Title: When You Wish Upon a Star pt1

Quinn looked up at the decorated tree and sighed heavily. Her hazel eyes drifted over to her boyfriend, Finn. She watched him talk and smile with Rachel but she was just too tired to be pissy with him. She hadn't slept very well since getting kicked out of her home because Finn had sang that stupid song and her father had found out that she was pregnant.

Placing her hand on her belly, Quinn turned her gaze to Puck. He was the boy that had knocked her up, not her boyfriend. It had been a mistake. A really big mistake. She hadn't needed much help in getting drunk but he had encouraged her by handing her yet another wine cooler, he had then told her that she was really pretty and apparently, that was all it took to destroy the life of Quinn Fabray. Puck was flirting with Santana but he still gave her a sly wink when he caught her staring.

Quinn stood from her chair and neared the tree. She tapped gently at one of the red baubles, wondering if they were the expensive glass kind. Rachel Berry had bought in the decorations, her fathers had decided on changing their colour scheme this year and so they gave Rachel their old decorations for the music room.

"Come on you guys. Gather round. It's time to wish upon the star." Mr. Schue handed the glittery gold star to Brittany who was already halfway up the ladder.

Quinn wondered if the gold star was Rachel's too.

They were starting their own little tradition of making a wish as the star gets stuck on the top of the tree. Quinn thought it ridiculous and she had said so, but everyone else liked the idea.

The blonde cheerleader looked up at the star and made her wish anyway. Technically, she made more than one wish hoping that at least one of them would come true. Her hand still on her belly, Quinn wished that none of this had ever happened, being pregnant and getting kicked off the Cheerio's. She then glanced over at Finn and a smiling Rachel Berry. She looked at her boyfriend carefully, at the way he smiled at the brunette like he had never smiled at her. Hazel eyes settled on the father of her baby. She wished so hard that Puck wasn't the father. Quinn's eyes flickered and then narrowed over at Rachel as she started to sing Silent Night. Even Puck sung along with the other Glee kids. She thought about maybe wishing that she had never joined this merry band of losers but then Artie and Tina took her hands and pulled her towards the choir. She started to sing along with one of her favourite carols as the secret Santa gifts were handed out.

Quinn lay in bed staring at the jar of cream that Rachel had gifted her. It was the most thoughtful present that anyone could've gotten her. She had made sure to rub the anti-stretch mark lotion into her swollen tummy before pulling down her night shirt and climbing into bed.

She had teared up when she opened the gold wrapping paper. Quinn could barely say thank you to the blushing brunette because of the lump in her throat.

Rachel had panicked at the tears, thinking that she had upset Quinn. "I've still got the receipt. You can change it if you'd like?"

Quinn shook her head and gave the girl a watery smile. "It's perfect."

Pulling at her pillow, Quinn tugged until she could lay her head on one end and wrap her arms around the other. She could feel the tears spilling from her eyes again. She wanted to be at home in the bed that had been hers since childhood. Quinn hated staying at Finn's house but there was no where else for her to go.

Quinn wished that everything was different, over and over, until she had cried herself to sleep on the sofa bed in Finn's basement.

Something was off, Quinn could feel it. Stretching cautiously, she reached out behind her and touched warm skin. Her hazel eyes shot open, her brow creasing into a frown when she realised that she wasn't in the Hudson's basement. Quinn blinked owlishly before snapping her head to the side. She was in Puck's house, in Puck's bedroom.

Hazel met wide brown eyes.

Rachel jumped out of the double bed, scrambling to wrap a blanket around her naked body. Grabbing her head at the sudden explosion of pain, Rachel slumped to the floor, her head resting against the mattress. "Oh god, I'm dying."

"What did you do, Berry?" Quinn pulled the covers up to her chin. She hadn't looked but she had a very bad feeling that she was also naked beneath the blue sheets.

Rachel lifted her head from the bed and glared at the blonde. "Me? You were the one who kept giving me those pretty blue drinks." She swallowed hard and tried to assess the damage to her body. Her head hurt so much and she was not entirely comfortable with the soreness radiating from her inner thighs.

"What blue drinks?" Quinn puzzled. "How on earth did we get here?"

Rachel shrugged her shoulders carefully and sat on the very edge of the bed. "Noah threw a party for the football team and Cheerio's." She frowned over at Quinn. "I think that we all over indulged." Rachel groaned at the waves of pain gripping at her skull. "Last thing I remember is you telling me that you were glad that Finn was happy."

