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The last chapter ended with lessons in the playroom and then the bedroom… it went like this:

Edward scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the playroom towards his bedroom, "Thank fuck you broke Baby, I thought I was going to explode!" Edward said.

Bella's laugh was heard until he dumped her on the bed, "Tell me if you still think this is funny, Baby!" Edward growled as he entered her in one stroke.

Her moan answered him.


Bella opened her eyes slowly. She had slept deeply the previous night. She stretched lazily felt an arm tighten around her torso and felt a hand massage her right breast.

She smiled to herself. Her whole body felt alive and sensitive. Bella lay on her side with Edward behind her; she could feel the beat of his heart reverberate against her back. He had pulled her into his arms during the night and once again his hand was wrapped around her breast. Edward had tucked his head into her neck with one of his legs was between hers.

Bella hadn't felt this sort of peace within her in a very long time, as she reflected on the previous day and all that had taken place. Bella knew that their relationship would not always be smooth sailing, hell at present they spent half their time arguing or in conflict, but at least they were talking and Bella's decision to be honest with him had made a huge difference.

She felt Edward's hand tighten and then his thumb nail gently scraped across her nipple. Bella's reaction was instinctive as she moaned deep in her throat and arched herself against his hand and his hips.

Edward chuckled into her neck as he kissed her there and started to gently nip her neck.

"Good morning Little Girl." He said fondly.

Bella smiled and reached back with her one hand to run it down his tight ass and over his thigh.

"It is a good morning, Master." She said.

It was Edward's turn to groan as he rolled Bella onto her back and made his way on top of her, raining kisses across her breasts. He suckled on her nipple as he pinched the other one and when she grasped his hair, he just laughed and changed sides.

"Master… please… fuck!" Bella couldn't believe that she had become insatiable! She felt like a nymphomaniac around him. She was constantly wet and horny and the things that she thought of doing and saying to him were positively perverted!

She blushed and turned her face away instinctively to hide her shameful thoughts and blush but Edward felt her skin warm up and he lifted his head to look at her face.

"Hey…" Bella stiffened at his voice. Fucking blush!

She lifted her head to kiss his neck but he ducked away and simply took her chin in one of his hands.

"Isabella? Talk to me." He commanded gently.

She sighed as her eyes met his. Edward's green eyes were dark with lust and passion.

"I am sorry that I am horny all the time, Master. I just can't seem to control myself when you are close to me." She was being honest and Edward had to remind himself not to laugh at her silliness or embarrass her in any way. Bella's admission was a big step for her and he had to reward that.

He moved his other hand from her breast and framed her face instead. He made sure that he didn't loose eye contact with her.

"Isabella, do you know what a turn on it is for me to have you lusting after my body in the same way that I crave yours? I love your responsiveness! You are so open and your body reacts honestly to my touch… and I love that!"

Bella was looking at Edward as if he had grown two heads. She had a slight frown in between her eyes and Edward felt his heart melt.

Aaaww! She looked like a puppy that was trying to solve a mystery.

"Okay…" she said but Edward could see that she didn't really believe him or there was something else going on.

He decided to change tactics on her.

"Lets go and shower, I want to take you out for breakfast" he gave her a light spank on her hip and rolled away and out of bed.

Bella followed slowly.

She was shocked at the boldness that she had felt the previous night. She was changing. She could feel it. She didn't feel so afraid of her own shadow anymore. Bella knew that it was Edward. He made her brave.

Bella wasn't sure about going out to breakfast in public but it was early on a Sunday morning and she didn't think that there would be many people around.

She heard the shower turn on and Edward yelled her name. Bella gave herself a mental shake and hurried through to the bathroom.

As Bella stepped into the shower, Edward spun her around so that she was facing the shower wall.

Bella gasped, "Master!"

Edward chuckled, "Another lesson for my Little Girl. If you are feeling horny – do something about it. If I want to fuck you, then I will. You are so hot, Isabella. Your pussy is wet and aching for my cock, isn't it?"

He gripped her hip with one hand as he ran his free hand over her ass and between her legs. Bella bucked her hips against his as she felt his fingers slip into her with ease.

"Master…please!" Bella barely uttered the words before she felt him guide his hard dick into her warmth.

They both let out a moan of satisfaction at the sensations that were overtaking them. Edward wanted to take his time but just the feeling of having her tight walls squeezing him, milking him made him pull out of her and then ram himself back inside her.

He reached around and pinched her nipples between his fingers. He felt Bella's pussy contract around him as she pressed back against him.

"That's it, Isabella, push your tight little pussy against me… yeah just like that. Fuck!" Edward growled in Bella's ear. "You are so wet and tight… hold on tight Little Girl, I'm going to fuck you good and proper now."

Bella was ready to cum. She began to recite her words in her head. She knew that Edward had been very lenient with her up to that point about her control, but she wanted to please him.

"Master, your cock feels so good inside me! No one could ever make me feel like this." She panted.

"You are mine, Isabella! No one will ever touch you but me… is that clear?" he was rapidly approaching to point of no return. He twisted her nipple hard and felt her begin to slip over the edge. He brought his other hand down and rubbed her clit with two fingers.

"Master! Please may I cum?" she was loosing the battle and Edward felt so proud that she had held back so far.

"Cum for me Isabella. Cum NOW!" He pressed his thumb against her clit and Bella screamed as she let herself be carried away by her climax.

As she pulsed around him, Edward felt his seed release deep inside Bella.

He pulled out of her and turned her around to face him. Their mouths found each other and their kisses were heated and full of emotion.

They pulled apart slowly and Bella braced herself against the shower wall as she stared up into his vivid green gaze.

"Wow…"she whispered.

He gave her the benefit of his famous crooked smile.

"Yeah… wow." He cocked an eyebrow.

