The Chaos Theory

by Bullwinkle's Lady




Chapter 43

They would embrace like they hadn't in years, like they were brothers, and nothing had ever stood between them. Mirai Naruto would feel how weak Sasuke had become, his heart beating and echoing around them like water dripping slowly.

"I knew it was powerful,"Mirai Naruto would say.

Mirai Sasuke would listen. He had long wondered why Naruto had been interested in the technique in the first place.

"I just wanted to see baa-chan again. And Ero-sennin." Mirai Naruto would swallow. "Otousan. K-kaasan. Stupid, ne?"


"Sasuke, what is it?"said Naruto. He had never seen Sasuke so out of order, his body resigning, sharingan lazily revolving.

I need a favor, Sasuke would say, and nothing more thereafter.

"Come here," she mouthed, curling her fingers to beckon him over.

Mirai Naruto was so stunned, he approached the apparition, but she ran off and disappeared passed the doorframe. His chest tightening, he darted into the dark corridor, but found it to be empty. He clutched his heart as it threatened to burst.

"Naruto," she sang.

Mirai Naruto looked up and squinted, spotting her at the end of the hall, where she poked her head out from behind the corner. He took a deep breath. "Don't – move," he entreated.

Playfully smiling, she stepped out and made herself fully visible. She obediently waited as he closed their distance, by some miracle getting his legs to heed his orders. He reached her, touching her, his fingers – making contact with hers. He pressed her to the wall. "I'm dreaming," he hoarsely concluded. "But I don't want to wake up."

"Then let's go to bed," she said, lightly biting his nose.

Though Kasai had only been revived earlier that evening, she was already keen to go off again to reap her usual mayhem. For the moment, however, he had gotten her to go to sleep.

He and Hinata shared the armchair by her hospital bed, Hinata's legs strewn across him, and her head on his shoulder as she slept.

Mirai Sasuke drifted in and out of consciousness, his eyes half-lidded, and his mind shifting from one tribulation to the next. Kasai's seal was almost done, in fact, it was one step away from completion. Wasn't it all that mattered? His eyes shifted to Hinata's head of dark hair, then they finally began to close. I love you, he thought, or had intended to think, but the words escaped him telepathically, and they weren't limited to Hinata. His comrades must have heard it as well. His eyes lifted in time to catch Kasai's face twitch in her sleep. Hinata was roused too.

"I love you," she countered sleepily, kissing the end of his jaw, then falling back to sleep against the crook of his neck.

Before surrendering himself to unconsciousness, Sasuke activated the sharingan and looked down at her. He could see the color of chakra, and had never been so frustrated with this talent as he was now.

They would be returning to their time soon, and he suspected he knew what the spirits would request from Hinata.

It was the dream of dreams, the best one of any one. He'd sleep forever if it meant he could be with her.

Mirai Naruto awoke the next morning and reached for the spot beside him out of cursed habit. Instead of making contact with unoccupied sheets, his hand touched soft, firm skin – someone's naked thigh. Pausing for a moment, he lifted his face from his pillow and peeked up at his wife, who was gazing back down at him, an amused look on her face. She was sitting up beside him casually eating a yuzu, and nude, except for the sheets drawn around her. Naruto watched as she plucked a piece of the fruit into her mouth.

"Sakura!" He jumped her, pinning her to the bed, causing her to squeeze her fruit, its juice trickling down her wrist. He breathed in scents of citrus and plum blossom, and it was so…evocative, he nearly pulled back.

"Naruto!" she complained, frowning at him with her emerald eyes and pink brows, and again he lost his train of thought.

"Ano…" He attempted a smile. "You were dead."

"What are you talking about?" said Mirai Sakura, poking his nose, because she was Sakura, and he may have forgotten that at some point in his child-terrorizing and ghost-summoning. He tried to rein his emotions.

"I…I was trying to…" Naruto trailed off as she propped herself on her elbow, drawing closer, challengingly. Her pink hair was long again, the way he liked it. Her forehead still adorned the purple diamond, the one he'd damned, and yet she looked beautiful – maybe more so than she had ever looked before.

A wave of dizziness overcame him. Naruto pulled away from her and dropped to his back, then pressed his hands to his eyes. He struggled to breathe.

"Are you crying?"

Only Sakura.

The young Sasuke and Hinata walked into the hospital together that day, the boy with considerably less enthusiasm. His hands pocketed, he eyed the stuffed creature clutched in Hinata's arms.

"I-It's your summons, ne?" she asked.

That was not his summons. The stuffed animal Hinata clutched was round, and fat, open-mouthed, with an ill-look on its face. It toppled over if she didn't set it down with the utmost care, otherwise sat perched upon a pair of oversized claws. She claimed it to be a hawk, which was vaguely consistent with the pudgy, outspread, mitten-like wings sticking out from its sides. It was the most atrocious thing he had ever seen.

