(OK, I had this idea for a gimmick for a Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights theme. This will the hypothetical commercial for the event if they used the idea. The words in Bold are the narrator's lines. If only they'd actualy do this.)

A family of four are walking around Universal Halloween Horror Nights having a great time. The Dad, the Mom, the Teenaged Son and Teenage Daughter are clearly enjoying the night's scary attractions. Suddenly the park's power goes out. The lights go off and the music stops.

Twenty years of horror.

Lights flash in the darkness and we see Jack the Clown jumping at them in the dark. And he's not alone. Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface appear behind him, brandishing their weapons. The family screams and turn to the right to run away, only to see the Director appear out of the darkness, flanked by Eddie and the Chainsaw Drill Team.

All the spirits of Halloweens past have returned.

They turn to run towards exit, but are blocked by the Caretaker and an assortment of his ghoulish minions. They turn to run, but the Storyteller is in the way. She opens her book, and a burst of flames behind her reveals the towering Lord of Darkness himself.

Universal Orlando is overrun.

The family screams and runs, only to have Bloody Mary rise out of the ground a few yards ahead of them. They back towards a building behind them. Unfortunately, the building is the haunted Universal Palace Theater. The doors burst open to reveal the Usher. The family screams and tries to run, only to have the Wolfman, Chucky and Jigsaw in his pigmask burst out of the adjacent doors and block their path.

At the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights event...

The family is surrounded by the horror icons, who are now closing in on them for the kill. The ghoulish characters are roaring and laughing at the cowering family. The family huddles together, knowing they're doomed.

There's just one question...

The crowd of fiends close in, when suddenly a pair of lights appears behind them. They forget their victims for a second and turn to see what's behind them. We see the lights are a pair of headlights from a car. Behind the blinding headlights, we see some flashing red and blue lights on top of the car.

Then, four human figures walk in front of the headlights. They don't run, they just march with the confidence and purpose of soldiers. They're only silhouetted against the headlights, we can't make out their faces.

Who ya gonna call?

A familiar piece of music begins to play as the events unfold. The four figures reach behind their backs and pull out, what appears to be strange looking guns. They switch their weapons on and we hear the familiar sound of unlicensed nuclear accelerators turning on. The horror icons recognize that sound and a look of horrified realization appears on their faces.

At Halloween Horror Nights XX...

The silhouetted figures take aim. Jack the Clown, the Caretaker, the Storyteller and the other monsters take several steps back as the music swells.

They're back!

Then we see four proton streams fly towards the camera. The screen goes black, but we still hear the sounds of the proton streams and the howls of the horror icons.

The chorus kicks in just as a title card appears, reading "Halloween Horror Nights XX: The Return of the Ghostbusters."

Song chorus: Ghostbusters!

This Halloween, only at Universal Resorts!

The end.