"Finn?" Quinn hadn't got a clue as to what was going on. She felt as though she had stepped into the Twilight Zone. "What were you doing at Puck's party, Stubbles?"

Rich brown eyes narrowed at the blonde. "Finn was invited … and I was his date."

Quinn's jaw dropped. "Date? Since when?" Her voice was barely a whisper as her eyes searched the room.

Rachel watched as Quinn wrapped a sheet around her body and scooted to the edge of the bed. "Since you broke up with him three weeks ago."

Quinn tripped across the room until she came to Puck's desk. She grabbed for his nudey girl calendar, pulling it closer to her face so that she could see the date he had circled and written 'Partay!' the side of.

Quinn could feel the colour drain from her face. Yesterday was sixteen weeks ago. The night that Puck had gotten her drunk and pregnant.

She pulled at the pale blue sheet covering her body, letting it drop to the floor as her hands came to her belly. Quinn's baby bump was gone. She ran her fingers over the firm flesh of her flat stomach.

"Erm … Quinn?"

Hazel eyes blinked slowly before raising to meet Rachel's embarrassed gaze.

"I think that we should maybe talk."

"About what, Man-hands?" Quinn rubbed at her belly. She didn't really know if she should be happy that she was apparently no longer pregnant or saddened that she was no longer pregnant. All she really felt was shock that one of her wishes had come true.

Rachel chewed on her lower lip. She tried to avert her gaze from the naked cheerleader by looking over Quinn's shoulder. "Look in the mirror."

Quinn spun on her foot and walked over to the floor length mirror that was the door to Puck's wardrobe. "Oh." She looked herself over, feeling a deep blush return the colour to her cheeks. Hazel eyes took in the purpling hickies at her neck and breasts before travelling lower to find more on her thighs. Swallowing hard, she met Rachel's scared look in the mirror. Brown eyes were staring at Quinn's upper back so she turned slightly in the mirror.

Rachel grimaced when Quinn spotted the angry looking scratch marks streaking her shoulder blades. Quinn was going to kill her and if she didn't, then Rachel would probably die of embarrassment.

"Okay … Tiger, let's talk." Quinn pursed her lips, more than a little disappointed that she hadn't been given back her virginity.

Quinn swallowed convulsively at the bile rising in her throat. Trying to quell the dizziness, she dropped the toilet seat lid and sat down with her head resting on her knees.

It was impossible.

Hazel eyes looked over towards the sink. She reached out and picked up the little plastic stick.


Quinn was pregnant again. She blinked and took a deep breath. She hadn't slept with Puck this time around and Finn was definitely out of the equation. The only person she had had sex with was Rachel, at least according to the various marks on her body. She couldn't remember the night she had spent with the brunette. She had cried herself to sleep, cuddled up to her pillow, in the Hudson's basement and had woken up in Puck's bed next to Rachel. She remembered nothing of the in-between.

There was no way in which she could be pregnant again. No way.

Quinn's eyes fell to the stick again. Pregnant, it taunted her. She reached for the second stick and held both in her hands. One clearly said pregnant, the other showed two blue lines which also meant pregnant.

Quinn was fairly certain that Rachel was a normal girl, most of the time. She had caught a brief glimpse of a very naked Berry when she scrambled from the bed and, despite nicknames to the contrary, Rachel Berry was definitely all woman.

It was impossible for a woman to get another girl pregnant, wasn't it? But then, Quinn had always thought that wishes didn't really come true either.

Quinn chewed on her lower lip as she thought about wishing on the star. She had wished that everything could be different, and it was. She wished that Puck wasn't the baby daddy and he wasn't. Rachel Berry was … mama to her mommy.

First time around, Quinn had kept everything to herself for as long as possible. She then lied about the paternity because she believed that Finn would make a much better father than Puck. She knew that this time she couldn't say that Finn was the father and she hadn't slept with Puck so she couldn't make out that he was the father either.

Quinn knew that she had to tell the truth this time. She didn't want to make those same mistakes and end up sleeping on a sofa bed in someone's basement while waiting for Terry Schuester to take her daughter and claim her as her own.

She needed to talk to Rachel but they had been avoiding each other like swine flu for the past two months.

Quinn knew from Glee club gossip that Rachel had confessed to Finn that she had cheated on him during Puck's party. She never told him who with and everyone at Glee had there own suspicions but no one was even close. Finn tried, he really did, he was in love with the brunette and he blamed himself. He had gotten drunk during beer pong and instead of taking Rachel home first, he had staggered home without her. Their mutual decision to split up was made one week after Rachel had confessed.