"I also summon snakes," Sasuke said.

And she summoned rats, but she wasn't going to get Kasai one of those. Nor did the gift reflect her liking of dogs, or Sasuke's of talking cats. The hawk was perfect.

When Hinata reached the door to Kasai's hospital room and knocked, there was no answer. Maybe Kasai was resting. She activated the byakugan to check, then froze and deactivated it. "W-we should come back."

Sasuke opened the door and walked inside, spotting the source of Hinata's discomfort. Mirai Sasuke and Mirai Hinata were wrapped around each other in an armchair, both asleep. The young Sasuke fought the mortification trying to crawl up to his face as the young Hinata reluctantly trailed into the room after him.

Mirai Sasuke shifted, and opened his eyes as he sensed them. He surveyed them for a moment, his chin upon his wife's bowed head, and his arm curled about her waist. "It's you two," he deadpanned.

There was obvious distaste in the way he addressed them. Mirai Hinata stirred and untucked her face from her husband's collar. She drowsily took account of their guests, then stiffened.

She tried to detach herself from Mirai Sasuke, but he wouldn't let her go. She gave him a glare, and he responded by pulling her closer.

The silent feud between their counterparts did nothing for young Sasuke and young Hinata's embarrassment. As the young Sasuke watched them strangely, the young Hinata averted her gaze.

"Kaasan? Tousan?" Kasai was awake, and rubbing her eyes. "You came!" she said, addressing her younger parents, as the older ones didn't warrant that kind of excitement.

The young Hinata remembered the toy in her arms. "We brought you a present, Kasai-chan," she said, grateful for the distraction. As she brought the stuffed animal to Kasai, Mirai Sasuke regarded it with the same caustic look his counterpart had worn at seeing it. Kasai took it and stared at it for a long time.

Then her eyes lit up. "He's my new best friend!" she said, squeezing the toy with such intensity, all four of her parents noted to never get her pets.

"She may not be able to take it home with her," said Mirai Hinata gently. She fruitlessly tried to detach her husband's arms from around her.

The young Hinata blinked, a look of realization crossing her face. She abruptly embraced Kasai, whose arms were already full with her toy.

She had been worrying about it for a while now. It seemed their stay would be coming to a close soon.

As the young Hinata forced herself to pull away from the curious child, the young Sasuke joined them by the bed. He took Kasai's hand, and was reminded of the first time she took claim to him and had refused to let go.

Mirai Hinata smiled slightly at her counterpart. "You'll have her soon enough," she said, offering her the maternal smile she usually reserved for Kasai.

The young Hinata looked back at her, biting her lip, but nodding. Her eyes drifted to Mirai Sasuke, observing his idle affection, his lack of concern for them seeing it. Mirai Sasuke was so much more confident than the younger one, and even – more handsome as well. She blushed and glanced away. "T-thank you," she managed, even through her apprehension, "for looking after us."

She snuck a glance up again, and suddenly Mirai Sasuke's eyes were holding hers. Completely…indefinitely… Onyx eyes that were depthless, terrible eyes that knew all her secrets. She could have stayed there forever, enchanted, imprisoned by him, but with a slight incline of his head, he freed her. She quickly looked back down.

Had anything actually transpired, the young Sasuke didn't notice. From the corner of her eye, she saw that Kasai was still holding his hand, and his eyes with her similar ones. She gazed at him with her growing, childish curiosity.

"Ja," he said, pulling away before Kasai could anticipate it, as though he knew she would never release him. "Let's go," he said to the young Hinata.

The young Hinata nervously nodded as she twisted her hair. She watched the young Sasuke throw one final glance, not at his counterpart, but hers, as though Mirai Hinata won his intrigue.

The young Hinata wondered if he thought Mirai Hinata was prettier than she was. To the young Hinata, it wasn't a question. Her counterpart was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She didn't wear bulky jackets, and had little concern for the modesty she herself was so desperate to maintain. At present, she was wearing slacks of knee-length and a tank top, her uniform strewn across a night table nearby. And to the young Hinata, it wasn't violating, because it felt like the two of them were completely different people. She watched as her counterpart went back to prodding at her husband's arms for release.

Kasai busied herself with molesting her new toy as the young Sasuke and Hinata departed. She began to gnaw on one of its wings as the door closed behind them.

In their absence, Mirai Sasuke finally released Mirai Hinata, allowing her to take his hands, then try to decide what to do with them. She let them go and instead wrapped her arms about his torso, resting her head back against his chest, against his steady heart. She wondered if he found humor in his young self, the way he found humor in her when she lost her composure. She peeked up at his face, but it gave nothing away. Just weariness, and…something else, but he pulled away from her before she could decipher it.

