August 1977-20 years later

Margaret along with Trapper drive up into the parking lot of 'Adam's Rib'. Trapper still has his almost perfect fire engine red 1957 Chevy. Margaret really hasn't changed all that much, just a little thicker around in some places but Trapper has a receding hair line and a touch of grey but that makes him distinguished. They get out and go into the diner, only one other person is there and Trapper points to a table under a window and says:

"Let's sit there"

Margaret smiles and says:

"Like we haven't been for the last 20 years"

He smiles and they slide in the booth then they hear the musical melodies of Elvis Presley's 'Love Me', obviously from the jukebox that the one other customer has put on and Trapper says smiling:

"At least it isn't that disco junk the kids are listening to these days"

Margaret smiles and says:

"I hear a lot of his songs being played since he died"

Trapper shifts in his chair then says:

"When I got home last night, you were already in bed"

She shakes her head and says:

"That last shift was almost unbearable"

He shakes his head in agreement and continues to say:

"Anyway, Kathy called"

Margaret eyes light up and she says:

"She did? What did she say?"

He thinks for a second then says:

"She's getting ready to go on another photography shoot with National Geographic"

Margaret smiles and Trapper slumps down and Margaret notices and asks:


He sighs and says:

"I still can't get her to talk to Louise"

Margaret shakes her head then he perks up and says:

"Do you know what she told me?"

Margaret shakes her head no and he says:

"She knew you were going to save her when she saw you walk through that door in 1957"

A tear rolls down Margaret's eye and then our 'high school ex-nurse' Eve comes over who now just looks like she should graduate college and puts down two waters and asks:

"Two ribs?"

Margaret says:

"Oh yes please and drinks, two cokes"

Eve asks:

"Is there a special occasion? You two seem especially happy"

Margaret and Trapper look at each other and Margaret says:

"We're celebrating our anniversary"

Eve claps her hands and says:

"Oh! Congratulations!"

Margaret explains:

"It was really last week but with the hospital and all"

She smiles and then Trapper shouts out:

"Don't forget the slaw!"

Eve looks back and sticks out her tongue and Trapper and Margaret smile.

At that time, Marcy, Adam's daughter and Eve's step daughter, the weird waitress from all those many years ago is racing down the highway.

Margaret then tells Trapper:

"But before I went to bed, Becky called"

Trapper's eyes light up and he asks:

"She did?"

Margaret shakes her head and says:

"Sherman Miller asked her to marry him"

He shakes his head then asks:

"Sherman Miller?"

Margaret sits back in her chair then says:

"You know very well who that is Trapper John! The first boy Hawkeye operated on that day!"

He smiles and remembers then folds his arms:

"I don't know if I like this"

She laughs then says:

"Trapper, he loves her, has been since that summer, from then on; every summer it was 'When's Becky coming, when's Becky coming? Hawkeye almost went nuts!"

He laughs and says:

"Lorraine had her hands full"

Margaret bends over and says:

"He doesn't care that she's paralyzed"

Trapper's smile falls a little and she whispers:

"She's okay Trapper, she's doing great, she's got paintings and pencil drawings the world over! And guess what? She's going to be the first wheel chair bound person in Maine to get a new assistance dog!"

Trapper then says:

"But this Sherman Miller? Margaret…."

Margaret taps her fingers on the table and says:

"He is going into practice with Hawkeye and besides, you know Becky's not coming back here, Crabapple Cove is her home…"

Margaret sits back and says:

"That's where Winnie the Pooh hangs out"

Trapper smiles.

Marcy is still driving on the highway and not caring how fast she is going, she then looks over at the gun in the passenger seat next to her.

Margaret then tells him:

"You know what Holly told me this morning?'

He looks at her then asks:


She smiles and says:

"She's thinking of going to college in Augusta, Maine, she says she's going to be a nurse for her daddy, he needs somebody since Grandpa Daniel died"

Trapper smiles and Margaret says:

"I think she's going to become a doctor"

He throws down a napkin he rolled in his hand and he says:

"Wait a minute, she hasn't even graduated college and you have her being a doctor?"

