Author's Note:

This story has humor, romance, action/adventure, and also drama, angst, horror, and mystery.

"Otousan" ('Tousan) means father, "Okaasan" ('Kaasan) means mother. "Teme," means bastard, "Dobe" means something like idiot or blockhead (dobe and teme are like Naruto and Sasuke's nicknames for each other). "Baa-chan," is something like, granny, as well as Naruto's nickname for Tsunade. "Mirai" means future, therefore if I write "Mirai Sasuke" I mean future Sasuke (it just looks better). If you can't remember all this, I assure you, everything can be grabbed from the context.

The Chaos Theory

by Bullwinkle's Lady

Chapter 1

A pale hand twitched against the cool grass. The sun rose upon five unmoving figures. Four of their chakras were dim but constant. The fifth was steadily fading.

Uchiha Sasuke was having trouble opening his eyes. His body would not move, and his lungs refused to expand. His heartbeat dangerously weakening, he tapped into his seal for the first time in ten years.

He had never enjoyed his enslavement to a curse. The ki reserve unlocked, blue energy surging through his body. Sasuke's eyes snapped open as chaotic black markings crawled across his face. He took a few gasps of air until his vision was clear of doubles. His body trembled as it adjusted to the dark chakra within it.

Sasuke activated the sharingan and passed his gaze over the others. They were each alive, which was his immediate priority. He settled his eyes on Hinata, who was closest to him. Held to her chest was a dark-haired child. He reached out to them, their bodies not a yard away. Just as his hand breezed Hinata's shoulder, his pupils rolled upward and the seal retracted. His chakra exhausted, Sasuke's arm dropped and he began to die all over again.


He spoke absentmindedly, and without the bother of lip movement. He was suddenly a soul, staring down at his own body. Am I dead? Sasuke wondered, as his feet lifted from the ground.

It would have seemed bizarre if he had not felt it a moment before. He didn't want to fathom where Naruto had learned that insane jutsu – the one that had transported them to this new, but familiar, world.

It had been their only option.

Sasuke looked down at Naruto, who was lying on his side, body curled. The blonde was littered with cuts and burns, dark red blood oozing from a gash on his abdomen. His eyes were squeezed shut even in his unconsciousness, and one of his hands had moved down to clutch the wound. A small grunt escaped his throat as Sasuke watched him.

The Uchiha turned his gaze away. Naruto was the least of his concerns. His injuries would be perilous to any other man, but to Kyuubi's vessel, they were but a temporary inconvenience.

A yard away from Naruto was Sakura, her face against the grass, and hair stained with splotches of crimson. She did not move, nor did she make any noises. Both of her arms were broken, knuckles shattered, and Sasuke suspected she had a concussion. Because she had fallen unconscious with the head injury, Sakura would probably need a strong healer to revive her. Sasuke doubted she could be of any assistance to him at that moment.

Look at us, he seethed, his eyes returning to his own body. He was lying on his back, face deathly pale. The most dangerous of his injuries were the two clean slits across each of his wrists. Twin streams of blood crawled down his hands and onto the grass, creating small puddles around his body.

He was not afraid of death, just keen to avoid it while he still had a few nice things to live for. Hinata... Sasuke said, seeking out her soul. The Hyuuga was not badly injured. She would be able to hear him – he hoped.

Naruto's jutsu had transported their bodies, and then their souls, making all of them, for a moment, ten independent beings. For a while, he had heard Hinata's thoughts – Naruto's and Sakura's as well. And they had heard his. Hinata! he repeated. The Uchiha began to grow desperate as he felt himself rise yet higher. GET UP!

Naruto winced, Sakura gasped, but only Hinata managed to open her eyes. "...What?" she said, covering her eyes with her arm. She coughed a few times, her throat raw, and skull throbbing. Hinata climbed to a sitting position, the small child against her rolling onto the grass. Eyes narrowed against the sunlight, she passed them over the clearing. "No..."

Her arms beginning to tremble, Hinata crawled toward Sasuke. Her muscles ached with each movement, and the stench of blood made her nauseous. She leaned down over his face and pressed her lips to his.

Sasuke's face was frightfully cool. She breathed some air into his lungs, took a deep breath, and again offered it to him. When Sasuke finally inhaled, she pulled away and wiped her eyes. Sasuke was not moving, but he was alive.

