Title: When You Wish Upon a Star pt7

Quinn pulled into the driveway of her home. Her father wasn't back yet but her mother was. The blonde sighed deeply as she stared at the house in which she had lived most of her life, wondering if the coach had called again to let her parents know that she hadn't rejoined the Cheerio's as told to.

"C'mon, Q." Santana watched her friend, puzzled by her reluctance to leave the car. "They'll get over it eventually."

Quinn turned her hazel eyes to Santana and shook her head. "No they won't." She swallowed hard. She didn't know if Santana was referring to her quitting cheerleading or being pregnant, either way, her parents wouldn't 'get over it'. "If my mom says anything … weird, could you just forget it?"

"Like what?" Dark brows knitted in confusion.

Quinn shrugged her shoulders. "You know my mom; she gets mean when she's been drinking."

Santana rolled her eyes, remembering the one time she and Brittany had stayed over and Quinn had gone downstairs to get snacks. Brittany had offered to help, but Quinn was adamant that the two stay upstairs. They had heard Mrs. Fabray shouting at her daughter over a dress she'd worn to a cousin's engagement party that no longer fit her. Judy Fabray was actually blaming Quinn for the weight she had gained since she had been eighteen. Santana thought her reasoning ridiculous and when she asked Quinn about it later that night, apparently, Mrs. Fabray had been a nostalgic drunk that day and decided to go through her wardrobe, trying on clothes that she had kept over the years. When the clothes didn't fit, she decided to blame her second pregnancy.

"Whatever, Q." Santana acted with nonchalance. She had always hated the way that the Fabray's treated Quinn, but it embarrassed Quinn to know that, so she always acted with indifference. Many times, as barely a teenager, she asked her parents if Quinn could come and live with them. "Let's just get inside so that you can tell me who knocked you up."

Quinn blinked quickly. "Don't tell my mom, S. Please. I'm not ready yet."

Santana let out a deep breath. "I wouldn't do that to you and you know it."

Quinn nodded her head, she did know it. Santana was her oldest and most trusted friend and even though they'd had spats and arguments, they had always been friends. Nothing changed that. Blonde eyebrows furrowed in thought as Quinn quickly remembered the other now, the other Santana. She hadn't been quite so loyal or friendly. She shook her head from thoughts of the other now. It was almost like a vivid dream and she wondered if that was what it would become, a dream. Would she eventually forget huge chunks of detail, like the baby she was supposed to have, Puck's baby, or how she had lied to Finn? Or, would that other now, always be in the back of her mind, to remind her of what she was and what she had done?

"Let's get this over with." Quinn reached for her satchel and opened her car door, manoeuvring herself out with grace. She moved around the car and waited for Santana before walking along the driveway to her front door. Opening the front door, Quinn quickly spotted her mother standing in the foyer, waiting for her to come inside.

Judy Fabray stood with her arms crossed loosely, drink in hand. She opened her mouth to speak until she saw the dark skinned girl standing behind her daughter. "Little miss Lopez, my have you grown." Judy recognized the young woman from countless sleepovers. She set her lips into a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "It's been so long since we've seen you. Why is that?" She tilted her head as she looked the two girls over.

Santana forced a polite smile onto her face. "Sorry I haven't been around Mrs. Fabray, I've been busy with extra-curricular stuff and mama's been pushing me to learn how to cook." She rolled her eyes dramatically. "She says that I need to learn how to take care of the man who will eventually surrender to my charm." Santana arched a dark brow at her friends smirk. She could so tell that Quinn was dying to say something but kept quiet because her mother was standing only a few feet away. "It's good to see you, Mrs. F." Santana lied. The elder Fabray's, even Quinn's older sister had always made her feel incredibly uncomfortable and she didn't like the way that they treated Quinn. Her anger would often flare whilst under this roof and most of the time she ended up taking out her anger and frustration on Quinn or Brittany, so she stopped visiting and instead, the three of them would either go to hers or Brittany's.

Judy Fabray's eyes hardened as they settled on her youngest child, her smile never leaving her otherwise blank face. "I didn't know you were having company tonight, dear." She knew what Quinn was doing; she was avoiding their questions about why she hadn't rejoined the cheer squad.