Margaret smiles and says:

"I have a feeling"

He doesn't say anything more. He knows not to argue with her feelings.

Eve comes with the ribs and sits them down and Margaret and Trapper almost salivate at them. They don't hear the car running in neutral in the parking

Just as Eve steps behind the counter, a car comes smashing through the walls of the diner. Glass, wood and tables; chairs going flying everywhere, including Trapper and Margaret.

Their bodies hit the floor with a thud.

Margaret coughs blood out and Trapper opens his eyes and looks at his wife and crawls to her and coughs out blood himself and feels her ribs and she looks at him lovingly then he says:

"We're not going to make it"

She coughs more blood out then says:

"I know"

He laughs then says:

"You know…."

He bends over and whispers in her ears some words and she laughs then he puts his hand in hers then lays back and they both close their eyes with each other for the last time.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Adam and Eve watch in shock and horror as Marcy gets out of the car with the gun, goes to the front, looks at the still bodies of Trapper and Margaret, looks over at her parents and then… shoots herself in the chin.

Her gun falls back on her car and she falls to the floor with Adam and Eve screaming and crying.


Father John Francis Mulcahy is performing the funeral services of Trapper and Margaret.

He is at the graveside, under a green tent and saying:

'Ashes, to ashes, dust to dust…"

Hawkeye stands at the foot of the graves with Lorraine and two teenage boys. He looks over at Kathy, Becky in her wheelchair with her Golden Labrador and his beautiful daughter Holly.

Louise comes in quietly by the church with a young man who is her son. She just stands there. Donald Penobscot is there in his army uniform as is Frank Burns who wonders-'I wonder if Trapper had anything to do with me losing the race in '57?'

B.J. is there with Peg and several others from the 4077th.

Father Mulcahy finishes and Hawkeye hears the song 'Taps' being played hauntingly then he sees the soldiers giving Kathy and Becky American Flags. Then quietly everybody comes to shake and hug the girls then Kathy leaves, Sherman Miller helps Becky leaves, Holly comes to Hawkeye and hugs him then says:

"I'm going to the car"

He shakes his head and then she leaves and Father John comes over to Hawkeye and smiles. Hawkeye shuffles then says:

"You know there might be more of these coming now"

Father Mulcahy shakes his head sadly then says:

"This was my last official act of the church Hawkeye, I'm retiring now"

Hawkeye shakes his head and Father Mulcahy looks at Holly getting in the car with Lorraine and the two boys then he says:

"That's quite a brood you have there Hawkeye"

Hawkeye looks back and smiles and says:

"Three years after Lorraine and I married, she had the twins, that's Daniel and Edward"

Father Mulcahy raises a eyebrow and asks:


Hawkeye shrugs his shoulders and says:

"Well, Margaret wouldn't let me name him Donald and when she got Lorraine on her side…well, Edward was the closet to Elizabeth"

Father Mulcahy asks:

"Did your Father get to know them?"

Hawkeye smiles and says:

"He lived until they were five…one day he went walking on Applesauce bridge and…never came back"

Hawkeye notices Kathy walking right past her mother and half-brother, barely acknowledging their presence.

Then Hawkeye looks at his fighting family and says:

"Let me go before there's another funeral you have to do…see you later Father"

They hug and Hawkeye goes to the car but he turns to see Kathy bringing a tape recorder to her parent's grave, places it in between the two mounds of dirt and he hears the haunting melody of 'Love me' and he smiles and takes his wife and children back to Maine.

'Treat me like a fool,

Treat me mean and cruel,

But Love me.

Break my faithful heart

Tear it all apart,

But Love me.

If you ever go,

Darling, I'll be oh, so lonely,

I'll be sad and blue,

Crying over you, dear only.

I would beg and steal

Just to feel your heart

Beatin' close to mine.

Well, if you ever go,

Darling, I'll be so lonely,

I'll be sad and blue,

Crying over you, dear only.

I would beg and steal

Just to feel your heart

Beating' close to mine

Well, if you ever go

Darling, I'll be oh so lonely

Begging on my knees,

All I ask is please, please love me

Oh Yeah.