Since the morning after the party, Quinn hadn't spoken more than a couple of words to Rachel and those were mainly spoken during Glee. She could tell that Rachel had wanted to talk some more about what had happened between them but Quinn had told her that if Rachel ever brought it up again, outside of that bedroom, then she would vehemently deny that anything had happened in the first place. She had kept her word. Rachel had cornered her by the lockers after Glee. She had said that she was feeling confused about things and that she really needed someone to talk to and since Quinn was the one to cause the confusing feelings, she felt that Quinn was the ideal person to talk with. Quinn had arched a fine blonde brow at the shorter woman and told her that she hadn't a clue as to what she was talking about. She had then walked away from Rachel.

She now had the evidence in her hands that proved that something had very definitely happened. Quinn just didn't know how to approach Rachel after their previous altercations and explain to Rachel that she had gotten her pregnant. How could you tell a girl with whom you had a one night stand, that she had gotten you (another girl) pregnant (without special aides)?

Quinn carefully placed the two pregnancy tests on the edge of the sink and scrubbed at her face before roughly running her fingers through long blonde hair. Taking a deep breath, she slipped her cell phone from her pocket and sent a quick text message to Brittany asking for Rachel Berry's phone number. Quinn decided to tackle her problems head on this time. No more lying. She jumped as her phone beeped saying that she had received a message. She stared at the string of numbers that Brittany sent her before sending another text message but this time to Rachel.

Need 2 talk. Can we meet?

Quinn sat in her car staring at the Berry's house. Rachel had called her back after receiving the short text message, she told Quinn to come on over. She had mostly assumed correctly as to what Quinn wanted to talk about and said that her father's would be out on their weekly date so they would be able to converse in private.

Rachel opened the front door to her home. The blonde cheerleader had pulled into the driveway almost ten minutes earlier, but she still hadn't gotten out of the car. Blowing out a long breath, Rachel marched over to Quinn's car and tapped on the window. "Do you want me to join you, or are you coming inside where it's not so cold that I can see my breath?" She asked once the window was rolled down.

Quinn pursed her lips as she looked up at the brunette. She was really tempted to start up her little car and drive to Puck's. If they had sex now, she could easily make him believe that he was going to be a father. Quinn pulled the keys from the ignition and opened her door.

Rachel held open the door for Quinn and then walked her into her home. She held out her hand for the blonde's jacket and hung it up. Rachel frowned when Quinn turned around to fully face her. The slightly older girl looked even paler that usual and her eyes were rimmed with shadows. "What's wrong, Quinn? You don't look at all well."

Quinn rolled her eyes at the brunette. Rachel had never been one to mince her words. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Oh." Rachel's face fell in disappointment. She had wanted to talk about their night together, she hadn't been able to distract herself from her confusing thoughts and hoped that Quinn could help set things 'straight' for her. Her disappointment disappeared almost as quickly as it had it come, replaced instead by concern. "Are you sick?"

"You could say that." Quinn's shoulder slumped as tears prickled at her hazel eyes. She remembered the month after month of morning sickness that she had had to endure first time around and hoped that this time, a long period of morning sickness would be one of those differences between then and now. "Can we talk about this somewhere that isn't your hall?"

Rachel nodded her head, dark eyes still focused on Quinn. "Sorry." She spoke softly. "You wanna go upstairs in case my dads get back early. It's unusual if they do but daddy mentioned a documentary that he wanted to watch tonight and the TiVo is playing up so they couldn't record it …"

"Rachel!" Quinn snapped, she just wanted the girl to be quiet.

"Sorry." Rachel muttered again.

"Can we please just go upstairs?"

Rachel nodded her head. "Would you like a drink? We have water or soda, or I could make some hot chocolate? It's a bit chilly out and daddy bought mini marshmallows this afternoon." She forced herself to stop reeling the various beverages she could make the cheerleader when Quinn started to glare at her.

"Let's talk first." Quinn wrung her hands in front of her. "Then you can decide if you really want to make me hot chocolate." She didn't know how Rachel would take her news. She was half expecting the diva to faint or throw her out in a fit of rage, calling her a liar.

Rachel took a deep breath, a little nervous at the upcoming conversation and the fact that Quinn Fabray would soon be in her bedroom. She felt her cheeks flush as she thought about the last time she had been in a bedroom with Quinn. She turned towards the stairs, hoping that the other woman hadn't noticed the colour staining her face. "This way."