She grinned and pushed him out of her way.

"Master… you said we were going for breakfast. If you keep this up, we won't even make it to lunch on time!"

He chuckled, "You are right of course. Let's get finished."

They ended up making a mess in the bathroom as they splashed and eventually they were driven out of the wet bathroom by the growl of Bella's stomach.

This made her blush and Edward laughed, "Fuck Baby, I better feed you before your stomach eats you!"

He swatted her ass as he pulled a towel around his hips. Bella shook her head at his antics. She followed slowly into the dressing room.

She loved a playful Edward.

She dressed in thick charcoal leggings and a short black wool skirt and paired it up with a white long-sleeved t-shirt and a black V-neck jersey over it.

The weather had eased up slightly, although the sky was heavy with rain clouds, promising rain later in the day.

Bella pulled on a pair of black boots and blow dried her hair, opting to leave it loose. She looked at her face in the mirror and was shocked at the face staring back at her. The young woman in the mirror was bright eyed and had a natural blush to her cheeks. Her lips were rosy and slightly swollen.

Edward was standing behind Bella, pulling on his leather jacket when he looked up to catch her staring at herself in the dressing room mirror. She looked bemused at her own reflection. He watched as she licked her lip and her hand crept up and traced the pattern in her collar.

Her eyes flicked up to meet his.

"Isabella, you are so beautiful." He came up and wrapped his arms around her. Bella sighed and relaxed against him.

"You know, we make a not so bad looking couple" he said.

Bella burst out laughing and moved out of his arms. She wrapped a scarf around her neck and turned to him with a smile.

"Seriously? You are so pathetic at being modest Mr. Cullen! 'Not bad looking couple'" she did a terrible imitation of his voice and squealed as he reached for her ticklish sides.

"You know that you are gorgeous!" she smiled into his neck as he hugged her.

Her stomach chose that moment to growl again and they drew apart with a laugh.

He took her hand in his, "Come on Smart Ass, before I paddle your behind!"

Bella giggled as she felt her stomach flutter at his words, "Promises… promises…" she grumbled good naturedly.

Edward swatted her ass as he pulled her out the front door.

He pulled the Volvo out of the garage and they made their way into 'town'.

Edward wanted to make sure that Bella was comfortable with them going out in public with Bella wearing his collar.

"Isabella, you are wearing my collar." He looked at her quickly and saw that she rolled her eyes as she hid her smile behind her hair.

"That's right, Master." State the obvious, genius! Honest to god, you'd think I suffer from shot term memory loss sometimes!

Edward bit back an impatient sigh, "Don't be a smart ass. I just want to go over some things that you need to remember being out in public with me. First of all, you will not address me as 'Master'. You won't call me anything or if it is absolutely unavoidable, you may call me by my name. You will stay close to me at all times. Be aware of your surroundings and remember that although you are free to speak whoever you wish, you will be respectful of me at all times."

Bella was staring out of the window biting her lip. What the hell? I can call him 'Edward' if I have to?

Bella gave a deep sigh as she frowned at her thoughts. She knew that his 'rules' were not about just having rules. There was something else going on. She glanced at him quickly and saw that he was watching her.

"What is going on in that pretty head of yours Little Girl?" he said quietly.

Should she voice her question? Hmm…Oh! What the hell, what have I got to loose, except some more feeling in my ass!

"Well, um… I was just wondering why you have rules for going out with me as your sub?" she said.

Edward smiled, she was always questioning him and he loved the way her mind worked.

"Well, you will find, as you talk to other subs that you have very few rules for going out in public with your Dom, but that's beside the point. The reason is that I am your Dom and so your desire is to please me and having these rules pleases me. Is that a good enough answer for you?"

Bella thought about what he was saying, and realized that it made sense to her. She turned in her seat to face him. "Thank you for explaining that Master. I will try to do my best not to let you down." They shared a smile and Edward slid his hand that was resting on her knee up her thigh. He squeezed it gently.

"I know you will be fine, Isabella."

Edward turned into a parking lot and Bella looked at the building in front of her with interest.

"Fred's Coffee Shop?" she said with a quizzical smile.

"It has the most fuckawesome pancakes; next to yours, and the best French toast in the world!" He said with a grin.

Edward's grin was infectious and Bella returned it.

"Hmm… fuckawesome hey? Well, we will have to see about that. I am starving so I will be ready do whatever you give me justice, Master."

Edward was able to find parking close to the door and got out quickly before it started raining again. He walked around and opened Bella's door for her.

She got out and shivered causing Edward to frown, "Where is your coat, Isabella?"

"I don't really have a thick one with me. I need to buy a new winter coat." She said and Edward shook his head at her as he pulled her close to his side.

"You have to start taking better care of yourself, Little Girl." He kissed the top of her head as he opened the door.

Bella could see that it was a popular restaurant. There were a few tables open against the wall that ran the length of the room. The other wall was windows that looked out onto Gateway Boulevard.

The décor was distinctly nautical as were many establishments in Sausalito. But it was warm and cozy at the same time.

A waitress came over to them and Bella could see her eyes widen as she recognized Edward. She looked about eighteen years old and Bella could see her breathing pick up as she turned tomato red in the face.

"Hi… um… what… where… are…"

Bella rolled her eyes. Fuck. My. Life! Seriously?

She glared at the teenager who caught her look and seemed as if she was going to throw up.

An older woman approached them from the counter.

"Hi, welcome to Fred's. Is it just the two of you?" she smiled at them while elbowing the now pale and shaking girl out of the way.

"Yes, it's just for two." Edward flashed his crooked smile and Bella saw the woman blush.

OH MY GOD! He is shameless! Is this entire town full of Edward fucking Cullen groupies?

Bella felt Edward's hand pinch her hip slightly. She realized that she was glaring at the hostess and she was as stiff as a board. She willed her body to relax and she forced a smile.

