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Summary: Danny told his parents the truth and got himself kicked out for it! Vlad finds out what happens now? Danny is graduating in this. Vlad/Danny Warnings: SLASH, rated M for later chapters- I'll tell you in the A/N of the chapter when it happens...



Danny finally found the courage to tell his parents what happened. He just hoped they were as happy for him as Jazz is. He told her already, and she accepted just fine. He felt his stomach turn as he walked slowly into the lab where his parents were creating a new machine.

His mom looked up from the project apparently hearing his footsteps as he came in.

"What do you need honey?" His mom asked in a soft motherly tone.

His dad heard her and looked over to where Danny stood. Danny once again felt his stomach turn as his parents just looked at each other worriedly. From their point of view Danny looked like he was sick, he was very pale.

"Is something wrong, baby?" His mother asked coming over to him. She put her hand on his forehead, "do you feel okay?"

Danny pushed her still-gloved hand away as he said softly, "I feel fine, I just need to tell you something important."

His mom backed away, both his parents' faces grew grave. They might have been thinking he was going to say he was on drugs or something like that. They gave him every bit of their attention. He looked at them, then down at his feet. The room was so silent you could hear a ghost move.

He heard himself speak softly, lower than a whisper. "I am Danny Phantom." The room's silence grew even more as he said this. He felt like running, just getting out of their as soon as possible. His parents' faces were even graver.

His dad spoke this time, "what, are you feeling okay?"

Danny felt himself go numb as he knew his parents had heard. He spoke again, in a slightly lower voice, "I-I was trying to fix the ghost portal, a-and I-I pressed a button. My DNA c-changed to half-g-ghost."

"Seriously, Danny are you feeling alright?" Danny's mom said.

Danny thought of the only way to prove himself. He transformed right there, in plain sight of his parents' eyes. His mom withdrew further back to where his dad was. He looked to his dad. He never knew his dad could look that angry. His face was red, as dark red as red could be.

His dad opened his mouth and two words rang out, "GET. OUT."

Danny heard the words, but couldn't move. He looked from his dad to his mom, she was looking at the floor, and was cuddled under his dad's arm. A tear slid down her face.

"I. SAID. GET. OUT." His dad once again stated, his anger clearly rising uncontrollably.

Danny felt his body tremble. He couldn't believe it, his mom and dad are that willing to get him to leave. They don't care about their child saving people, or any of those good deeds. Ghost hunting seemed to be the only thing they do care about!

Then his dad stepped forward, he clutched the new machine his parents were working on. He glared at Danny. Danny flew out of the room, he felt fresh tears rolling down his face. He quickly went to his room, grabbed his bag, and packed as much as he could. He quickly got out his savings, and put them into his full bag. He felt his body almost giving out. He could hear his mom's sobs even upstairs in his room. He flew out his window and away from his home. Life as he knew it, was forever changed. GONE.

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