Hinata slipped her hand into her weapons holster and withdrew a kunai. Pulling off her jacket, she tore the material into makeshift bandages. She lifted one of Sasuke's limp hands and began to bandage the wrist wound. His arteries were sliced and a rag of cloth would not be sufficient for long.

When she had finished dressing both of Sasuke's cuts, Hinata climbed to her feet and surveyed the others with the byakugan. She walked passed Kasai. The child had merely fainted. Hinata then moved passed Sakura. The woman was in a coma. Stopping beside Naruto, Hinata dropped to her knees and began to shake him. "Wake up!" she cried. "I need your help!"

Tsunade stared at the strangers standing across from her in the small office.

Her mind screamed two names, names of youths of her village – but it made no sense at all.

Armed ANBU guards surrounded the strangers, both who barely acknowledged them. One was preoccupied with the unconscious child in her arms, while the other busied himself with clutching his stomach. Both of them were covered in cuts and bruises.

"Our friends," said the woman, her voice hoarse. The child in her arms was unconscious, but uninjured. She had long dark hair and looked to be about five. In her sleep, she unconsciously wrapped her legs around the woman's waist and her arms about her neck.

The woman holding her did so protectively. She could not have been anything over twenty-five. She wore an oversized orange jacket that had been given to her by her companion and loose black pants that went to her ankles. She looked exhausted. "Hokage-sama, you have to heal – have too..." she trailed off, and Tsunade tensed, fearing she would faint. She, however, did not, but lightly shook herself, eyes refocusing as the man beside her cast a worried gaze. The sleeping child in her arms murmured something against her shoulder.

Despite the disheveled mess of her hair and clothes, the woman was beautiful. Long black hair spilled over her shoulders, and most significantly, her eyes-

...they were white.

A missing nin, Tsunade felt a shiver run down her spine. And a Hyuuga. Hiashi is going to kill someone...

"Your friends will not be treated until you identify yourselves," said Tsunade. "And then the four of you will be handled in the manner I see most appropriate."

The dark-haired woman opened her mouth to respond, but was interrupted by the man standing beside her. "Calm down, Hinata." His voice croaked as he spoke. The blonde continued to hold his stomach, blood trickling down his arm and dripping from his elbow. It hit the tiled floor with soft, even, taps. He suppressed a whimper of pain.

He's animal. Tsunade watched him curiously.

He wore orange pants and a mesh shirt, prominent abs and pecs visible beneath it. An uncomfortably familiar crystal hung from his neck, and as if that wasn't enough, tan cheeks were lined with whiskers. The man grunted as he continued to hold his wound, blue eyes squeezed shut in pain.

With a final groan, he released his stomach.

The guards gasped. One stepped back.

The wound was gone.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto."

That confirmed it.

"Hyuuga Hinata," the woman said. She stared at Tsunade, unnerving the woman.

The Hokage's mind spun. "And the others..." she trailed off.

"Sasuke and Sakura," said the blonde. "Now bring us to them, you damn crone."

Tsunade's hands hovered over hers. It was always an odd feeling – bones gently aligning themselves and wounds stitching themselves together. When Tsunade had dealt with the worse of her injuries, she stood and move on to Sasuke. Sakura opened and closed her fist until the numbness went away. She was still very weak, but wasn't about to complain. Being alive suited her fine.

She gasped when the person seated beside her grabbed her arm. She was pulled against a very nice chest.

"Better?" Naruto said.

Sakura closed her eyes. "Yes."

By the other bed, Tsunade was healing Sasuke's wrists. Beside them stood Hinata, murmuring to the child in her arms, gently urging her to wake up.

Kasai's eyes fluttered opened.

They were black.

Hinata lowered the girl to her feet, where she drowsily clung to her leg. Hinata looked down at Sasuke, who Tsunade had finished healing. She patiently waited for his eyes to open as well.

They did not.

She reached down to take one of his hands, entwining Sasuke's stiff fingers with hers. He's freezing cold.

"He lost a lot of blood," Tsunade mentioned behind her. "He may be unconscious for a while."

Tsunade curiously watched as Hinata lowered the Uchiha's hand to gather up the small girl again. The child seemed prepared to fall back to sleep. "Is that your daughter?"

Not looking up from Sasuke, Hinata nodded. "Yes."

