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Summary- As a human Bella was powerless to protect her family and loved ones against the decisions of others, and the horrors they inflicted. As a vampire, all she had was a thirst for revenge and time to make everyone pay for what happened. But that didn't ease any of her pain and anguish over it, only one thing would do that, and she had an eternity to wait if need be.

On Broken Wings

Chapter One

Night had fallen again, but Bella didn't care as she raced through yet another forest. She jumped over fallen tree limbs, over rivers, and passed animals that scarcely noticed as she ran faster than it was possible to see with the human eye. She wasn't interested in blood right now, she had more pressing matters to deal with. She hadn't hunted in almost a week but the hunger wasn't there, and even if it was she wouldn't have chanced stopping to eat. She had no idea if she was already too late.

I'm not, I can't be, I have to get there before... I have to.

She ran as much as she could in a straight line towards her intended destination. She had no idea how many miles she'd left to go but she knew she was close. And that was all she could think about. She'd be there soon, another hour of running perhaps, and then she'd have her answer. And then she'd know if she was in time or if she was already too late to make a difference.

Leaves and branches brushed against her limbs as she dodged around trees but she didn't let any of it slow her down. She too a deep breath, as she had done several times already, to see if there was anything in range of her she needed to be concerned with, human or otherwise. But all she could detect was the wilderness of the forest.

Good, I don't have time for twenty questions. If she had found a scent that bothered her she would have tried to go around it, whatever it was, rather than risking losing time with a confrontation. I'd probably just kill it and be on my way. That thought didn't bring the mix of emotions it once would have, but then, a lot had changed. Morals and justice didn't sit side by side anymore. Death was just a natural part of life.

And if she had to kill to get what she wanted then that's exactly what she'd do. She'd done it many times before. She was what she was after all, and there wasn't much a vampire feared being at the top of the food chain and all.

That wasn't to say there weren't dangers out there because there were, other vampires to start with. Movies and books would have you believe vampires lived in groups or covens, while that was sometimes true, more often than not fighting broke out among them. In the end, if you lacked the power to lead or the will to follow orders, as a vampire you wandered alone for the most part.

The older the vampire the less likely they were to tolerate the squabbling and infighting.

But covens did serve a valuable purpose, especially to newborns. They were rules to follow as a vampire after all, if you were so inclined that was.

Bella didn't enjoy being told what to do, not as a human and even less so after her rebirth.

She was no one's pet and she would have no master.

A breaking in the tree line sent her running across meadows, the moonlight guiding her way although even in pitch darkness her eye sight would have been perfect.

Not much further.

It had been a long time since she had last been in this part of the world, but she knew each step was bringing her closer and closer to the one thing she had searched so long for.

A second chance.

A chance to make things right, the way they should have been from the start.

As a human she recalled that she'd always been told that everyone deserved a second chance, that mistakes could be forgiven, and those involved could put the matter behind them and move forward.

But not everyone got a second chance, sometimes it just wasn't possible, sometimes there just wasn't enough time. The damage was sometimes just too great to be overcome with an apology.

And sometimes, you had to fight with ever fibre of your being and put everything on the line for that one chance that it would all work out the way it was supposed to be.

The way it should have been.

When the landscape changed from the flat fields to the rough wooded hills, Bella knew she was almost there. Another deep breath brought not only the salt air from the sea, but the smell of wet dogs. She would be passing close to the werewolves. But instead of her usual anger, she found a smile curving her lips upwards as she pushed herself that little bit harder, making a split second decision to cross over the boarder line she knew existed.

Just because she could.

And because if her journey was all for nothing, an evening fighting a few mutts might suppress her desire to kill everything that lived in the surrounding areas, humans included.

As she continued on her path she wondered briefly if her scent would even be picked up. She wasn't sure but she didn't think there were that many wolves around, and if she was on time then there wouldn't be.

But if she was wrong, and she was too late, then she'd return to look for every last one of them.

She pushed that thought away as her speed slowed unconsciously as she emerged onto a road she knew very well, having travelled it many times in her human life.

She paused and stood in the middle of the empty road. This was it, in the matter of minutes she'd have her answer. She considered taking a deep breath which would bring its own answers, but she held back, she needed to see it with her own eyes.