"We have a project together." Quinn swallowed. "I hope you don't mind, but I asked Santana to spend the night so that we could get a good head start on it."

"Why would I mind?" Judy blinked. She lifted her glass to her lips before looking into it, discovering that the crystal tumbler was empty. She turned around and walked away from the teenagers without waiting for a reply to her question.

"Wow!" Santana whispered. "Things really haven't gotten any better around here, have they?"

"What made you think that they would?" Quinn sighed before holding her hand out towards the stairs. "You want to go up? I'll get us some drinks."

Santana shrugged and started to make her way upstairs, but as Quinn strolled towards the kitchen, she turned, sat down and listened. She wasn't normally nosey, but the obviously faux smile smiles coming from Mrs. Fabray, prickled at Santana's protective instincts. She had never seen the older blonde quite so … cold, towards her youngest daughter. Mrs. Fabray had always been a drunk and when she used to visit the older woman had always been overly friendly, almost as if she wanted to be one of them. She wondered when and why Mrs. Fabray had come to hate Quinn.

"Mother?" Quinn paused at the door to the kitchen. She had thought that her mother had gone into the study to refresh her drink, but the ice bucket in the study must have been out because her mom was currently dropping an ice cube into her vodka.

"Quinn." Mrs Fabray arched a blonde brow at her daughter. "Where's your friend?" She took a sip of her drink, shoulders relaxing at the taste.

"Upstairs." Quinn stepped into the kitchen and towards the fridge.

Judy lifted her chin. "You shouldn't let that girl just roam around on her own." Pale eyes glared at the teenager. "If anything goes missing, I will hold you responsible, Quinn."

Quinn's eyes widened in surprise. "Santana wouldn't do anything like that and you know it."

"People change, Quinnie." Judy sneered. "You for instance." She looked her daughter up and down with sharp eyes. "Did you quit the Cheerio's because the other girls teased you about your weight gain? That could easily be remedied, dear."

Quinn chewed at the corner of her lip, her arms wrapped around her waist protectively. She shook her head.

Judy glared. "No one loves a fatty, Quinn." Her eyes drifted to her daughter's stomach and then back up to hazel eyes.

Quinn took a deep breath, sucking in her stomach. She wasn't showing yet, her stomach felt firmer than normal but she hadn't gone far enough to develop the noticeable bump that she had before. Quinn got the impression that her mom already knew, just like the other now, and it made her more than a little nervous. She crossed the kitchen to the refrigerator and pulled out 2 bottles of water. Releasing her breath slowly, Quinn turned and faced her mother. "I don't want to be a Cheerio anymore, mom. I want to concentrate on other things."

"What makes you think that this has anything to do with what you want, Quinnie?" Judy Fabray straightened her shoulders. "You need to get rid of that … extra weight." Her eyes once again dropped to Quinn's midsection. "And, you will be a Cheerio again. Make sure of it, Quinn."

Quinn gasped, her hands coming to her stomach, dropping one of the water bottles. "I'm happy with … how I am, mom." She stammered and swallowed hard at the bile slowly rising in her throat.

"I don't care if you're happy or not, young lady." Judy's voice rose in volume as she spoke. "You are a Fabray; you will act like a Fabray and not like some slut who opens her legs for every boy who shows you some attention."

"I'm not a slut." Hazel eyes widened, her mom knew.

"Get rid of that … thing." Judy pointed at her daughter's waist as she crossed the room to stand in front of her. "I don't care how you do it, just do it."

"No!" Quinn screamed. "You can't make me."

Judy Fabray swung her arm back and lashed out in a wide arc, slapping Quinn's face with enough force to knock her sideways and into the marble work surface. "I'm your mother." She yelled. "And you will do as I say."

"Hey!" Santana stood in the open kitchen doorway. She hadn't liked how the two Fabray's had started to yell at each other, so she had come downstairs, just in time to catch Mrs Fabray hitting her daughter. She dashed forward, reaching for Quinn, making sure that she didn't fall to the floor.

"Get out!" Judy screamed at the young Latina before sharp eyes focused on her daughter. "You too, Quinn … and don't come back until you're ready to be a Fabray."