Quinn followed Rachel up that stairs and along the hall to Rachel's room. A gold star with the brunette's name told Quinn that they had reached their destination.

Hazel eyes took a quick glance around the yellow room and forced a small smile onto her lips. The room wasn't all pink and glitter like she had expected but, that particular shade of yellow was almost as sickening, only in a different way. She crossed the room and sat on the white wooden chair in front of Rachel's desk. Pointing to the wooden four poster bed, Quinn waited for Rachel to sit.

Quinn chewed at her lip and unconsciously rested her hand on her belly. She was unsure as to where to start.

"Is this about that night? Noah's party?" Rachel asked as impatience got the better of her.

"Kind of." Quinn sighed. "I'm just trying to decide on what exactly you need to know."

"You can tell me anything, Quinn." Rachel pushed herself a little further onto her bed and crossed her legs, pulling her short skirt to make sure her modesty was covered. She focused fully on the blonde sitting across the room. "I know that I haven't been the most trustworthy, but I have kept that night to myself and I promise that whatever you need to say, I will keep in the utmost confidence."

"Good." Quinn replied. "I'd like it if we could just keep this to ourselves for now." She picked at the hole in the knee of her jeans. "I want to tell you everything, Rachel, but you're going to think about fitting me for a straight jacket if I do."

Dark brows furrowed in confusion. "You're making me nervous, Quinn. Just tell me what's wrong."

"I'm pregnant."

"Oh." This was not what Rachel had been expecting at all.

"And you're … the father?"

Rachel's mouth dropped open momentarily before snapping shut. She felt like laughing at the blonde's words but watery hazel eyes looking over at her told her that laughter would not be an appropriate response. "That's impossible."

"I thought so too." Quinn swiped at tears as they leaked from her eyes. "This is going to sound so silly; you're not going to believe me anyway." She stood from the chair, ready to cross the room and leave the Berry home. "I should go."

Rachel scrambled from her bed and reached out for Quinn's hands. She dragged the blonde across the room and pushed her so that she was sitting on Rachel's bed. She sat down besides Quinn, tipping Quinn's chin up so that they were eye to eye. "No matter how many times we had unprotected sex that night, you do know that it's biologically impossible for me to have gotten you pregnant, don't you? I know that you were raised in a strict Catholic household and that your parents might have skipped a few chapters when telling you about the birds and the bees, but it is impossible, Quinn."

"I made a wish." Quinn's lower lip trembled. "We put a Christmas tree in the music room and as Brittany put the star on the top, we all made a wish."

"And you wished that I would father a child with you?" Rachel frowned.

"No." Quinn's eyes widened and she shook her head. "I wished that everything was different. I was dating Finn and that night at Puck's party, I was drunk and slept with Puck. It was him who got me pregnant."

"You had sex with Noah and then me?" Rachel could feel the colour drain from her face to be replaced with a green tint.

Quinn shook her head. "I slept with Puck at the other party six months ago. Then it was Christmas. I was pregnant and it was all such a mess, so I wished that he wasn't the father and that everything was different. When I woke up, it was that night again. When I realised that … we … had slept together, I didn't for a minute think I would be pregnant again. I thought wrong, Rachel and you are the only person I've had sex with, so you must be the … can I say mama?"

"Maybe he's going to be someone special." Rachel puzzled, listening carefully to the other girls outpouring of words.

"He, who?"

"The baby." The brunette couldn't help the little smile that lifted the corners of her lips. "Maybe, he's going to be president or a great artist in whatever medium he chooses and that's why God thought him too important to leave out of your do over."

"Your God or my God, Berry?" Quinn sighed because she was sure as hell that wishes weren't in the bible. She didn't think to class miracles and the Immaculate Conception as possible wishes.

"It's all the same in the end, Quinn, we just worship differently." Rachel rolled her eyes. Only one of her father's was Jewish and Rachel had been raised with a respect for many different belief systems.

"She's a girl anyway."


"She was a girl last time and if I remember correctly from biology, two girls can only make a girl – no y chromosome."

Rachel stared at Quinn; unsure as to what to believe or even if she should believe any of it. Quinn's story was crazy at best but there was something in light brown eyes that told Rachel that Quinn was telling her the truth.

"Would a paternity test …?" Quinn began before Rachel interrupted her.

"I believe you, Quinn." Rachel took a deep breath and released it slowly. "Don't ask me why or how, but I do believe you. I just don't know what to do."

