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Prompt: Insomnia

"I created the sound of madness, wrote the book on pain," the song blared through my car stereo as I drove away from my home. I had taken to driving when my insomnia took a turn for the worse.

I hated being dependent on drugs to induce sleep. I had tried countless other methods and none had worked. I had even tried to fuck any one-nighter to utter exhaustion. That hadn't worked, and it only seemed to make the women I fucked unwilling to go.

Been there, done that, and I had to intention of going back to it. Plus, women only led to fucking complications.

My insomnia had gotten worse in the last few months for some unknown reason. I wasn't stressed out about anything or anyone. I had only slept for a few hours last week. For the life of me, I had no idea why. My new petite, gorgeous neighbor Bella had stopped by before I'd fallen asleep to introduce herself. I couldn't remember saying goodbye to her. And even though my sleep was haunted by the woman writhing beneath me, it'd been the best sleep I'd had in months.

I had for a brief moment, thought that her mere presence soothed me so much that it put me to sleep. I really hoped not. I hated to think she bored me to sleep; I shook that thought away immediately. I remembered her specifically asking if I was all right. I had wiped my face with my hands and told her that I hadn't been sleeping well. Next thing I knew I'd woken up on the couch, from an erotic dream, a wet spot in my boxers and a blanket thrown over me.

I passed Bella's little yellow house, none but one light was on. Since that first time I'd met her, I'd seen her every day. Yet, I hadn't spoken to her since. I pulled into her driveway, because I had to ask her what she'd done to me. I knew she had something to do with my strange dreams and lack of sleep.

"Don't blame me," a voice said suddenly on my left. I startled, nearly hitting my head on my car ceiling. I turned to see Bella standing by my car window.

"Don't blame what on you?" I asked as I cocked an eyebrow. There was something otherworldly about her. Her creamy skin that glowed under the moonlight looked as smooth as silk, contrasting against the ink black nightgown she was wearing.

"You just said aloud that you thought I had something to do with your dreams and lack of sleep."

"I said that out loud," I said, my eyes widening.

"Yes," she answered warily. "Edward." My name was softer than the words before. "You've been dreaming about me?"

My fingers still wrapped around my steering wheel, became white from the tension I was putting on them. I was delirious and apparently, muttering to myself. "Yes," I hissed, my eyes snapping to hers.

"You're insomnia is not because of me, well not entirely my fault. However, I did help you fall asleep that one time."

I gaped and my mouth was on the fucking floor. "Did you drug me?" I spat as I stepped out of my car.

"What?" she said angrily. "I did no such thing. I-I … we can't talk about this out here." She looked over her shoulder and down the street, tugging me toward the front of her house.

I pulled my hand out of her grasp and growled. "I'm not about to go into your house after your confession."

She rolled her eyes. "I have the power of suggestion."

Well, that got my attention. "Yeah," I said lowly. "That's not helping you look fucking sane!" I stepped back and swung my car door open.

"That coming from a person that can read minds," she hissed, leveling me a lethal glare.

"What the fuck are you?" I asked.

"The same thing you are," she said with a shrug.

"And what's that?"

"Not entirely human."

I walked toward her again and felt the need for a glass of water. I was very thirsty, so I asked her for one. Slowly, she led me through her house to her kitchen where she offered me a drink.

"You just fucked with my head didn't you?" I said bitterly, swallowing a mouthful of water.

"It was the only way you'd come inside."

"Why is it so important to be inside your house?" I took in my surroundings, noticing strange symbols written around the nearest window.

"Because inside my home, we're protected and they can't detect us."

My eyes snapped to hers. "Who can't detect us? Protect us from whom?"

"Others that seek to destroy us, or use us to do their bidding."

"Why would they want to do that to me?"

"Because of what you are."

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you always this cryptic?"

She smiled widely. "Trying to stall before you run for the hills where I can't protect you." She sighed and averted her eyes from mine for a moment. "You haven't been sleeping because it's a side effect of the spell I placed on your home. However, it's been draining my strength, which is why I'm always sleeping."


"Ancient magik can only be performed by a chosen few, and only those with gifts and immortality."

I looked into her soulful brown eyes, finding truth in her words. I realized then I couldn't read her mind. "I'm not immortal."

"Did you not survive the fire that had claimed everyone but yourself?" She waited for a moment for continuing. "You survived that car accident that claimed the life of your best friend when you shouldn't have."

My heart tightened painfully in my chest at the thought of the night I'd lost my parents and siblings. "How do you know about all of this?"

"The same happened to my own family and friends."


"As I said before, there are those out there that wish to use us and our powers to hurt others. They were after us."

"They died because of me."

"No, they died because our kind has been hunted since the dawn of time."

"What are we?" I asked warily.

"The best description in the English language is—" She sighed and closed her eyes. I could see the tension in her face, in her posture. She wished she didn't have to tell to me.

I took her hand in mine and asked again. Her eyes fluttered open, her lips parting gently as she exhaled. "Demigods."

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