Quinn felt her lip trembling. Tears threatened, but she managed to hold them back. Her friend helped her to stand, she didn't let go of Santana's hand because her knees felt like jell-o. "Mom," Quinn chewed at her lip. "I'm sorry." Her voice was barely a whisper. "I always seem to be disappointing you."

"Quinn?" Santana spoke. She didn't understand how her friend could apologise; she had no reason to apologise. "Let's get out of here until everything cools down. Your dad will be home soon."

Hazel eyes brimming with tears looked up into dark eyes. "It doesn't matter, San. I'm keeping the baby. They won't want me to come back."

"Talk to your dad."

Quinn shook her head and looked over at her mother. "I'm keeping her, mom." She swallowed hard at the anger and hatred aimed at her.

"Get out." Judy hissed. She knocked back the remainder of her drink and threw the glass at the two girls. "Get out and don't come back until you've come to your senses."

The tumbler went wide but shattered glass flew towards Quinn and Santana. Santana took a step towards the older Fabray, her hands clenched into angry fists.

Quinn grabbed hold of her friend's arm before she did anything that she could be arrested for. "Let's go, San."

Santana swallowed at the lump in her throat, her eyes turned to her pale friend. Dark eyes took in the clear handprint on the blonde's cheek and then caught sight of the small cut on Quinn's brow from where a glass shared had struck her. "Your clothes? Your dad?" Santana could feel herself shaking with anger and shock and she didn't know what to do for her oldest friend. She had not expected this.

Quinn shrugged her shoulders. She swiped at the wet trickle on her brow, noting almost blankly that her hand was streaked with blood. "I don't want to be here anymore. It's time to go."

Santana nodded sharply. She grabbed for Quinn's hand and started to drag her friend through her home and towards the front door.

"Quinn!" Judy Fabray screamed angrily.

Santana could hear glass breaking and the clatter of the kitchen stools being over turned. She couldn't believe that Mrs Fabray was so volatile. She looked at Quinn as she pulled the front door closed behind them. Quinn was so pale, her whole body visibly trembling.

"How did she know?" Quinn whispered. "How does she always know?"

"Quinn," Santana tugged on Quinn's hand until bloodshot eyes turned to her. "Give me your keys." She watched as Quinn reached into the pocket of the jacket she hadn't yet taken off and handed over the keys to her car.

"Could you take me to Rachel's?" The blonde followed closely and then climbed into the passenger seat of her car.

"You can come home with me, if you want? Mama won't mind." Santana shut Quinn's door and then sprinted around the small vehicle.

Quinn turned a weak smile to her friend. "Thank you, San." She blew out a long breath. "I don't know what to do yet, but Rachel did say that I could stay with her if things went badly. I just need to see her, talk to her."

"I know it's a squeeze at mine, Q, but at least there you'll be with friends." Dark brows furrowed.

"Rachel's my friend, San." Quinn sighed heavily. She really didn't want to get into another argument. "Please, S."

"Okay, Q. Whatever you want, I just wanted you to know that you can always stay with me if ever you need to."

"Thank you." Quinn breathed. "But, Rachel's a big part of this. She needs to know what's going on." Hazel eyes blinked through tears as she watched her neighbourhood pass by.

"What is going on, Q?" Santana had to ask because she was mostly in the dark about what was happening with her oldest friend. "Why Rachel Berry of all people?"

Quinn wiped her fingers over her eyes and turned her gaze to Santana. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. "I slept with her … and now I'm pregnant."

Dark eyes looked sharply to the right, back to the road and then to Quinn again.

"There's more to it than that." Quinn turned her head so that she was looking out of the window again. She pressed her forehead to the cool glass. "I'll tell you when we get to Rachel's."

Santana cleared her throat. "You know that what you're saying is impossible, right?"

The blonde scoffed. "You would think that, wouldn't you?"


Michael threw open the door with a welcoming smile that quickly faded when he looked at the two girls standing on the door step. Quinn was so pale and the other teenager looked to be holding her up. His big hand shot out to cup the blonde's cheek tenderly. He tilted her head to the side, his eyes narrowing as he noticed the small cut on her forehead and ran his thumb over the heated redness to her cheek.

"What's going on, Quinn?" His deep voice rumbled as he pulled the two girls into the safety of his home. He easily recognised the marks for what they were.

