Psst. Hey, you. Yea you. This is only the first part. The second part will contain the 'fun'. (I'm working on it as we speak) This is jus something fluffy an' cute I wanted to do. I split it because I felt like it. I might have the 2nd part up later tonight. Key word is might.

Ever had someone wake you up like this? I did. And still do.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Roll. Oomf. Tap. Tap.

"Psst…Wake up.."

Groan. Swat.

"Wake up." He tapped the others chevron, attempting to disturb their slumber.


Sigh. "Stubborn mech…" Head fins flashed lightly. He pulled his hand back, and landed a smack on the others cheek. "UP AN' AT 'EM!" He shouted cheerfully.


"Why'd you do thaaaat…?" The other whined, rubbing his cheek where he was 'assaulted'. He looked at the mech laying on top of him, their arms crossed across his chassis, resting their helm atop of them, staring straight back. The mech had his mask folded away and was giving him a cheeky grin, his head fins flashing a light blue in amusement.

"You're shift starts soon. I couldn't let you oversleep." The engineer replied, almost too cheerfully.

"Oh…" He blinked. "Uhm… Thanks."

"No problem!" Wheeljack rolled off the other childishly, even squealing a soft "whee" as he did so. He cuddled next to the other, both his legs and arms curled up.

"What are you-?"

"Look out below!" Wheeljack suddenly straightened his arms and legs and pushed Ratchet, sending him tumbling off the berth. He rolled again and held his head over the edge of the berth to look at his bondmate on the floor, laughing.

"….You're an ass, you know that?"

"Aww, thanks. I love you too." His grin was taking up most his face.

Ratchet picked himself off the floor, pretending to wipe away the dust on his frame. Before heading the private wash racks connected to their quarters, he swatted the engineers head.

Wheeljack chuckled. He reached for the remote that fell in the floor earlier in the morning, turning on their newly installed television.

Ratchet let the water shower down on him, a light steam formed from the warm water. He listened to it as it pattered before reaching for the solvent, rubbing it against his frame, cleansing it of any dirt. He continued standing under the hose, letting the solvent wash off of him, before grabbing a towel to dry himself off. He didn't have time to take a long shower.

The medic walked back into their quarters to see his bondmate on his front, his head rested in his hands, intently watching his program.

When the engineer saw the white mech, he sat up, now sitting on his behind. "That was a short shower."


"Now you sound like a lazy bum. Come 'ere." The engineer held out his arms. The white mech complied, sitting on the edge of the berth next to his bondmate, allowing the arms circle around him. Wheeljack pecked a kiss on the medics cheek, causing the medic to turn towards him when he finished. The engineer planted another kiss on the medics lips, smirking. Ratchets engine purred lightly.

Wheeljack chuckled a bit.

Sigh. "Better get going. Don't wanna be late."


The white mech stood up said his farewell, and glanced at the television quickly before starting to leave.

"See you la- Wait-a-minute." He back-tracked until he was standing in front of the television. It was on the news channel, the reporter talking about incoming weather. He looked to the corner of the screen where the time for their area was listed. 3:14am. He instantly spun around to glare at the engineer, to only find him gone.

Wheeljack was already running out the door, attempting to escape his bondmates wrath. Ratchet pulled out his wrench and threw it at the engineer. Being too quick, the other mech managed to escape, the wrench getting lodged in the wall instead.

Ratchet growled.


He only got laughter in response.

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