Carefully she walked along the road, eyes scanning all around her for signs of life. Or unlife.


And then the road split in front of her, and after a moments hesitation she followed the side road up into the dense woods. Along the curve of trees and shrubs she continued, her chest rising rapidly in a unconscious show of nerves that lasted until she became aware of it and stopped it. She no longer had the need for oxygen anymore, and if she could have blushed in embarrassment she would have. It was silly to show signs of her human past, there was no need for it and it served no purpose.

If she arrived too late, then she'd deal with it, but if she wasn't then...

Suddenly there it was.

"The house is still here." Bella whispered quietly. "They're still here." Her eyes widened to take in every detail and she took a deep lung full of air. Vampires. She could smell them easily the scent emanated mostly from the house but there was even a faint trace leading back along the road and off into the trees. Gone hunting I bet.

What she couldn't do, which saddened her greatly, was distinguish the individual scents. She had no idea who she was detecting as she'd never been a vampire in the presence of these particular vampires before.

But she had time to learn now. She had time to do a great many things she'd never had the opportunity to do until this moment.

With that happy thought she raced to the front door and rang the bell. She used her supernatural hearing to discern there were at least two people inside the building.

She grinned. This should be fun. If the Cullen's were here that meant she was about to give one of them the fright of their lives. She chuckled suddenly wishing there were more of them in the house.

She heard the approaching footsteps and bounced on her toes as she waited impatiently for the door to be opened.

Then the door swung and a face appeared. "Yes?"


Without a seconds thought Bella launched herself at him, giving the other vampire no time to register that he'd just opened the door to a vampire that looked entirely like Bella Swan.

"Ooh" He exclaimed as he was knocked onto the floor several feet away from the doorway and found himself with an armful of another vampire. It's not possible. He'd got a clear look at her face but it couldn't be. "Bella?" He asked fearfully.

Bella grinned as she looked down at confused eyes. Silly boy. "Who else?" She asked with a laugh the reverberated around the entire ground floor.

"Um," Now he was really confused. It looked like Bella, but how could it really be Bella. "But, you're a vampire." He said stating the obvious as she still hovered in place above him.

"Yeah, pretty cool huh?" She replied cheekily just to see how he'd react. "It suits me don't you think?" She asked lifting an eyebrow.

"Um, sure!" He spluttered out only to be greeted with more laughter. He frowned regaining some of his composure finally. "But you weren't. A vampire, I mean. Earlier, you were still...how did? When did this happen? Who did this to you?" He ground out getting angrier with each passing second as the stark realisation of what Bella was became clearer to him.

Bella sat up straddling his hips and looked at him fondly. "Jasper." She whispered, reaching down and stroking his face gently as she became aware of him unique scent. She smoothed away the frown marring his face and stared at him. Her last memory of him resurfaced and she fought hard not to whimper as her eyes closed at the images. She didn't want to remember her last interaction with him as she'd been angry at his attempt to control her emotions. She'd shouted at him, accused him of interfering in something that was none of his business.

She'd regretted that later, when the chance to apologise had been taken from her.

Things would be different now.

They had to be.

"Bella?" Jasper shifted to rest on his elbows as he felt the wave of emotions coming from his dear friend. Whatever had happened to her could be dealt with later, right now he wanted her to fell better.

Bella smiled and tilted her head as she felt Jasper using his gift on her in an attempt to settle her distress. He was such a good vampire, such a good friend. She let the effects of her memories be washed away with his powers, she had no need for them right now anyway.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Thank you."

Still concerned Jasper nodded back at her. "Are you okay?" He asked.

Just as she was about to reply a new scent reached them and Bella grinned. "Never better." She told him as she pressed her hands against his chest and pushed herself to her feet and raced towards the staircase where a stunned Alice was looking on.

Jasper chuckled as his wife was greeted with the same enthusiasm as he had been moments before. He was sure he'd probably looked just as shocked as well.

"Alice!" Bella screamed as she swung the girl around before drawing her into a tight hug.

Alice blinked. "Bella?" She asked in bewilderment. A chuckle reached her ears from the bottom of the staircase but she ignore Jasper. Bella was in her arms, and not only that, she was a vampire.

