By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Happy 2010! And do you know what that means, kids? That's right! Not just a new year, IT'S A BRAND SPANKING NEW DECADE!! And with an entirely new decade having cometh, does come a brand new fanfic, not just one particular, but my 400th. And speaking of which, Waluigi gets to be the very star of this 400th fanfic, and why? Because it's so glamorously special, there's only perhaps one fanfic of mine that could top this... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, this will pretty much be my main focus for the entire year, as well as the incoming years that may come, but foryour entertainment and enjoyment, you'll be treated to at least one chapter of this Waluigitastic fanfic every single day, with a potential bonus one or two. And on the note, don't expect any new fanfiction to reall pop out from me, either, because I'm more than likely going to hold back on that department and continue/freshen up/conclude all of my past fanfics that I wanted to continue but seemingly left in the dust. And with that said, may you all enjoy the greatness from Waluigi as his tale truthfully unfolds. How will it unfold? I don't know, I'm just writing for the sake of Waluigi's awesomeness! So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, my rather long introduction for Waluigi's best role in a fanfic ever. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Waluigi and anything else belongs to Nintendo, Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus, and any other respective copyright owner.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, at least that gets things out of the way. Or so I hope.

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Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Finally... I couldn't take any more of him. Well, everyone, enjoy the new fanfic series, and have a great new decade, as well as a brand new year! WALUIGI TIME!!!


Waluigi. The mysterious, tall, purple clad evil, arrogant jerk who always wreaks havoc and causes insane amounts of chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom. With such a cunning, insane mind, a sinisterly handsome moustache, and some diabolical plans brewing at every second, this man has managed to cause fear into most of the Mushroom Kingdom's residents. Heck, he even scares his usual mates, of which sometimes wonder why they bothered inviting him. Because he is that awesome beyond the point of awesome.

He simply is Waluigi.

"Wa ha ha!" Waluigi laughed triumphally as he grinned, his teeth shining brightly, "I'm Waluigi, the best damn person to be living on this sorry planet! Ha!"

He strolled back and forth, chuckling as he pulled out his red rose and placed it nearby his nose, looking up at the clear blue sky.

"I'm the handsome devil who puts fear in its place! I can race karts, I can steer boats, I can handle bikes, navigate skiis, play tennis, handle golf, kick ass at baseball, show off my dancing skills, smoothly handle my well successful motor oil company, get the chicks, help others in need with ease, go off on adventures for my own pleasure, save the world, beat the crap out of people, dominate at soccer, swoop the hoop at basketball, and MUCH more!" Waluigi proclaimed as he flexed his muscles. "And with these babies, it's no wonder! I'm a super hulk!"

Waluigi laughed as he then grabbed a wine out of his cabinet and poured some of the alcohol into his glass, grabbing it and taking a fine sip of it. He let out a sigh of relief as he stepped out of his gigantic metalic mansion and looked over the grassy ledges from his high rise balcony, looking down upon the grassy mountain, which his mansion was resting upon, the tallest mountain of the entire island at that, which overlooked the rest of the entire island from the southwesternmost point. The entire island was nearly covered in tropical jungles, with the beach extending across the entire perimeter of the island. At the northern point of the island was the gigantic city Waluigi has carved hand by hand, with his personal casino, pinball racetrack, and theme park to the west, and parts of what originally was of his island to the east. A bit downwards south from there, seperated by high rise apartments and minature volcanoes was Waluigi Stadium.

"And I also take full ownership of my beautiful island. Wa ha ha!" Waluigi proclaimed as he held his glass up, taking another sip as he concluded, looking up at the beautiful night sky, filled with stars beyond the eye can see, "Yes, Waluigi Island, all mine, and nothing to stop me from such insanity to achieve. Wa ha ha ha ha ha!"

Alas, as Waluigi continued to cackle, as we then get a very nice view of Waluigi's Island from a distance, the waters surrounding the island being dark purple, seperated from the rest of the blue ocean by sharp pointed pillars that separated the entire perimeter of the island fifteen miles off, which the water that was three miles off the island being the typical sea green with a mix of dark purple. A constellation of Waluigi's devious face was seen right above the island, visible to all of the islands' residents, as well as anyone nearby.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: And the rest... shall be history. Or in this cause, Waluigi's History. WA HA HA HA HA HA!!!