"Is Rachel here, Mr. Berry?" Quinn found it hard to look into Michael's kind eyes.

Michael nodded. His mouth was a tight line that betrayed his anger. He took a deep breath before moving towards the kitchen. He let Quinn and her friend enter first and followed them in. Michael stared and crossed his arms over his chest as his husband looked up at them.

Ira took in the young blonde girl. He stared at her tear streaked face for a few moments before flicking his gaze over to her friend and then back. "Who did this? He swallowed convulsively as his voice cracked. He thought immediately of the young bully that Rusty Fabray had been, but Ira didn't think that Rusty was capable of hitting a girl, let alone his own daughter. The Rusty Fabray he knew would pick on the younger, weaker boys, never girls.

"Mrs Fabray found out that she's pregnant." Santana's nostrils flared as she tried to keep her anger in check. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the little man opposite her.

"Please, Mr. Berry," Quinn took a slow step forward. "I'd like to speak to Rachel."

Ira looked up at his husband and Michael left the kitchen to yell for his daughter to come downstairs.

"Are you okay, Quinn?" Ira eased his chair away from the kitchen table and crossed the room. He lifted her chin with gentle fingers.

Quinn chewed at her lower lip. She didn't really know how to reply. She wasn't feeling okay, her whole world had come crashing down around her, again, and even though she expected it this time, it had happened a lot sooner than she thought. She wasn't okay, but she was uncomfortable voicing it, so she shrugged her shoulders. "She was really angry." Quinn's breath hitched as she spoke. "I don't know how she found out, but she always does."

"Quinn, you're talking crazy again." Santana rolled her eyes but still took a small step closer to her friend.

Ira Berry tilted Quinn's face to the side. The small cut would need cleaning but it was nothing serious so he would leave that to his daughter. Sharp brown eyes could see the slightly swollen remains of a hard slap. Taking a deep breath, he focused on red rimmed hazel eyes. "It's going to take a little time to sort out the spare room, but I'm sure that Rachel won't mind if you share with her in the meantime." His voice was low and calm. He knew that his husband would agree with him but he looked up anyway. He received a nod and a small smile. "If you'd like to stay with us that is? One of us can go with you to fetch you some clothes and some of your things."

Santana shook her head. "No way. I'll go and fetch her shi … stuff tomorrow. She's not going back there until Mrs F calms down."

"Either way, Quinn," Ira raised a bushy brow at the protective Latina. "You can stay with us for as long as you want."

Quinn took a shuddery breath, her chin trembled and tears filled her eyes. Covering her face with her hands, she started to cry.

Ira pulled the young woman into his arms and held her tightly to him.

"What's going on?" Rachel's dark brows furrowed as she skidded to a stop at the kitchen door and took in the scene before her. Santana Lopez was standing in her kitchen with her arms crossed defensively over her chest, a move echoed by her daddy Michael. Rachel's dad Ira was holding Quinn Fabray in his arms as she sobbed into his shoulder.

Rachel darted forward, turning Quinn slowly so that she could talk to her but was instead engulfed by the slightly taller blonde, her face pressed into Rachel's neck as she cried.

Dark eyes rose to meet dark as Rachel looked over to Santana. "What happened?"

"Her mom found out that you knocked up her little girl." Santana sneered. She didn't know where to aim her anger in the room where everyone seemed to care for her friend, but Rachel Berry had always been a convenient target. "She didn't take the news well, Berry." Santana's dark eyes darted to the crying blonde then back to Rachel.

"You told her?" Rachel gasped, her eyes blinking rapidly. She felt the other girl's arms tighten around her and then Quinn shook her head.

"She just knew." Quinn's reply was muffled between sobs and Rachel's neck.

Rachel swallowed. She eased Quinn away from her and wiped away the other girl's tears as she looked into blood shot eyes. "Its okay, Quinn." She spoke softly. "Everything will be okay." Rachel pressed her lips to Quinn's forehead and repeated her words against warm skin.

Quinn tightened her hold on Rachel, wanting to believe her words more than anything.

"I'm here for you." Rachel kissed each of Quinn's cheeks and then her damp lips. "You aren't alone this time." She breathed as she cupped the back of the blonde's head tenderly and brought her back into a hug. "My dads are here for you and," Her dark eyes met Santana. "Your friends will be here for you too."