How could her visions not warned her of this?

She blinked again and really looked at Bella. "And what happened to your clothes?" She asked automatically as she took in the rips and tears disapprovingly.

Bella laughed out loud. "Still the same old Alice." She said affectionately with a shake of her head.

"And you're...not, the same old Bella, I'm pretty sure she was still a human a few hours ago." Alice hit back, not understanding how this could have happened. She was angry that Bella had been turned without her knowledge. And how was it possible for Bella to have awoken so soon. She'd never heard of such a thing, but perhaps Carlisle knew more than she did of the process. He had after all performed it more than she had, being that she'd never turned anyone.

She frowned as she wondered if this had been planned and intentionally kept from her.

Bella sighed happily, Alice was clearly annoyed but she'd expected the others to have a few problems with her condition, at least until all was explained. And that would have to wait until everyone was back.

"True Alice, the last time we saw each other I was human." She replied.

Alice nodded, and then her bottom lip extended as her feelings turned from anger to genuine hurt. "I wanted to be there for you when the time came."

"Alice." Bella gasped and pulled the smaller vampire into her arms again, her eyes searching and pleading with Jasper as she felt Alice begin to sob against her. Vampires couldn't cry, but that didn't mean they didn't experience sorrow or pain. "I'm sorry." She whispered and held on tighter as Jasper made his way up the stairs towards them.

Jasper gathered Alice into his own arms and cradled her as he tried to sooth away her upset at missing Bella's change. He was sure it was all a misunderstanding. Bella would have never set out to hurt anyone least of all Alice. The distraught look in the other girls eyes only proved his belief.

"Shh, it okay sweetheart." He murmured to her softly as Bella stroked her back, offering her own attempt to calm her friend.

Alice was feeling better, and bashfully turned her head to eye Bella embarrassed that she was acting so childishly. She smiled and was about to apologise when the sound of a car pulling into the drive way caught all of their attentions.

Bella closed her eyes and concentrated, using all of her senses to let her guide her next move. Her eyes snapped open, her expression hardening as laughter drifted towards them. She looked Alice and Jasper dead in the eye and ordered, "Not a word to anyone." And with that she raced further up the stairs and out of sight of the new arrivals.

Alice glanced at Jasper who still had her wrapped in his arms. He shrugged at her not knowing what that was all about either.

Just then Carlisle and Esme entered through the already open door, still sharing a laugh with each other. Carlisle had his hand at his wife's waist as he guided her into their home. He eyed the open door and sent an appraising look around the interior wondering if something was amiss.

"Alice, Jasper, you should have joined us." Esme said as she noticed her children standing on the steps.

Jasper moved to hold Alice's hand and started down the stairs with her to greet their parents properly. He smiled at Esme apologetically. "I'm sorry, we had other plans."

"Next time, then." Esme replied easily. Spending time with her family made her happy.

"Agreed." Jasper said with a nod although Alice was yet to speak up.

Which didn't go unnoticed by Esme either. "You seem quiet tonight Alice, is everything okay?" She asked looking at Carlisle to see if he agreed with her need to be worried but her husband had a puzzled look on his face as he searched their home with his eyes.

Jasper tried to smile as he pulled Alice down to sit beside him on the couch. "She's just a bit tired." He covered, sending a quick glare at his wife as Esme nodded and looked away from them.

Something was different, he couldn't quite place it, but there was definitely something that niggled at Carlisle as he'd entered their house.

A noise from behind him pulled him out of his thoughts. He'd figure it out eventually anyway.

"Bella!" Alice shouted as she leapt to her feet with Jasper following just as shocked looking.

Bella grinned at the pair. "Hey, you really should have come tonight, you would have loved it!"

Alice looked at Jasper but he could only shrug back at her. So she looked back at Bella who was grinning at her as she hung onto the arm of her brother Edward. For all intents and purposes they looked very much like the happy couple who'd just enjoyed a night out together, even if it had been with Edwards parents.

But there was just one problem in all of this.

Well, more than one actually, but Alice was thinking of the glaringly obvious one.

The fact that this Bella was apparently still very much human.




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