"Do you think you could give us a table near the back?" Edward said quietly.

"Sure, hon. there is a great one over in the corner."

They followed the woman to a table that was next to one of the windows that overlooked the outside seating areas.

"Is this okay?" she asked.

Edward saw that they should be relatively undisturbed.

"Thank you, this looks perfect." He flashed his megawatt smile and she put their menus on the table and walked away with a smile.

Bella snorted as she sat down opposite Edward.

She picked up her menu and glared at it, not even bothering to read it.

"What's the snort for?" Edward said as he looked over his own menu.

Bella just shook her head and smiled. "You really have no idea?"

Edward reached across the table and took her hand in his. His thumb made little circles on her hand.

"What?" he asked again.

"M...um, you dazzle people. All the time. I've never seen anything like it." She didn't know whether to be thrilled that out of all the women in the world that he could have he had chosen her or if she was pissed off that no one seemed to even see her when he was with her! Bella hoped it was the former.

Bella decided to relax and just enjoy the time that she had with him.

Edward stared at her. What the fuck was she talking about? He thought to himself.

"Do I dazzle you?" Bella shook her head at him as he gave her his crooked smile. No fucking shame at all!

"Frequently" she mumbled with a blush.

The waitress returned with two glasses of water.

"Have you decided what you would like?" she asked staring at Edward.

"We'll have the French toast with eggs over easy, bacon, sausage and hash browns. Cranberry juice and coffee." He said smiling at Bella all the time.

"Will that be for two?" she asked.

Edward gave her a quick smile, "Yes, thank you."

The waitress stared at him.

Bella shook her head and snorted again, "Thank you" she said pointedly and the waitress blushed and quickly turned away.

"Thank you for ordering for me" she said once they were alone.

"Always my pleasure, Little Girl"

Bella blushed as his eyes darkened.

"What are you thinking about Ma…?" Shit! It was difficult to remember not to call him 'Master'. It seemed to be so natural.

Edward just smiled encouragingly at her.

"I'm thinking that I would like to take you back to bed. I want to peel your clothes off your exquisite body and kiss my way down from your delectable breasts to your hot little pussy…"

Bella felt her blush form on her stomach and spread throughout her body. She groaned and bit her lip before she sat back and looked out of the window.

She could feel her heart pounding. Being near to Edward was always like this, she felt as if she was orbiting the sun. It was much worse when he turned up the heat and turned on the charm. Then she could hardly form a sentence. She pulled her chair back from the table slightly and saw him frown at her.

"What's up Isabella?" The Voice said, sounding slightly disapproving.

She smiled and shrugged, "Distance helps with the dazzle"

He narrowed his eyes at her saucy comment "There could be repercussions to some of your actions…" he said softly and Bella bit back her moan.

Yes please! Let's hear it for repercussions…Okay that is stupid, his repercussions probably involve a whip and chains…hmmm…

Bella broke out of her inner musings and smiled at Edward, "I should hope so."

He chuckled darkly. His Little Girl was always so full of bravado in company.

Bella brought him back to the present. "So tell me how filming is going."

Edward and Bella spent the new few moments talking about his project. He made her laugh at some of the funny stories that he told. They spoke about his next project which was only going to start in late March.

Bella was ecstatic that he would be close by for the next several months. He rolled his eyes and told her that he would have a promotional tour to do with Alice accompanying him.

Their food arrived and they fell into easy conversation until Edward asked Bella if she had heard from her parents.

Bella scowled at him. Way to ruin the mood Sparky!

"If you mean have I done the 'good daughter' thing by phoning them each week, then yes, 'Dad', I have!" Bella was glaring at her plate as she answered, but quickly looked up at his hiss.

Edward leaned across the table and gazed into her eyes steadily, "Not smart Isabella. I know this topic upsets you but that is no excuse. You need to lower your defenses, keep your smart mouth in check and stop behaving like a naughty child!"

His voice brooked no argument. Bella bit her lip and her eyelashes hid the flash of defiance that she felt. Bella knew that she had to bring her fiercely rebellious spirit under control quickly.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Edward touched her cheek and she opened her eyes. "I'm sorry." She said softly as she covered his hand with hers.

He brushed his thumb over her lip. He could see that she was sorry.

"Eat up" he said gently.

Bella nodded and they ate in silence for a while before the conversation returned to lighter topics.


Bella reached up as Edward stood behind her chair and kissed his lips softly.

"Thank you, Master" she said quietly.

Edward smiled and hugged her. He looked over her shoulder and saw the teenage girl turn away from them quickly.

"Come on, we are going to need to buy you a jacket now, because this weather isn't going to let up anytime soon."

He kept Bella tucked into his side as they made their way to the door. He handed the waitress their check and the cash that he had shoved into the holder.

The woman smiled up at them as they thanked her for a great meal and Edward thanked her for letting them eat in peace.

She beamed at them, "You make a beautiful couple, and my daughter is going to be heartbroken when I tell her that you are off the market!"

Bella gasped but Edward just held her tighter and winked at the woman, "Well," he read her name tag, "Diana, what can I say? Now if I weren't already taken…" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Diana giggled.

Are you even kidding me? Bella was shocked at the knot of jealousy that she felt. She pushed it down and smiled at Diana.

"He is a laugh a minute…" she rolled her eyes at him, but Edward could see the pinch of jealousy between her brow.

They left and hurried to their car.

They didn't see the teenage girl press send on her iPhone or the paparazzi depress the shutter release through his car window. He was glad that he had logged onto Twitter that morning.

Edward turned the car around and headed down to the shopping district. Bella protested, saying that they would pay far too much for a jacket in the touristy town and that she could just as well go Wal-Mart during the week.