Mirai Sasuke stood and walked over to Kasai's bed, detaching the toy from her four limbs, despite the risk of this making her cry. Her bottom lip trembled forebodingly as he held up the stuffed animal, scrutinizing it. Little did Kasai know, she would grow up to wish he'd never given it back.

Mirai Sasuke smiled darkly at his daughter. "I'll use this to channel your seal."

The young Sasuke was impressed when Hinata agreed to come back to his apartment with him, then disappointed with himself for having it. He regarded her, trying to determine whether she liked him too much or herself too little.

She was paying him little mind, staring off, a slight smile on her features. He absently wondered what she was thinking about, then reminded himself that he didn't care. It was just nice to see her…those times when she wasn't under the influence of her anxieties. He leaned over to her, and they kissed once, lightly, heads together, eyes down.

Hinata remained as she was, enjoying the connection. Her life had been transformed by five nin from the future. She couldn't change her fate if she wanted to; not that she wanted to, she didn't think. It was just overwhelming. Sasuke was her first boyfriend, though she didn't think she could get away even with saying that. He had been her husband before he had been anything else. There was something very outlandish about knowing a significant part of her future; having it all in the palm of her hand and trying to decide what to do with it.

Maybe they were getting ahead of themselves, both harboring a growing addiction to their first encounters with real intimacy.

Hinata surprised Sasuke when she initiated their next kiss. She tentatively slipped her arms around his neck as he slid his hand up her thigh. She stiffened.

"It's okay," he muttered against her lips.

Every time he wanted to take things a step further, his rationale was that he was her husband. They were allowed to, and they would have to get used to it anyway.

She didn't know why she let him, or why she...participated, even. She petulantly tugged at his shirt until he pulled it off and she had full access to his muscled torso.

He would be even more attractive when he was older. Taller, more muscular, nicer, but cooler… Her thoughts drifted to Mirai Sasuke.

"You're daydreaming."

"Huh? No!"

He pulled back and peered at her, wondering if she wasn't thinking of Naruto. Guiltily biting her lip, Hinata made sure not to meet his eyes.

"It's understandable," said Sasuke monotonously. "Women are easily distracted by stupid things."

She sniffed at his sudden sexism, What a baka.

"You can go home."

He couldn't kick her out!

"Get out."

"If we're married, then this is m-my place too!" Hinata declared, though there was no evidential backing to her remark.

She shrunk as he stared at her, belatedly remembering to close his mouth.

Then suddenly they were kissing again, touching, kissing, everything, everywhere. Hinata sunk against the couch cushions, Sasuke following, leaning over her. They paused to stare at each other, then were quickly back to kissing.

It was only then that she started to blush, relinquishing her latest record of not doing so. He roughly jerked open her pullover, kissing the skin on her shoulder, the crook of her neck.

"You have a good body," said Sasuke, sensing her insecurity. It seemed stupid that he had to state the obvious. "Flawed for a kunoichi but perfect for-"

"July twenty-third," she said, her eyes squeezed shut.

Sasuke paused at hearing his birth date. As he pulled back, Hinata saw that his sharingan was activated. She had seen it up close once or twice before, but the sight of it still made her nervous.

Sasuke climbed off her and returned to sitting on the couch, where he stared off at the opposite wall. She saw a strange wince cross his face, then his eyes were black again, though he didn't seem to notice.

Hinata also sat up, looking somewhat more disheveled than he did. "I'll g-go," she promised, clutching her pullover around herself as she headed for the exit. She made it just as far, when he stopped her-


She stared at the door. "Un?"


She looked back at him. Except for his clenched jaw, he didn't seem excessively tense. She nervously crept back over to him. Up-close, he seemed a little flushed as well.

"We don't have to have sex," he said, though he didn't sound very convincing to either of them.

"Un." Said Hinata, joining him in staring at the wall. But her gaze drifted to her knees, and she clutched them, reminding herself to breathe deeply, in, then out. She didn't know why she felt so emotional all the sudden.

"It's okay," said Sasuke, possibly sensing her deterioration. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, then the walls crumbled completely. She buried her face in his shoulder, submerging herself in the stupid affection she hadn't known to be there. Maybe his counterpart had outed him unfairly, but she didn't care.


She did, drifting in the chaos, the abyss of his affection. She remained there for what could have been minutes, or hours.

"I'll be your wife by your twentieth birthday," she mumbled, her voice muffled in his shirt. "I promise I'll be ready by then."

All was silent for a while, until finally she looked up at him, meeting onyx eyes that weren't dissimilar to his counterpart's after all.