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Creative Original or Derivative Fiction: Derivative
Rating/Warning(s): T rating for underage drinking

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Prompt: Afterglow

Idea Completion: What does "A string of laughter…" make you think of?

Cullen's Capers

Bella and Alice raced each other to the meadow behind the Cullen's home after trying, unsuccessfully, to tiptoe quietly out the door. Their snorts, giggles, and outright belly laughs would have given them away had this been any other night. War whoops and victorious shouts echoed in the darkness as they made their way through the forested path. They locked arms and danced a jig, laughing like loons and screaming like banshees while bathed in the light of a rare blue moon and the afterglow of a job well done.

Normally Jasper and Edward would have been keeping a close eye on the two pranksters as they did every full moon evening. They were loving, caring, and loyal men who would face fire for the women they loved and who didn't trust them one bit when they had that 'sinful gleam' in their eyes as Esme liked to call it. Since their older brother Emmett had left for college, the trickster twins had taken over his impish ways and with Esme's enthusiastic assistance, managed to best not only Edward and Jasper, but to lock Carlisle and Charlie outside in the rain, soaking wet and wearing red flapper dresses with matching high heels; but that's another story.

With the exception of his girlfriend Rosalie, (because even he isn't that brave) Emmett Cullen had terrorized the school age population of Forks for years and as honorary family members, Bella and Alice bore the brunt of his attentions. It was all done in good fun and the girls would end up laughing at themselves just as much as the boys did but a little payback sure did hit the spot!

As graduation approached, the senior class in general and the Cullen boys in particular became more and more excited/ anxious regarding the stunt that the girls were no doubt planning to place the crowning touch on their high school caper careers. Forays into enemy territory had been made, deals offered, and extravagant future promises alluded to, all to no avail, Alice and Bella weren't talking and no one else had a hint about what was to come. Charlie had even borrowed some long range listening devices from his Port Angeles colleagues and installed it in the tree outside Bella's window only to come home to find the hidden microphone at the bottom of the aquarium the next day. The betas seemed to like it so he let it stay as a testament to his daughter's tenacity. He wouldn't have been so proudly amused had he realized that pictorial evidence of his debut as a flapper had been e-mailed to every law enforcement agency in the Pacific Northwest but what Charlie doesn't know won't get Bella grounded.

The boys had made the assumption that the big prank would occur somewhere near the end of the year, probably somewhere between final exams and graduation but they had seriously underestimated the mischievousness of their girlfriends. Senior Prom, the after parties, finals, Jasper's birthday in May, and all the other big moments of senior year had all passed without a hint of trouble. There was that minor incident at Prom where Bella and Alice were crowned Co-Queens but a recount verified that the vote hadn't been rigged and that the student body were truly showing their appreciation for Forks two most entertaining people.

Graduation came and went without incident and the boys felt simultaneously relief and not a little disappointment. They didn't expect anything more than the usual fireworks and bonfires at First Beach on the Fourth of July but Bella and Alice had chosen this day to strike. The day before the holiday was a Friday which found the foursome together in the Cullen's basement eating Esme provided snacks and drinking Charlie approved beer. He knew it was going to happen anyway, between Emmett being able to pass for 21 since he was 16 and the kids' older friends in La Push. He compromised and turned a blind eye to their partying as long as they kept it in the Cullen's basement and didn't drive. He may have tweaked his duty as sheriff but he slept easy at night knowing his daughter and her friends were safe.

Alice and Bella dressed more provocatively and flirted more than usual so the boys didn't notice when they avoided the red Jell-O shots. They also didn't notice they the girls only had two beers between them while they polished off four times that many. Alice couldn't help but raise an ironic eyebrow in Bella's direction as she downed an innocuous purple shot, watching the boys go after the almost pure Everclear red ones. Around 1:00 AM the dancing started and Bella winked at Alice as she spun Edward, knowing the boys were almost down for the count and that Phase Two of their night was about to begin.

Both boys had passed out by 1:30 and the girls went to work. Not being able to bear shaving or even permanently dying their boyfriend's hair, Bella had decided that kool aid dye would be funnier anyway. Bronze soon turned into a rainbow of lime green and neon blue while Jasper was treated to dreadlocks complete with pink and purple accents. Not to be outdone, Alice had suggested henna, the possibilities of which made them roar with delight. Each boy would wake up with the other's name "tattooed" inside a heart on his right bicep, butterflies on their ankles, and tramp stamps on their backs that wouldn't be discovered until they were playing a game of shirts vs. skins basketball with the guys from the Rez the next week. The joke that just keeps on giving Alice and Bella crowed from the bleachers between high fives. Hair and henna done, the girls went on to add full make-up complete with false eyelashes, and red henna kisses on each boy's cheek. Mid-drift showing shirts and ballet tutus provided the finishing touches.

A victory arm pump later, it was on to Phase Three, the cars. Not even Emmett in all his merry glory had messed with the cars and while Bella and Alice were a little worried about the Carlisle's reaction, Esme backed them 100%. With Jacob's help, they spent the rest of the night turning Edward's Volvo and Jasper's motorcycle into nothing less than full size Barbie mobiles. The Volvo was painted pink with Stu, the first-aid dummy, wearing Alice's second favorite corset, garters and her highest heels was installed in the driver's seat. Bella added a Hannah Montana CD, turned the volume to blast and broke off the power button while Alice installed Hello Kitty seat and steering wheel covers. Jasper's Harley was pink to match Edward's car with violet happy faces Rainbow Brite stickers and accenting pink and purple tassels flowing from the handlebars and a little silver bell. A blow up doll wearing an "I heart Jasper" t-shirt with his favorite pair of cowboy boots and straw hat sat astride the machine like she owned it. They drove the vehicles to First Beach where all their friends and neighbors would be gathering in just a few hours and hoped their men wouldn't find out it was Jacob who gave them a ride back.

They checked on their sleeping boyfriends and took pictures for posterity and future blackmail, giggling the whole time. Their mirth couldn't be contained when Edward yawned and stretched and cuddled into Jasper who returned his sleepy embrace, mumbling about sexy pixies. Soon the two were spooning each other on the couch and Bella and Alice couldn't stand it anymore. They ran for their meadow to cheer and celebrate, leaving a string of laughter in their wake.