Bella shut up when Edward gave her a sharp tap on her thigh.

"Ow!" She yelped and quickly rubbed her leg.

Edward shrugged his shoulders and cut her a hard look, "If I want to buy you a coat, a jacket or whatever, I will do so and that's that! I am your Dom and your comfort is of paramount importance to me. I do not have to explain my actions to you. I am not always going to be this patient with you, Isabella." He said and Bella could see the hard line of his mouth as he fought not to snap at her.

Edward came to a decision. He reminded himself that he had to follow through with his rules or else she would just continue to push him and although he enjoyed the challenge, it was tiring as hell sometimes.

Bella nodded and was about to apologize to him again when he cut her off, "I think that for your safety, you will not speak for the rest of our time out. It seems that you need to develop that verbal filter of yours. So I do not want a sound out of you until we get to Jazz's place. Do you understand?"

Bella nodded and turned to look out of the side window.

Edward glanced at her and saw that she was biting her lip again her fingers were twisting in her lap and he put his hand over both of hers.

"Hey" he said softly. She glanced over to him.

"Because you are not able to talk now, if you are in distress or it is too much, you may and you must use your safe word system, okay?"

Bella nodded cautiously.

Edward smiled, "Our lifestyle gets intense, doesn't it?"

Bella nodded enthusiastically and smiled back at him.

"Are we green, my Little Girl?" he asked as he pulled up to one of the many boutiques on Broadway.

Bella winked at him and he laughed, "You never stop amazing me, Sweetheart."

He got out and opened the umbrella against the drizzle and he made his way quickly to Bella's door. As she got out, Edward reached down and took her chin in his hand.

"You may piss me off, you may get frustrated and you may end up getting punished, but don't ever think that you disappoint me Isabella. You never will." He leaned down and kissed her and was surprised by the way that she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with passion.

Once again the paparazzi went unnoticed by the two lovers under the umbrella.


Edward was grinning from ear to ear as they made their way to Jasper and Alice's for lunch. Bella was smiling for a different reason. She could feel his eyes cut to hers every now and again but she refused to look at him.

Once in the store, Edward had of course taken full advantage of the fact that she was not allowed to speak or in fact object in any way.

He had picked out a winter full length cream rain coat, which he instated was an essential item. He had also chosen a full length thick Milton style overcoat for work and lastly he had chosen a casual winter jacket that Bella rolled her eyes at as it looked as if she could use it to climb the fucking Rockies in!

It was red and puffy and fitted her beautifully. Edward had made sure that it was long and it reached her thighs. It also had a hood and Bella felt like Little Red Riding Hood, but of course she couldn't tell Edward that, so she had let her eyes speak for her.

He added a couple of lambs wool scarves and matching gloves.

Bella knew that Edward was having fun and so she was making plans to repay the money that he had spent by buying him a couple of jerseys and to shop for some groceries before he came home again. She also made a plan to take him out for dinner as soon as she could.

They were pulling into the driveway when Edward spoke again.

"I want to encourage you to speak this afternoon. I do not want you to hold back from the discussion that we will have with Emmett later. Do you think you can do that while wearing your collar? If not, say so now, because if you keep it on and you cross the line, I will not go easy on you. It is up to you, Baby."

Bella thought about it but kept silent.

"You may speak, Isabella" Edward said with a sardonic smile.

"I want to keep it on Master. I would like to take it off for a little while before you leave though."

Edward stared at her for a moment longer, "Okay, if you are sure…"

"I am, Master" she said with determination.

"Okay then let's go" He got out and went around to assist Bella getting out of the car.

The front door opened and Bella would have been knocked clean off her feet if Edward had not caught her as Alice careered into her.

"I have missed you!" Alice all but screamed into her ear.

"Whoa there Twister!" Bella laughed but hugged her tightly.

Alice pulled herself out of Bella's arms and stared at them.

"You look good, being committed suites you both." She grinned.

Edward stepped forward and hugged his sister. "Sometimes, I think I should be committed. Are you okay?" He asked her gently.

Alice grinned at them, "I am perfect. We are perfect. Thank you for everything." She said.

"Come inside!" Jasper called from the front door.

The three made their way inside and Alice admired Bella's new jacket. "You look beautiful, Bella. Where did you get it?"

Bella rolled her eyes at Alice, "Your brother decided this morning that I needed a winter jacket."

Jasper smiled at her, "Well it suites you. You are positively glowing Bella" he said as he hugged her. "You look very happy."

She returned his smile, "I am happy. You look happy too."

"I am" he said simply.

"Are you trying to steal my girlfriend again?" Edward grumbled as he took a beer that Alice offered him.

"I wouldn't have to try." Jasper winked at Bella as he joined Edward in the sitting room.

They kept up the light teasing banter until the bell rang a few minutes later and Emmett and Rosalie walked into the house.

Bella could see Edward tense up as he looked at his brother.

They greeted each other and the girls made their way into the kitchen to begin serving the lunch that Alice's housekeeper had prepared.

"Ali, this looks delicious." Rosalie commented.

Alice smiled, "Yep, it takes real effort to put all of this on a plate!"

Edward filled Jasper in on the previous day's conversation with Bella and then with Emmett.

Jasper was frowning and glared at the brothers. "You know she can't stay there, Edward. What the fuck was Bella thinking by keeping this shit from you? From us?"

Edward shook his head, "She didn't want to bother us" he muttered.

He turned to Emmett, "What have you managed to find out?"

Emmett had looked grim since he arrived. "That's the problem … there is nothing on this guy." He said.

"Nothing?" Edward hissed.