Santana gave Rachel a sharp nod of agreement. Quinn was her oldest friend and, sure they bitched at each other from time to time, but they had always come through it to be stronger friends.

"Daddy? Dad?" Rachel lifted her eyes to her fathers who were now standing together. "Would it be okay if Santana and maybe Brittany spent the night? I really think that it would be beneficial to Quinn's emotional state if she had her best friends around her right now."

Both Ira and Michael nodded. "That's fine, Rachel." Ira spoke first, followed by Michael. "It's a good idea, sweetie."

Rachel turned to Santana. "Do you think that Brittany would like to come? I should have plenty room to sleep the four of us. That is, if you'd like to stay?"

Santana took a deep breath. Spending the night at the Berry's hadn't really been part of her plans, but she was supposed to spend the night with Quinn anyway, so she would stay. "B didn't mention having any plans. I'll call her." Santana slipped her cell phone from her pocket before walking into the hall so that she could speak to her friend in private.

"I know that you were going to tell Santana everything tonight," Rachel ran her fingers through blonde hair as she spoke to Quinn. "But maybe, it would be prudent to tell Brittany and Santana together, or we could even delay the explanation for a little while."

"Rachel," Quinn sighed and lifted her hazel eyes. "I've already started to tell Santana and she's gonna keep shooting you dirty looks until she finds out the whole story."

"But, you've been through so much today." Rachel pursed her lips and stroked her thumb over Quinn's swollen cheek.

Quinn stood a little straighter and backed out of Rachel's arms. "I knew it was coming." She took a deep breath. "I'll be fine, I just need a moment." She looked at Rachel, not liking that she saw pity behind brown eyes. "Do you mind if I go wash up while we wait for Britt?"

"Of course." Rachel swallowed. "You can use my bathroom."

Quinn nodded and then looked down at her summer dress. She noted the spot of blood on her chest and she lifted her fingers to the cut on her forehead, wincing as she touched the small wound.

"There's antibacterial ointment in the cabinet above the sink." Rachel was about to ask if she needed any help but she stopped herself, knowing that Quinn probably wanted a little time to herself. "I'll find something for you to wear."

"No need, Short Stack." Santana smirked as she sauntered into the kitchen. "Brittany is gonna bring some of my clothes over. It's only joggers and t-shirts but at least they don't have an animal print on the front."

"What about sleepwear?" Rachel placed her hands on her hips. "It's going to be very warm with the four of us in my bed. Jogging pants will be too uncomfortable to wear."

"Your bed?" Santana choked. "All four of us?"

"I assure you that my four poster bed is indeed large enough for the four of us to share comfortably." Rachel lifted her chin as she spoke. "Unless you would like to utilize the floor? It is not nearly as comfortable as my bed."

"Your bed is fine, Rachel." Quinn stopped the argument before it started. She shook her head at her friend, just as she opened her mouth to say something.

Santana arched a dark brow and glared. "You sleep next to her." She flicked her steely gaze between Quinn and Rachel. "I don't want … Rachel … touching Brittany in anyway that could put a bun in her oven."

Rachel's mouth dropped open and then snapped shut. She blinked, startled by the other girl's words, and turned to Quinn, wondering at how much the blonde had already told the Cheerio. "I am secure in the knowledge that that would not happen again." She narrowed her eyes at Santana. "Quinn's wish was a fluke occurrence and just as long as Brittany is careful not to make the same wish, then I am almost ninety-nine percent sure that Brittany will remain without child."

"Maybe." Quinn pursed her lips as she recalled her wish to remember what had happened between herself and Rachel at Puck's party. Ever since that wish had come true, Quinn had been very careful about not making wishes.

Santana's dark brows shot up. "You wished for Man-hands to knock you up?"

Ira Berry cleared his throat and opened his mouth to admonish the girl who continued to insult his little girl.

"It wasn't like that, S." Quinn crossed her arms over her chest. "And, I've told you to stop calling Rachel that."

"It's okay, Quinn." Rachel sighed. "Santana and I have always been on adversarial terms. It's going to take a little time for her to break the habits of a life time, but once she see's that my feelings for you and our daughter are pure and true, she will come around and like me."