Quinn buried her hands in her lap. "You don't have to do anything, not if you don't want to. If you don't want anyone to know, we don't have to tell anyone. It's your choice."

"You're keeping her then?"

The blonde nodded her head in the affirmative. She hadn't considered the option of termination last time and she wouldn't consider it this time around either.

"Was it all so bad last time?" Rachel chewed on her lip as she asked.

Quinn's eyes fell to her lap. "I cheated and lied." Her voice was barely a whisper as she confessed. "I ruined lives, mine included." She swallowed hard at the memory. "My parents disowned me when they found out and I knew that Finn would find out sooner or later. I'm so sorry for what I did."

Rachel reached out for the other woman's hand and held it in her own, giving a reassuring squeeze. "I'll be there for you this time. No drama."

Quinn raised an eyebrow at the brunette.

Rachel smirked. "Maybe we can even be friends through all of this?"

"I don't know about that, Liza." Quinn let a smile lift the corners of her lips to take the sting out of her words. This being friends with Rachel Berry was going to be weird, but then she had wanted things to be different and this was as far away from before as anything could be. "Are you going to tell your dads?"

"I'd like to, if you don't mind?" She turned on the bed and folded her legs underneath her. "I don't know how you managed last time, but I'm guessing that having a baby is going to be very expensive."

"How are you going to explain to them that you got me pregnant?" Quinn puzzled. She didn't know how she was going to tell her own parents especially after everything that happened last time.

Dark brows furrowed and Rachel shrugged her shoulders. "They know that I don't lie to them, they'll believe me. It's a bonus that I already told them that we had sex."

Quinn choked on a breath she was about to take. "You what?" She spluttered.

"I needed to talk to someone about what happened and you weren't willing."

"I wasn't willing because I don't remember what happened, Rachel."

"Oh." Rachel chewed on her lip as she looked up at the blonde through dark lashes. "I thought that it was because it was me."

"That too." Quinn sighed heavily. "I don't know why it happened Rachel, or how and to be honest, I tried to blank out that anything could've happened between us … until the pregnancy test told me otherwise."

"You really don't remember?"

Quinn shook her head. "I had just cried myself to sleep in Finn's mom's basement and then I was waking up next to you." Her shoulders slumped as she looked up through watery eyes. "Why is it so easy with you?"

Rachel frowned again. "You've said that before."


"After we … had sex." Rachel couldn't help but blush as she thought about what they had done just before they took a breather. "We were talking and you said 'why is it so easy with you?' I didn't really understand what you meant."

Quinn shrugged her shoulders. She didn't remember saying the words so she didn't know in which context she meant them.

She hadn't expected that just talking with Rachel, having her understand and believe, would be as easy as it was. Finn had tried and Quinn had been nothing but a bitch to him, lying and cheating. Puck had also tried but he had put so much pressure on her that she had pushed him away, and he lied about sexting Santana.

This time around, with Rachel, it did all seem a little easier. Perhaps it was the not lying and scheming or maybe it was just because it was Rachel Berry.

Tomorrow, Quinn had every intention of handing in her Cheerio's uniform. Cheerleading no longer held the same appeal as it once had, especially when she remembered how Coach Sylvester had stripped her of her uniform last time around. Quinn also wanted to let the other Glee kids know that she was pregnant sooner rather than later. She wanted everything out in the open this time, not whispered speculations behind hands.

All this thinking of this time and last time was really starting to confuse the hell out of Quinn. She didn't know where she stood because this 'now' was what she wished for. Different.

"Are you going to tell your parents?"

Quinn blinked as the other woman interrupted her thoughts. "They kicked me out last time." She didn't really think that that part would change. Her parents were still the same, more than slightly, alcoholic Catholic do-gooders who really didn't do that much good. They mostly judged.

"You're frightened that they'll do that again?" Rachel gave Quinn's hand a gentle squeeze. "Because if you are and if they do, you can have my bed and I'll use one of the cots we get out when Uncle Matthew and Aunt Beth visit. If you don't mind sharing, that is? It should only be for a short while. You can stay in here until we clear out the spare room and move daddy's office down into the basement. Or, I can move into the spare room? This room is big enough for two seeing as it used to be two rooms until my dads converted it just after moving in. I'm sure they won't mind, especially when they find out about our predicament."

"Rachel?" Quinn rubbed at her temple with her free hand. "They might not kick me out this time." She couldn't quite believe her own words and she could see that Rachel didn't either.