"It's like he didn't fucking exist until two years ago. His name is James Hinton; he's twenty nine years old. He owns a small import/export business. He lives with his girlfriend Victoria Savanna. She is twenty seven and works in an insurance company. She has a record for solicitation and a couple of d.u.i's. In the past two years she has been squeaky clean. This James dude doesn't come up anywhere. There are no records on him, no school or collage records - not a fucking thing. Something stinks here, Edward." Emmett went on.

"I've got a couple of people digging deep, we will find out what he is hiding. I've seen this type of thing before and it's usually someone who has bought a new identity. Bella shouldn't be around them. If you can get her to move now, that would be great…" Emmett looked over Edward's shoulder.

Edward turned to face Bella, Alice and Rosalie standing in the doorway.

Bella had gone pale, but it was Rose that found her voice, "Who needs to move?"

Everyone turned to face Bella who had gasped, "Me… Emmett is talking about me, aren't you?" She fixed him with a glare.

She turned to Edward, "You said we would talk about this…" she said accusingly.

"What is going on?" Alice asked.

"Alice…" Jasper began but Bella interrupted him.

"No Jazz, let's get this out into the open, seeing as Edward has told most of you anyway"

She turned to Alice and Rosalie and quickly told them what had happened.

Rosalie reacted first. "Bella! Why the fuck didn't you tell us?" she demanded.

Bella lost her temper, "Well, you know what Rose, I've been trying to manage my own life for the past fucking twenty years but it seems that I am too stupid to do that! Just because I can't drive the best car or live in the best neighborhood doesn't mean that I am incapable of standing up to a couple of perverts! Jim is just trying to scare me… can't you all see that?"

She shook her head and walked into the dining room. Everyone looked stunned after Bella's outburst as they watched her leave.

Alice spoke up for the first time, "Lunch is ready. I suggest that we all eat and leave this conversation for later."

She followed Bella.

Rosalie glared at the men, "You'd better find out about this fucker and end this! Bella doesn't need this shit!"

She turned and went into the dining room.

Emmett looked at Edward and Jasper, "What the fuck did we do wrong?" He shook his head as they joined the women.

"Excuse us for a few moments" Edward said with a gleam in his eye that Alice and Jasper recognized.

Edward walked into the dining room just as Bella was about to sit down.

"Come with me!" he said as he fixed her with a hard stare.

Bella gulped and quickly followed him into the bedroom that she used when she stayed with Alice.

"Shut the door and come here, Isabella." Edward was sitting on the side of the bed.

She did as she was told. Shit! As soon as the word 'stupid' had left her mouth, she had known that she had made a grievous error. She had hoped that he hadn't caught it, but Edward seemed to catch everything.

Bella stood in front of Edward. He didn't look happy.

"What did I tell you about using derogatory language about yourself?" the Voice demanded.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I was angry that you were talking about me and it just slipped out." She licked her lips nervously, "Come on, Master, they will be waiting for us…" she was desperate not to get punished. He wouldn't carry out his threat, would he?

"Isabella, we can do this all day. I don't give a FUCK if they are waiting or not. Now what did I say would happen if you used derogatory language about yourself?" his voice was hard and demanding.

Oh damn! This isn't going to end well… for me.

"You said that I would get a spanking, even if we were in company, but…" she whined.

"We are up to five swats and if you keep whining and arguing I will just keep adding on, so if you feel like you want to argue, be my guest. Otherwise, pull your tights and panties down and lay down over my lap!"

Bella bit her lip to keep from speaking and she could feel herself blush scarlet as she pulled her tights and panties down her legs.

Edward could see that she was battling with herself to keep from arguing. He bit back a smile. He really didn't want to spank her, but he knew that if he let one transgression slip passed, he would regret it in the long run. Isabella had to learn that he kept his word.

She lay down tentatively across his lap. Edward didn't waste any time and landed five smacks quickly in succession. Bella moved to get up but he kept her over his lap for a few moments as he rubbed the bright pink spot.

He helped her up and she turned her back on him as she straightened her clothes. She quickly went into the adjoining bathroom and checked her face. She hadn't cried but she could see the tears of discomfort shimmering in her eyes. Bella quickly washed her face and ran a hand through her messy hair.

Edward was waiting for her when she came out. Bella looked at him and bit her lip.

He took her hand and pulled her forward so that their bodies were almost touching.

"I will do whatever I have to do to keep you safe, happy and healthy. If that means I have to punish you to perform that role, I will. Do you understand?"

"I do. I'm sorry, Master." She said quietly.

Edward leaned down and kissed her softly on her lips.

He held onto her hand as they rejoined the others in the lounge. Bella could feel herself blush as Alice cast her a sympathetic glance. Rosalie walked over to her and linked arms with her.

"Let's eat everyone, my growing teenager will be eating the table soon!" She said and Emmett grumbled good-naturedly.

"Thanks for the deflection" Bella whispered to Rose.

Rosalie squeezed her arm, "Baby B, in this family, we girls stick together" She winked as they took their places at the table.


Alice was talkative at lunch. Edward had told Bella that Alice had been put on speaking restrictions on Friday night and he had warned her that she would be making up for lost time.

"So Bella, has Edward told you that we are flying to L.A. on Friday?" she said excitedly.

Bella nodded, "Yeah. We are going to have to book tickets…" she began but Jasper stopped her as he began to shake his head.

"What, Jazz?" She asked.

"You don't have to book a thing. There will be a plane waiting for you at SF." He said quietly.

"Sure Jazz," Bella laughed, "A whole plane just waiting for us!" she giggled and looked at Alice.

Alice wasn't giggling. Please tell me he is kidding! Fuck! Smile and eat…smile and eat…smile and eat Bella recited in her head.

Bella tried to look nonchalant. She was not going to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing how out of her depth she was. She kept her head down and ate even though she couldn't tell anyone what she ate.

Edward looked at Bella. He could see her mind working overtime. She was over thinking again. He sighed and just smiled at Jazz and shook his head at Jasper's concerned look.

