks at the door.

"Are you going to use your mind to open it?"

"We don't have a key."

She pushes past him and turns the knob, opening the door. "Daniel we're in the middle of nowhere. There is no reason to lock the door," she reminds him. He walks in the door, and sits the bags down.

"What if there is no electric?" he questions.

"Try the light switch," she suggests.

He flips the switch, and the lights flicker on.

"What are we doing here?" she asks.

"I wonder what Betty packed in my suitcase."

Wilhelmina ignores him she pulls out her phone and starts moving around the living room.

"No service," she wails.

"Guess we're stuck her for the next three days."


"What did Marc pack in your suitcase?"

"Good question," she lays the suitcase down and unzips it. On the top of the pile of clothes she finds a note.

"There is food in the fridge. There plenty of alcohol. There are bears in the woods, so don't venture too far. There is hot water, and a hot tub on the deck. No T.V., no internet, no cell phone service. Enjoy." she reads.

"So nice of him to write you a note."

"I bet your mommy packed you one too," she taunts.

He rolls his eyes at her and unzips his suitcase. He too finds a note. He reads it to her, "Daniel there are board games in the closet. Have fun, don't kill her. Don't get killed. Love Betty."

"If I had cell phone service I would call Marc and tell him that he's fired."

"So what do you want to do?"

"Lay here and die."

"They said that there are booze in the kitchen."

"I'll get us drinks."

"Just bring the bottle."

She makes her way into the next room, which just happens to be the kitchen. He looks through her suitcase as she gets the alcohol.

"What are you in the mood for?"

"We get a choice?" he hollers.

"There is very little food in here," she answers.

"What do you mean?"

"There's lots of alcohol."

"Like what?"

"Anything you want."


"Is that it?"

"Surprise me," he answers.

She returns with several bottles and two plastic cups.

"No drinking glasses?"


She sits the tequila, champagne and wine on the coffee table along with the cups.

"What are you doing?"

"Looking to see what Marc packed you."

"What did he pack me?" she questions as she makes a second trip to the kitchen.

"Sneakers, socks, jeans, a hoodie."

"Ew," she sighs as she comes back into the living room. She adds a bottle of Jack, a two liter of coca-cola, ice, orange juice, and straws.

"They know us well," he admits.

"You know I used to bartend part time."

"What? You were a bartender?" Daniel quizzes.

"I had to pay the bills somehow."

"I never knew that."

She pours him a drink, and he joins her on the couch.

"Bring that over here, I want to go through it," she demands.

He grabs the suitcase and sits it on the couch, between them. "Socks? Sweatpants? Who does he think I am?"

"I think he's trying to look out for you."

"What makes you think that?"

"Your apparel isn't exactly appropriate for the wilderness."

"Shut up and drink," she insists.

"You don't have to tell me twice."

He continues digging through her suitcase.

"He packed you a bathing suit."

"The bedrooms must be upstairs."

"We should go check it out."

She follows him up the stairs. There are two doors. He opens the first to reveal a bathroom.

"It's not horrible."

"If you don't mind the gigantic spider in the corner," Daniels points out.

"It's the size of a newborn baby,"she grimaces at the site of the fury black spider.

The move on to the next room. He pulls open the door and finds a bedroom with one queen sized bed. "Was there a bedroom downstairs?" she questions.

"I don't think so," he answers.

They hurry back down the stairs. They open all the doors, only to reveal a small bathroom, and a closet full of games and blankets.

"I guess I'll sleep on the couch."

"This is a nightmare," she comments.

"I don't think we've had enough to drink."

"I would agree with that statement."