Rachel nodded her head and slowed down her thoughts on where to put a crib. "I'll go with you when you decide to tell them, if you want?"

"Thank you." She knew she would need Rachel when that time came, even if she did want to give her parents a chance before packing her bags and moving into the Berry's home. Quinn tilted her head as she looked at the brunette sitting next to her. "This is going to be weird."

Rachel grinned widely. "You're the one that made a wish."

Quinn took a deep breath and released it slowly. "Well, at least I'm not alone this time."

Rachel shook her head. "It was your wish but we did this together." Dark brows knitted in confusion.

"What's wrong?" Quinn asked as the smile faded from Rachel's face to be replaced by a frown and pursed lips.

The brunette looked Quinn up and down before shrugging her shoulders. "I know that there's nothing hokey, down their." Rachel's eyes flickered to Quinn's lap and then back up. "So, I was just wondering at what we did exactly that got you pregnant."

"Rachel!" Quinn backhanded the other girl's arm and smirked.

"What?" Rachel mirrored Quinn's smirk. "Just because you don't remember doesn't mean that I can't."

Quinn's mouth dropped open and she watched as the brunette's smirk widen to a fully fledged grin. She scowled as a blush warmed her face

Rachel felt her mouth twitch with amusement as she settled into a normal smile. She could easily get used to teasing Quinn Fabray. It was fun to see the other girl so flustered. "We could talk about what happened, if you wanted? It was what I was expecting when you text me and I'm fully prepared to discuss the why's and how's of us having sex. Multiple times."

"Oh god." Quinn groaned as she covered her face with her hands.

"You don't remember and it might be beneficial to our future as friends if we parlayed on our totally unforeseen union. I for one never expected us, as enemies almost; to do that thing where your mouth is …"

Quinn pressed her hand to Rachel's mouth, blinking owlishly. She did not want to hear about what she had done with her mouth. "I'm not ready for that." Quinn swallowed convulsively. "Not yet, Rachel. Give me a little time to warm up to you before we discuss that." She could see the disappointment in dark eyes. "Friends talk about sex. Let's try to be friends first."

Rachel huffed and peeled away the hand covering her mouth. "I really need to talk about what happened, Quinn."

"I know." Quinn scooted further towards the edge of the bed and stood up. "Just give me a little time. I've just found out that I'm pregnant again and that you're the baby daddy. Can we please just get our heads around that first?"

"Okay." Rachel's shoulders slumped. She would give the blonde the time she asked for; at least she could talk to her fathers.

"I need to go."

"Okay." Rachel ran her fingers over her multi-hued purple bedspread.

Quinn sighed as she looked down on the younger woman. "Can I pick you up tomorrow? We can ride to school together."

Rachel's head shot up. "Really?"

"It's a start, isn't it?"

Rachel nodded. "I'd like that, Quinn." She climbed off her bed, mindful of just how short her skirt was, and stood before the other girl. "Are you sure that I can't make you some hot chocolate? You could tell me about the other now?"

Quinn smiled genuinely at Rachel for the first time ever. "Maybe next time. I need to get home. I have some thinking to do."

"If you need anything, anything at all, or if you just need to talk, you have my number now." Rachel dipped her head and looked up through long lashes. "Call me."

"Thanks, Rachel." Quinn felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She followed the brunette back down the stairs and waited for her jacket before opening the doors. "Are you going to tell your dads tonight?"

Rachel nodded quickly. "I can't keep this from them."

"I'm not asking you too." Hazel eyes looked back into the Berry house as she stood on the doorstep. "It's just … I should be here with you when you tell them."

"Do you want to be here?"

Quinn shook her head in the negative. "You telling your dads frightens the crap out of me almost as much as the thought of telling my parents."

Rachel couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of anyone being afraid of her fathers. The chuckle was replaced by a feeling of sadness that Quinn was so uncomfortable with her own parents that she couldn't talk to them. When she spoke to her fathers later that night, she would make sure to let them know that there was a strong possibility that a pregnant teenager could soon be moving in with them.

"I'd still be here if you wanted me to though." Quinn added quickly. "You said you'd be there for me and that goes both ways, Berry."

"You're safe for now, Fabray." Rachel smirked. "But be early tomorrow and be prepared for a healthy helping of my dad's 'guess the state' pancakes."

Quinn swallowed hard. "It's just a ride, Rach."

Rachel shook her head. "They are going to want to meet the 'other mother' of their first grandchild, Quinn."


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