Emmett interrupted the conversation, "Has Mom spoken to you guys about Thanksgiving yet? Are you and Jazz going to be able to get off?"

"Yeah, Seth has promised us five days off if we keep going like we have been. We are slightly ahead of schedule."

"Hey didn't I read that Carol Kane is now playing your love interest?" Rosalie asked and then looked at everyone in bewilderment when Alice dropped her fork onto her plate with a loud clatter.

Edward was shaking his head at her, "What? Oh my god! This family and the secrets! Edward, we all know that she 'popped your cherry', so what's the big secret?" she looked at Jasper's face, "Oh please don't tell me… she did you too? Oh this is rich!"

Emmett laughed, "So, little brother, when do you do the love scenes?"

Bella looked up at that question. She narrowed her eyes on Edward's face. Love scenes? What fucking love scenes? Why did he not tell me about the love scenes? Is he seriously doing love scenes with this woman that hurt his best friend? Wait till we get back home, maybe I should use the flogger on his ass! That will give me practice.

Edward ran his hand through his hair. Alice was glaring at him as if this conversation was his fault and Bella looked as if she was going to slit his throat with her butter knife.

"This week actually, there aren't really love scenes… it's more like a cut into the two characters in bed and then there are a couple of kisses…" he shrugged, "and that's really it".

Jasper was grinning at him, happy that the heat was off him for a change.

Emmett wiggled his eyebrows, "So are you looking forward to it?"

Edward kicked him under the table, did his brother not realize the tension around the table.

"Ow! Fuck! What the hell?" Rosalie gave him a look and flicked her eyes in Bella's direction.

Emmett looked over at Bella, "What? Oh please! Bella, please tell these assholes that you don't give a damn. You aren't threatened by that old hag are you? This boy is so pathetically in love with you that he can't even see straight!" he winked at her.

Bella laughed, "Its fine, Em. It's a job right? I have a job too, so it's no big deal." She shrugged and gave Edward a small smile.


After the odd conversation at lunch, everyone gathered in the den to listen to music and the guys challenged the girls to a game of charades. The time flew by as everyone relaxed and had fun.

They were still chuckling as Edward pulled Bella up from the couch to go. It was almost five in the afternoon and he still wanted to spend time with her before he left.

The car would collect them at nine that evening. Bella was going to sleep at Edward's and she would just go to work from there in the morning.

Bella held Edward's hand all the way home, making sure that they stayed connected for as long as possible. They both hated this time of the weekend, saying goodbye was not easy for either of them. Suddenly it felt as if the time was too short and had gone too quickly. The young couple knew it was going to be so much harder after this weekend now that that Bella had openly committed herself to Edward as his submissive and he had declared himself her Dominant..

When they were walking into the house from the garage, Edward stopped Bella as she turned to the kitchen.

"Come with me" he said and he walked up the stairs still holding her hand.

They walked into the bedroom together; Edward sat down in one of the oversized chairs in the seating area. Bella made her way closer at a slower rate, once she reached Edward, he pulled Bella down onto his lap so that she was sitting sideways. He put his hands on her hips to ground them after the weekend.

"Lift your hair." He said and as she moved it over her shoulder, he unclipped the collar and put it on the side table.

Bella looped her arms around his shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed him softly. She moaned and pulled him closer as she slid her tongue into his mouth.

Edward groaned and his hands tightened on her hips and he pushed her away slightly.

Bella looked at him and pouted, "Edwaaard, no more talking, please! You Cullens just love to talk! All the time… about everything! Please can't we just… fuck?" she whispered the last part in his ear.

The next thing she knew she was laying on the carpet as he pulled her skirt and tights down her legs.

Edward had reached his limit! He was wild for her! He had to be inside her. Now!

He fumbled with his belt and jeans. Thank heavens he was going commando. He gripped his cock in his hand and guided it to her wet pussy.

He looked at her as he slowly pushed into her. She was panting in anticipation but he didn't give her what she wanted… just yet.

"Look at me!" Edward demanded. "Watch me as I push my cock inside you. I have wanted to be here since we showered, but sometimes the wait makes it so much better! Feel what you do to me. Can you feel me inside your tight little cunt? Can you feel your juices leaking out of you, coating my cock? You are so hot and tight, Baby. I fucking love you." Edward's voice alone could make Bella cum and she was squirming in impatience, trying to get Edward to move.

"Fuck me, please!" She growled at him and Edward pounded into her.

"FUCK! Edward… harder, fuck me harder!" she ordered.

Edward pulled out of her, "Take your clothes off and hang your ass over the end of that chair Bella." He ordered as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his socks.

Bella quickly pulled her jerseys and top off she quickly pulled of her boots and then wiggled out of her tights, panties and skirt.

Edward gripped her hips and flipped her over. "On your hands and knees, NOW! I am going to fuck you so hard and fast, you are going to feel it for days. You will ache to have my cock back inside you every day until Friday." Edward said as he started guiding her over to the seating section of the chair.

Once Bella had settled into the chair, she turned her head and glared at him, "Put your money where your mouth is Sparky!" she muttered.

Edward swore as he wrapped an arm around her stomach pulling her roughly against his hips. She could feel his throbbing erection again her ass and she couldn't resist teasing a little by rubbing up against him.

She felt the sharp smack on her ass and bucked forward, "Hey!" she half protested. She felt the sting even as she felt herself grow wetter.

Edward pulled her closer for a moment and then he pushed inside her.

They grunted as he pulled out and pounded back again.

"Tell me… Isabella… tell me! Who do you belong to?" Edward demanded as he guided her hips to move back against him.

When she followed his lead, he let go of her stomach and let his hand snake down between her legs. He pinched her clit in his fingers, causing Bella to swear and buck against his cock harder.

