Welcome to my new story full of Werwolves, romance, time travel and insane Dark Lords. I hope you enjoy this tale as much as you enjoyed my last one.

Chapter One

The Wolf

Daphne Greengrass sat in Divination beside her friend, Pansy Parkinson. Pansy was draped over Draco Malfoy, her fiancé, and was simpering to him. Daphne rolled her eyes and soon caught sight of an interesting new student amidst them.

"Would you look at that? That Mudblood has joined us once more." Draco drawled. Hermione shot him a venomous glare and turned her back on him, anger simmering in her eyes.

"It's not like I had a choice. Damned Dumbledore." Hermione muttered viciously.

Harry smiled at her, shaking his head. "Mione, he means well." He told her.

Hermione huffed. "Sure he does. Cause I really need Divination. I shouldn't have to use my Time Turner to attend this stupid class as well as Arithmancy." She spat, sitting in her seat.

Professor Trelawney drifted over to where the trio sat, with, what Hermione supposed was meant to be, a mystical smile on her face. "Miss Granger, I always knew you would return to us. You may not have the eye, but your curiosity was strong." She simpered, staring at Hermione through big glasses.

Hermione laughed coldly. "Sure, you always knew. Or did you know because our esteemed manipulating Headmaster told you so?" She snarled.

The class were taken aback by Hermione's tone of voice. Beside her, the boys winced knowing that tone meant she was not pleased at all.

"I'm not quite sure what you mean." Trelawney protested, sweat gathering at her hairline with the stress of being found out to be a total fraud.

"Sure you don't. Well then, Professor, teach us your wisdom." Hermione remarked sarcastically. No-one noticed that her chocolate eyes became Amber.

The class progressed normally for a while, full of the mad woman's ramblings and boredom for the rest of the class. Only Hermione's presence made it more interesting as she whispered sarcastic comments to Harry and Ron, making them laugh.

So everything was fine, that is until a prediction was made. A true Prophesy. Trelawney was drifting past Daphne Greengrass' table when her eyes went white and she fell into a trance.

"Putus werewolf , occultus pro annus , mos reperio ipsa adversus ferreus mensis. Haud pretium ero quoque mugio , is vadum sino unimaginable atrox. Vicis ero paro in ostendo sum quod is vadum reperio diligo. Sarcina of niveus lupus vadum exsisto solus verus miles militis. Is vadum consurgo quod evinco Atrum Dominatio , illud rectum iri per vox quod insanity. putus lupus has adeo servo nos totus." Daphne recited in Latin. She shuddered and spoke once again.

"The Pure werewolf, hidden for years, will find herself facing hard months. No price will be too low, she shall suffer unimaginable horrors. Time will be set in reverse and she shall find love. The Pack of the white wolf shall be the only true knights. She shall rise up and defeat the Dark Lords, those ruled by power and insanity. The pure wolf has come to save us all."

The class was silent in the aftermath of the predictions. "What was all that Latin?" Ron asked.

Daphne shook herself and looked up at the class. "That was the prophesy in its original state, when it was first told by my ancestor."

"That Prophesy is why my Family have been neutral in the war. We were waiting until one of our own recited the Prophesy once more." She explained, meeting Hermione's eye.

Hermione looked away.

"My family and I vowed when the Prophesy was first made to join the Sarcina of Niveus Lupus, The pack of the white wolf, when it was formed." Daphne continued.

The class stared in awe at Daphne, each one having been hanging onto every word that she had said. All except Hermione Granger.

"Wow, that is so cool. I wonder who this wolf is?" Ron exclaimed, his eyes wide.
"However it is, I hope it's not Malfoy. I mean he is practically an albino with hair that pale." Harry joked.

"Yeah. Like he would save us if needed." Ron laughed.

"Who is this wolf supposed to protect us from?"

"I think Greengrass said something about the Dark Lords. But there is only one."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Hermione muttered under her breath. "Dumbledore is pretty manipulative."

"What was that, Mione?" Harry asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just looking at these tea leaves. If you ask me this all bull sh…"
"It's not that bad." Harry interrupted quickly.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him. "Yeah, right."

"No, I mean it. In third year I had a dog in mine and then Sirius turned up in his Animagus form. A dog."
"But you forgot, mate, that old bat thought it meant you were going to die. Again!" Ron grinned.

"I guess it was right in some respect then." Hermione mused.
"Huh?" Harry and Ron both gaped at their friend.

"Well, you had so many near death experiences that year. In fact, every year she predicts your death you have a near death experience."

Ron slapped his hand over her forehead in mock worry. "Something must be wrong. Hermione is agreeing with Divination and that Trelawney isn't a fraud."
"No. I just meant maybe this isn't all bull. Trelawney is still a fake, but she may be reading the tea leave right." Hermione corrected. "There is a difference you know."

Over at Daphne's table, Draco was staring at her in disbelief. "What?" She finally snapped after a while.

"You kept out of the war for a werewolf?"

"Yes. That wolf will save us."
"As long as it's not Potter, I'll follow anyone who can save us." Draco told her quietly so Pansy did not hear.

"Trust me, it's not Potter."
"Thank god."
"Not Potter, but close." Daphne added under her breath.

Draco didn't hear and was already back to pushing Pansy off of him as she simpered over how sexy his hair looked that day. By the end of the day, the whole school would know the Prophesy.

Later that day, Hermione was heading to the library when she found her path to be blocked. Looking up she met the eyes of one Daphne Greengrass.

"Hello there, Granger. Or should it be Lupus?" Daphne drawled.

Hermione hissed and slammed her hand onto the other girl's mouth, before dragging her into an empty classroom. "Shut it, Greengrass. Never mention my name here. Who knows who could have heard? It was bad enough you recounting that story in Divination." Hermione spat, her eyes flashing Amber.

"Relax, I checked beforehand. Besides, you're the one with the super senses." Daphne replied, putting her hands up in a defensive motion.

Hermione's glare deepened. "Leave me alone! I never wanted this."

Daphne smirked at the angry Gryffindor. "You still got it though. You can't deny it. It's going to happen one day, its destiny."

Hermione growled and turned on her heel, slamming the door open and stalking off down the corridor.

"You can't fight your destiny, Granger." Daphne called after her.

"We'll see about that." Hermione muttered.

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