"Huh?" Santana frowned.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "You forgot, Santana."

"Yeah. Like Rachel said." Santana made a point of pronouncing the brunette's name clearly. She didn't like disappointing her friend and it was only really fun when they both called Rachel names. "Anyways, B is gonna be here soon, so why don't you go clean up?"

Quinn nodded slowly, suddenly feeling completely drained. She raised heavy eyes to Rachel. "Will you come with me?"

Rachel smiled widely. "Of course, Quinn." Her smile slipped when she looked over at Santana. It would be rude of her to leave the girl alone.

"Don't worry about me." Santana spoke quickly. She had noticed the way that Rachel had looked at her. "I need to phone my mom and let her know that I'm here instead of at the Fabray's. She'll want to know what's going on, so the call could take a while." Santana's eyes settled on Quinn. "Is it okay if I tell her what happened, Q?"

Quinn swallowed hard. It was all going to come out soon anyway. "Sure, S. I know you don't like lying to your mom, so I won't ask you too."

"Thanks, Quinn." Santana gave her a grateful nod before leaving the kitchen.

Rachel frowned when she heard the front door open and close. "She could've stayed."

"She's probably waiting for Brittany while she talks to her mom." Quinn sighed as she stepped closer to Rachel. "That and hearing Santana talk to her mom totally ruins the girl's badass image."

"Oh." Rachel pursed her lips before turning to her father's. "Would you please show Santana and Brittany up to my room when Brittany gets here?"

"Sure, honey." Michael smiled warmly. "Go take care of your girl; everything will be fine down here."

Blushing wildly, Rachel gave them both a hug as she walked past her dads and escorted Quinn upstairs.

"Your girl, huh?" Quinn couldn't help her smirk as they started to climb the stairs. They hadn't really discussed their status as far as being girlfriends or being just friends (for now), but she found that she really didn't mind that Mr Berry had called her Rachel's girl.

"I'd like to think so." Rachel looked up as Quinn turned back to look at her. She smiled and found it reflected back to her. Her dark eyes shifted slightly to the dry blood still streaked on Quinn's forehead, her smile faltering. "Quinn?" Rachel spoke softly. They had reached the landing and Rachel had taken hold of the blonde's hand, stopping her.


"Don't go back there alone." Rachel watched as blonde brows knitted in confusion. "I know that they're your family, but could you just, if you need to go back there for anything, even to talk, could you ask one of us to go with you? You know that I'll be there for you, and I assure you that, while I'm not as experienced at fighting as Santana, I could and would protect you if needed."

Quinn's smile faded at the thought of needing protection when seeing her family. She hadn't expected her mother to strike her, or throw her glass at her; she had never touched Quinn in anyway violent before. She was angry and drunk and now Quinn was making excuses, but she was her mother and despite everything, knowing what had happened in the other now, she still hoped that her parents would come around, apologise and love her. She took a deep breath, readying her argument at not needing to be protected from her family, but the concern etched in tanned features caused the air to catch in her throat. "I won't go back alone." She swallowed and then gave a tug on the other girl's hand. "C'mon, Brittany will be here soon and I really don't want her to see me looking like a horror movie reject."

Rachel tilted her head as she looked at the blonde. "You're beautiful, Quinn."

"Yeah?" The corners of Quinn's lips lifted into a soft smile.

Rachel nodded, her eyes sparkling mischievously. "Even looking like a horror movie reject. It really isn't fair."

Quinn slapped the brunette playfully before grabbing a hold of Rachel's red sweater. She fisted her hand in the material and pulled the other girl towards her, their body's pressed against each other. Quinn watched as Rachel swallowed thickly, her hazel eyes noticing the gentle flush of colour to her cheeks. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Berry." She breathed into the space between them and took a step back, her fingers still holding onto the wool. She started to walk towards Rachel's bedroom, pulling the girl behind her. "And stop looking at my ass. We need to fix my face."

Rachel's eyes darted up and focused on the back of the blonde's head. "Tease."