Tsunade continued to watch the child. She did not have white eyes. "I see." It looked as though the girl would hold the sharingan, which was a grand feat, as well as a...perplexity. She glanced at Sasuke, her puzzle pieces slowly uniting. She turned back to Naruto and Sakura who were tightly wrapped in each other's arms. Interesting.

Naruto glanced up and caught her eyes. Sakura pulled away from him and looked at Tsunade as well.

"You will explain," said the Hokage.

Can we tell her? Sakura asked. It did not even strike her as unusual to communicate with Naruto without physically speaking.

It doesn't matter, Naruto responded. He tried to sound annoyed as he said aloud, "We're all exhausted."

Tsunade clearly had not gotten over the "damn crone" remark. "I don't ca-"

She was cut off when Uchiha Sasuke sat up, gasping for breath. For a full ten seconds he stared at the white wall across from him, before his eyes squeezed shut as if recalling a headache. He held his skull and grunted a few vulgarities. The Hokage stared.



The small girl, suddenly wakeful, scrambled out of her mother's arms and leapt onto Sasuke, deriving another crude word from his lips. The Uchiha seemed to deem it best to play dead, as he lay unmoving beneath the child.

Kasai kissed his forehead. "Do you feel better now?"

"Aa," Sasuke said.

He opened one eye and glanced at Hinata. She quickly covered her mouth and turned away. It looked as though she was crying. He looked passed her, and at Naruto and Sakura, both who wore weary smiles. They had already been healed. He was grateful.

He glanced again at Kasai as she took a seat on his chest, and then at Hinata, who was shaking. His eyelids lowered. Just before he could lose his battle with consciousness, he heard the giggles.

Hinata was laughing.

Baa-chan looks dizzy, Naruto mentioned.

I don't blame her. How old are we in this time? Sakura asked.

About fifteen. Would that be right, teme?

"...Hn." He turned to his pillow.


It's not nice to call names Naruto-kun. And I think Kasai can hear us.

Don't bother. Sasuke said. "She already knows that word."

Hinata pulled Kasai off Sasuke. He didn't seem to mind.

Tsunade was looking from one person to the next, still trying to figure out just what was going on. They were exchanging looks and remarks as though something had transpired in the room without her notice. "What-?" she managed, still confused.

The four young adults looked at each other. "We came from the future," Naruto said.

"I know that," snapped Tsunade. "But why are you here? Why are you injured? What happened in your world?"

It wasn't surprising that Tsunade already knew. She'd painted the picture. Something had happened. They had managed to survive, and had run away to change things. As for the rest of Konoha-

"Everyone's dead," Sakura said, when the others had become silent for a while. She bit her mouth and looked up at the Hokage. "Isn't it obvious? Konoha was attacked. Konoha – is dead."

It was all Tsunade would get out of them for a while.

"How did you get here?" she asked. The woman lowered herself to a chair between the two beds. As Naruto and Sakura kept their heads down, Hinata held Kasai, and Sasuke exercised his stiff hands.

"I was forced to use a jutsu," Naruto said. "An...original one of mine." His weary smile became a guilty one.

Tsunade was perceptive enough to notice when Sakura frowned, and Hinata looked away.

"I'm surprised it actually worked," Naruto lied as he continued. He stretched his arms over his head, wincing as tired muscles strained and stiff joints cracked. "It had a few conditions though."

Tsunade drew her arms to her lap. With such a powerful jutsu, of course there were "ingredients." She some how knew where the conversation was headed.

"We needed human blood," said Naruto. "A lot of it." His eyes had flickered from Tsunade's to the ground. Her stony gaze always managed to unnerve him.

The Uchiha... Tsunade thought.

"And, a dream," Naruto went on.

He continued to look down. As well as a few other things, he thought.

"A dream? What does that mean?" Tsunade snapped, her patience running thin.

Naruto sighed. "It means that when we return to our time, I will no longer be Hokage."

The brown-eyed woman stared at him in surprise. So I chose you... she mused.

Tsunade rose to her feet, turning toward the door. Naruto would no longer meet her gaze. "We can probably squeeze another bed in here," she said. "One of you may have to sleep in the chair. I'll be back in the morning to see about getting you better situated. Don't go anywhere." She reached down to wrap her fingers around the doorknob. "And I feel that Konoha deserves some sort of explanation. I'll see about arranging one." Without a backwards glance, she opened the door.

Kasai waved. "Bye baa-chan!"

The girl is awfully cute, thought Tsunade, slamming the door shut behind her.