"Tell me!"

"Fuck Edward! It's you! You are my love! You are my Master! There is no one else but you!" she cried out as he rubbed her clit and then twisted it.

Bella felt the flutter in her stomach growing stronger and she could feel her walls begin to contract around him. Just then Edward reached up and pinched her nipple and Bella came while she called out his name.

Edward could feel her so close and as she came, he spilt his hot cum into her pussy.

They were sweaty and panting. Edward eased out of Bella and she moaned at the loss.

He pulled her up and hugged her as they knelt on the floor.

"I love you Bella Swan. Please don't forget that, ever" he said against her lips.

He kissed her slowly, taking her face between him hands, he kissed her jaw. He moved his lips up her cheekbone and kissed her temple. He breathed her scent into his lungs, "You smell delicious, fruit and flowers, sugar and spice!" He quipped as he pecked her neck and nibbled down the side.

Bella couldn't think straight, she could only feel. Her heart was so full. She felt… content. The word felt strange in her mind. She had never thought of it before. She had never felt it before.

Contentment. Satisfaction. Happiness. Pleasure. Gratification. Ease.

"I love you Edward. You make me content." She said and she smiled as his lips closed over that sweet spot behind her ear.


"Yeah." She pulled his head against her chest as he sucked on her neck. He knew that he was leaving a mark and he didn't care. He wanted other men to see his mark. She's mine, fuckers! He thought.

"Let's have a bath." She suggested.

Edward nodded and they made their way into the master bathroom. Edward ran the water and added lavender bath salts.

Bella put her hair up into a bun.

Edward helped Bella into the bath and then proceeded to follow her in. As Edward got himself settled into the hot soapy water, Bella decided that she would sit facing Edward and settled in-front of him crossed legged.

"Thank you for everything this weekend, Edward. Thank you for your patience and for the gifts." She kissed him.

Edward slid down in the water further and pulled Bella to lie on top of him.

"Thank you for accepting my collar and for making me so happy Little Girl" he smiled as he brushed a stand of hair out of her eyes.

"So about this week," he knew that they had to tackle it before he left. "I want you to be extra cautious. I want you to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you."

Bella frowned, "I don't understand what you mean".

"Well, until Emmett gets back to us with some satisfactory reason why there is no information on James Hinton, I just want you to be careful. Please don't take any chances when you are at your apartment. When you leave for work and when you get home, make sure that your doors and windows are secure. If anything and I mean anything, feels off or out of place to you, call Emmett, immediately. Will you do that for me?"

Bella could see how uptight he was by the subject and she knew that he was genuinely concerned for her safety and not just trying to control her.

She put a hand against his cheek.

"I promise not to take any chances." She said softly as she looked into his green eyes.

He seemed to relax against her, "Thank you, Baby."

Bella grinned, "Humph, that'll be Mistress Baby to you again soon, Sparky!"

Edward laughed and hugged her against him, "Did I tell you how turned on I was by your little display, 'Mistress?' That of course was before the flogger attacked you!"

Bella mock glared at him, "I'm telling you, it did! Just wait, I'm going to surprise you! I'm going to take some lessons."

She smiled smugly at him. This time it was Edward who glared at her, "You'd better not take lessons from anyone but me, Little Girl, or you will feel what a flogger can do, and it won't be the fur one either!"

Bella shivered under the intensity of his gaze.

"Okay." She said quickly.

Edward relaxed back against the side of the bath again.

"Will you be able to take time off over Thanksgiving?" he asked her.

Bella bit her lip, "I'm not sure. I will ask Mona what the protocol is. I can't really expect to take time off, Edward, I've just started working."

Edward frowned, "I want to spend time with you, Baby. If you can't get time off, then we can just stay here."

"No! You have to go home for Thanksgiving. Your Mom will be devastated if you don't. Look, let's see what Mona says."

Edward kissed her again; he didn't want to leave on a bad note. "Okay, Love."

They washed and climbed out.

Bella put on her new pajamas with her fluffy slippers and a fluffy blue gown that Edward produced that matched her slippers.

Edward dressed in black jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and a button down black shirt over it. He packed a small bag and they went downstairs.

Bella had asked him to put her collar back on, but Edward had pointed out that he would collar her the following Friday.

Bella made a quick dinner of melted cheese and chicken noodle soup.

They sat on the couch and watched television as they ate.

When Bella had finished, she needed to voice the question that she had been thinking since that afternoon.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked looking at him from under her lashes.


"So, these love scenes with Carol Kane, um… are they… intense?" Bella tried to keep her voice neutral but Edward could hear the anxiety in her tone.

He put his plate down and turned to face her. He took her hand in his, "Please look at me."

Bella raised her eyes to his and he saw the simmer of tears there.

"Bella, Sweetheart! Please don't worry about this. This is my job. This is only a job. Carol Kane is just a fellow actor who is also doing her job. She is a professional. She will not cross a line. There are about fifty people on set at all times unless the actors have to get intimate and then the set is normally emptied down to the essential few. That is not the case here! We are not taking our clothes off."

He watched her closely.

"The bed scene is very carefully choreographed so that it is filmed to look like we have no clothes on. Both Carol and I will use doubles to show any real skin. I have a no nudity clause in my contract."

He watched as she listened to him. When he told her about the No Nudity Clause, her eyes widened.

"Really?" her voice squeaked.

Edward grinned, "Oh yeah Baby. No one is seeing these jewels except you."

Bella grinned back at him and literally threw herself into his arms. She rained loud kisses over his cheeks.

"Thank you" kiss "I love you" Kiss "My jewels" Kiss, kiss.

Edward wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her closer.

He brushed his thumbs over her cheeks.

"God, Bella, I love you."

They spent long moments gazing into each others eyes.

They heard the front door open and Edward growled.