It hadn't taken as long as she thought it would for her to accept that there was something between her and Rachel. The girl whom she had once thought to be so irritating, bossy and loud, was still irritating (sometimes), bossy (most of the time) and loud (all of the time), but she was also incredibly sweet and affectionate and protective. Quinn peered over her shoulder, shivering at the heated look that Rachel was sending her. "Yeah, I know." She was a tease, but she was finding it harder and harder just to tease when she wanted nothing more than to ravage the brunette like she had the night of Puck's party.


Rachel gently swiped the damp cotton pad over the small cut on Quinn's brow as she cradled the girl's face tenderly. She cleaned away all of the dry blood and threw the dirty circular pad into the waste bin under her sink. "It shouldn't scar." She blew softly before shifting her eyes to take in the slightly swollen cheek and the blossoming purple colouring the skin.

"I don't care if it does." Quinn sighed, her shoulders slumping. She watched as Rachel's warm brown eyes flittered over her face, a slight crease between her eyebrows. "I'm okay, Rachel." She pursed her lips, trying to stave off the tremor she felt there and the prickle behind her eyes that signalled tears.

"Are you sure?"

"Honestly?" Hazel eyes fell, but Rachel was so close that instead of looking at the floor, Quinn was staring at the picture of a cat on Rachel's knitted sweater. She shook her head in the negative. "It hurts, Rachel." She blinked rapidly. "It hurts so damn much."

Rachel smoothed her thumb under Quinn's eyes, catching the first tears before they meandered and fell. "I don't know what to say, Quinn." Rachel breathed. She wanted more than anything to make everything better for the blonde teenager, but she didn't know how.

"That's a first." Quinn muttered. A sniff and a smirk took the bite out of the comment. "Rachel Berry, at a loss for words."

"I want to make a wish." Rachel sighed softly. "But I'm too scared and selfish."

"What?" Quinn blinked.

"I want to make a wish like you did." Rachel swallowed, careful not to voice the wish. "I want you to be happy, Quinn, but I'm scared that if I make that wish, that you won't be here anymore." Dark eyes fell to the chequered linoleum beneath her feet.

"Rachel." Quinn lifted the brunette's face with her fingers, tilting her chin until they were looking into each others eyes.

"Your wish came true." Rachel chewed on her lip, ashamed of herself. "You wanted for things to be different so badly that your wish came true. Things changed and that brought you here, to me. What if I wish that you were happy and whoever's out there that grants wishes decides that you can be happy, without me?"

Quinn smoothed dark strands of hair away from troubled brown eyes. She pressed her lips to Rachel's and closed her eyes, revelling in the feel of the other girl against her. Quinn moved her mouth, parting her lips, moaning as Rachel's tongue slipped into her mouth, kissing her as she held onto Rachel. "Nothing will change, Rachel." Quinn breathed. She kissed the brunette again. "If you make that wish … I will still be right here with you." She wrapped her arms around Rachel's shoulders, drawing her closer still as she panted between hungry kisses.

"Quinn." Rachel whimpered, cupping the blonde's face.

Quinn hissed as pain flared in her cheek. "No." She gasped as Rachel tried to pull away.

"I ... I didn't mean …" Rachel stumbled and stuttered over her words. Things had gotten little heated; she hadn't meant to hurt the other girl.

Quinn shushed softly, a smile lifting the corners of her lips. "Its okay, Rach." She reached for Rachel's hands and brought them down to her hips before returning her hands to Rachel's shoulders. Quinn smiled into dark eyes before pressing a quick kiss to her lips. She could already feel long fingers gripping onto her waist, holding her gently.

"Sorry." Rachel sighed.

"Don't be." Quinn licked at her lips, wanting to kiss the other girl again, so she did. "You … didn't do anything … wrong." She buried her hands in luxurious hair, bringing Rachel's mouth to hers again.

Quinn was exhausted and her face felt tight from too many tears. There was a deep throbbing pain in her chest from knowing that once again she had lost her family, but being in Rachel's arms, making out in her bathroom, was like the rainbow in the rain. She was falling for Rachel so fast and they hadn't even been on a date yet.

Quinn blinked, going cross-eyed as she looked at the girl who was still kissing her.

She was falling for Rachel.

She pulled out of the kiss, but not out of the brunette's arms. She stood, frozen.

"What's wrong?" Rachel ran her tongue over her lips, tasting Quinn there. "Too fast?"