"Fuck" he said softly.

Bella's arms tightened around him momentarily before she moved off him.

"Come on Sparky." She said and took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

Edward was grumbling as they met Jasper and Alice in the kitchen.

Jasper grinned at Bella's attire.

"Pajama party?" he quipped.

Bella grinned up at Edward as she remembered their previous day.

"Something like that." She said.

Edward hugged her hard against him as he took a deep breath into her neck.

"Be careful, Baby." He whispered.

"I promise, Edward. Be safe this week." She whispered back.

He kissed her deeply and then decided to leave quickly before he changed his mind and kidnapped her.

Jasper and Alice said goodbye to each other and Alice and Bella watched as the car pulled out of the gate.

Bella made some hot chocolate to distract her as Alice went and changed.

The girls hadn't discussed it, but it seemed as if a new ritual had been started with Alice sleeping over the night that the guys left.

Alice told Bella all about her weekend and the horrible argument with Jasper. She didn't go into details about their playtime and the make up session, but Bella was thrilled that they were back on track.

Then it was Bella's turn to confide in Alice. She told her what had happened and about her words. She told Alice about Edward's response to the news of Jim's shenanigans and Alice scolded her for a few moments.

Alice grew quiet and let Bella finish talking. She looked thoughtful.

"Ali, what are you thinking?"

"I want to ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me and with yourself. So think about it before you answer me."

Bella nodded.

"When Edward asks you to move in here with him" Alice put her hand up to quiet Bella's protest.

"When he does, what will you say?"

Bella stared at her. She bit her lip.

"Ali… I don't…"

Alice interrupted her, "What's the first answer that comes into your head?"

"Yes" Bella said softly.

"Yes?" Alice squealed

"YES!" Bella shouted at her and the two friends burst out laughing and hugged each other.

"We're going to be neighbors" Alice said.

Bella giggled and then sighed, "Yes, and Twisters"

"And Twisters" Alice echoed.

Bella changed the subject and told Alice about being the Domme for a while. Alice found it hilariously funny. Bella pouted at her.

"Some friend you are!"

Alice smiled at her, "You know, you can take lessons…"

Bella gasped, "Oh no! Not this time Mary Alice Cullen! You and I get into way too much trouble together and my ass can't take it!"

Alice laughed, "I know, I don't understand it. Before you, I never, okay well, almost never felt the rod of discipline from Jazz. Now it's like every week! No, what I am thinking about is that Kate will know how to use the different implements and she can give you some ideas if you like. Remember, both she and Garrett are mentors and I am sure that Garrett would have given her some lessons. You should ask her."

Bella looked at Alice in interest. "Twister, sometimes you are really scary. Your ideas are always so brilliant. I'm going to call her tomorrow."


Bella left for work early the next morning. Edward had called when they had landed. Bella was thrilled that she had her new coat. It was still raining and she was wearing a black pants suit with a cream silk blouse. She was snug and warm with her new scarf and gloves on.

Bella and Mona worked at changing the displays that week and Bella was tired when she got home at night. She had not seen any sign of Jim or Vicky until Wednesday evening. Bella was checking her mail box in the lobby when Vicky came down the stairs. Bella greeted Vicky quickly and they made small talk.

Bella learned that Jim was out of town again and would only be back the following week. Vicky invited Bella to the new club again, and Bella declined, mentioning that she worked late on Thursday evenings.

She made sure that when she spoke to Edward that evening she mentioned her encounter so that he knew that she was still being open and honest with him. He was also pleased that she had taken to phoning Rosalie, Alice or Emmett every day so that they knew that she was being cautious.

Bella got ready for work on Thursday and chose to wear a short black pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt and a soft long black lacy cardigan. She knew that she would be on her feet for a long time that day, so she wore tights and her black boots.

She was busy talking to the artist whose work they were exhibiting that evening, when she felt as if she was being watched. She looked up and saw Riley standing against the wall. Bella appreciated a good looking man as much as the next woman and Riley certainly was good looking.

He was wearing a black biker's jacket with washed out Levi's and biker boots. His aviator glasses were perched on top of his head. He wore a Grateful Dead t-shirt that had seen better days and it fit him like a second skin. He winked at her and smiled. Bella nodded at him quickly before turning her attention back to the artist.

Jane smiled at her, "Now he is a sight for sore eyes. Boyfriend?"

Bella laughed, "Boss." She said.

"He doesn't look at you like he is your boss." She smirked.

Bella shook her head and grinned, "I am very happily attached, thank you. I think that Riley is a compulsive flirt. I can introduce you if you like?"

Jane was a petit blonde whose medium of choice was recycled plumbers piping. Her size belied her strength and her work was intriguing.

"I'd like that very much." She said and turned to smile at Riley.

The exhibition was a great success and Bella's introduction seemed to payoff as Riley and Jane had spent a good deal of time together.

As the doors were about to close for the evening, Mona noticed a few photographers outside the gallery. Riley was news but the paparazzi didn't normally follow him around. She frowned and asked him about it.

Riley went outside and had a few words with one of the photographers that he knew. Bella saw Riley turn and stare hard at her.

She felt a knot form in her stomach as she saw him raise his eyebrows and shake his head. He came inside and asked her and Mona to join him in the office.

The catering staff finished off and left.

Bella instinctively pulled her cell phone out of her purse as she walked upstairs.

Nineteen missed calls.

Twelve from Edward! Five from Alice! Two from Emmett!

She felt a feeling of dread settle over her as she walked into the office.

Riley and Mona were looking at the computer monitor on Mona's desk. Mona looked at her as if she was seeing her for the first time, Riley looked thoughtful.

They stared at each other for long moments as the tension rose steadily.

Mona cleared her, "Um, Bella? Your boyfriend…is it Edward Cullen?"


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