Quinn shook her head. "I …" A quick frown ghosted between her fine brows before disappearing. It was too soon, way too soon for these kinds of feelings. Quinn took a deep breath, releasing it slowly, forcing herself to relax again. She looked into dark eyes, watching them sparkle as she smiled. Quinn felt the corners of her lips lift into an answering smile. She licked at her lips, so tempted to kiss the girl again. "Who'd have thought that I really liked kissing girls?" She distracted herself from her thoughts by running her thumb along Rachel's lower lip, easing it down just a little to catch a glimpse of white teeth.

"It's not all girls, Quinn. It's just me that you really like kissing." Rachel smirked and ran her tongue over her swollen lower lip, glancing Quinn's thumb. "And who can blame you, really? I'm a great kisser after all."

"Who told you that, Berry?" The blonde's smile became more genuine as they teased each other.

"You did." Rachel grinned widely, happy that she gotten Quinn to smile again. "Every time you clutch at me and pull my mouth to yours." The brunette could feel Quinn's fingertips lift her chin and watched as she tilted her face until their lips hovered above each others. "And, you moan when I kiss you. It's barely a noise, but there all the same, in the back of your throat."

"You're delusional, Rachel." Quinn smirked. "You can't be good at everything."

"Then let me prove it to you." Rachel pressed her lips to Quinn's in a series of long open mouthed kisses before sliding her tongue along side Quinn's.

Quinn moaned, loudly, as Rachel sucked on her tongue.

Two pairs of eyes snapped towards the open bathroom door at the sound of a sharp cough.

Santana Lopez arched a fine brow as she cleared her throat. She had seen more than enough.

"They're so cute together, S, and super hot. Why did you stop them?" Brittany tilted her head as she looked at the Latina.

Santana crossed her arms over her chest. "The last thing I need to see is those two rutting like a couple of queer rabbits in heat." Santana's smirk took the sting out of her comment, but really, she did not want to watch her oldest friend and the tranny go at it. She turned to Brittany. "You and I could be stuck in 'the bedroom that time forgot', all alone, until these two finish up in here."

"But I like rabbits, S." Brittany smiled. "And, I don't think there's anything wrong with you and I being stuck in a bedroom. It could be fun."

Santana swallowed hard as she looked into blue eyes. Taking a deep breath, she returned her dark eyes to the other two girls standing in the bathroom. Being alone with Brittany was never a bad thing, being alone in Rachel Berry's bedroom while her friend and Rachel did the nasty in the next room, was not for her. "Seriously, Berry, who decorated your room?" She tried to distract herself from Brittany. "Wait, you have two gay dads don't you?" Santana shrugged her shoulders as if that explained the yellows, pinks and whites, splashed all around Rachel's bedroom. "Now, leave while Q and I natter about important stuff."

"Excuse me?" Rachel's eyes widened at being told what to do in her own home.

Santana glared. "I need to talk to my friend in private." She placed her hands on her hips. "Meaning, with out you, Berry."

"Santana." Quinn rolled her eyes. "Whatever you want to say can be said in front of Rachel and Brittany. I trust them both."

The Latina pursed her lips, a blush colouring her dark skin. She huffed. "I just wanted to make sure that you're okay, Q. It's nothing."

Hazel eyes watched Santana carefully, noticing the other girl's embarrassment. She took a step closer to Santana and reached for her hands, squeezing them. "I'm going to be fine, S. Thank you." Santana didn't want Rachel to see the side of her that wasn't the badass, smokin' hot cheerleader. That was why she had left the house when talking to her mother and why she had asked to see Quinn alone. Being a caring friend who worried about her was not conducive to the bad girl image. "Let's go talk in their." She nodded towards Rachel's bedroom. "We'll tell you everything." She held out her hand, signalling for Rachel to go first, closely followed by Brittany.

Santana noticed the blonde's smile falter as hazel eyes followed the short brunette. Rachel had thrown a smile over her shoulder as she had left the bathroom and Quinn had returned it shyly. Dark eyes narrowed. "What's going on, Q?"

Quinn started to shake her head as though to brush off the question, but she stopped herself. Her eyes turned to Santana, her best friend, and she blinked. "I'm going to hurt her, aren't I?" She whispered.



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