Hey guys, I'm not dead. Just been very busy with school and such. Bleh. I actually have some ideas I'm thinking about writing, but waiting until my writing block blows over, I decided to write little drabbles I've had on my mind for awhile now. I actually have more somewhere stored in my head, but I can't seem to find them at the moment... hm. Oh well, enjoy these drabbles anyway. Oh, and there's just a tad bit a slash. Nothing really tho. It's more implied than anything.


Characters : Thundercracker, Skywarp, Starscream, mentions of Soundwave and the Cassettes.

Rating : K


Augh. What was the accursed noise? It was so loud, and people were trying to sleep! Thundercracker walked down the halls of the Nemesis, in search for the source of the sound that woke him from his recharge.

"I swear, if it's Soundwave and his cassettes, I'm gonna.." He trailed off, either too peeved or too tired to come up with a fit and painful punishment.

He got closer to the sound, it was coming from the main area. What was it? Music? Getting closer, he found out, it was indeed music. It was up-beat, and that enough annoyed him.

"The frag…? Is this even English?" He reached the room, peering in, he saw his disturbance.

Skywarp was so happily dancing. Not just any dancing though, he had his arms over his head, and his hips swaying from side to side, repeating. The song was most definitely not English… no, it was Swedish he found out soon after listening to some of the lyrics.

Och vicka era höfter
Gör som vi
Till denna melodi
Dansa med oss
Klappa era händer
Gör som vi gör
Ta ngåra steg åt vänster
Lyssna och lär
Missa inte chansen
Nu är vi här med

Thundercracker continued to stare until the song finally ended, Skywarp hadn't even noticed he was there. Or at least until he turned around.

" Oa-a-a… Gah! Th-Thundercracker? What are you doing up so late?"

"You're music woke me up." He replied, deadpanned.

"Oh.. Did it? I'm sorry." He looked around nervously before finally looked at Thundercracker again. "Uhm, would you like to.. Join me?"


Starscream wandered around the halls, awoken by music. He walked by the main room, only to step backwards a few steps until he was at the entrance. He couldn't help but stare…. Skywarp and Thundercracker were dancing to, and singing the Caramelldansen.


Characters : Wheeljack, Ratchet, the Dinobots

Rating : K+ (some suggestive material)


They didn't know how it happened… But it did. They're creators somehow… transformed….but not into cars. Oh no, not cars.

"Hehe, look at it, Ratch'! You know you want to!" The engineer was bent over, his hands on his knees…. shaking his aft at his bondmate, so close, he was nearly scraping it against his cod-piece. "You know you just want to spank me." He turned his head to wink at the medic.

"….." Ratchet continued to stare at his mate. He looked ready to kill. His hands balled into fists, teeth clenched, and his temper rising rapidly. Sure it was tempting, but this was not the time for such games!

The Dinobots looked on, too confused to even think of something to say. They're creators were …different. And they feared that Wheeljack has finally lost his mind. Not to mention Swoop looked like he was already having a panic attack as his wings twitch spastically. Finally Sludge spoke.

"Uhm… Why them creators girls?" The Dinobot spoke this question for all of them.

Grimlock groaned and hid his already covered face in his hands.


Characters Optimus Prime, Prowl, Grimlock, mentions of others

Rating : K


"Thank you, Prowl. I'll get these sorted out as soon as possible." Optimus nodded to Prowl as they parted ways. More pranks from the twins, more explosions from Wheeljack, more wrenches thrown from Ratchet, and more glitches from Red Alert. Sigh. Why can't his crew be norm-- nah, it would be too boring if they were normal.

He continued to walk down the hall to his office, but he couldn't help but feel as if… someone was watching him. He turned around, observing the area, checking to see if perhaps Lazerbeak got in. No sign of anything.

"Hm. Maybe it's just in my head. Possibly from stress." He turned back around and continued to walk to his office door. Looking around one last time, he punched in his code before entering his office. His door slid shut.

Little did he know, he was being watched. Not just watched, but followed, or perhaps more like stalked. By the last 'bot anyone would suspect. A snout peeked around the corner at Primes closed office. His tail wagging just a little bit, he let out a sigh. Maybe someday he'll notice his secret admirer.

Another 'bot sighed, but not for the same reason. Snarl had been following his brother Grimlock, curious to where he was most of the time. Oh yes, he found out just where. Anywhere Prime was.

"Him Grimlock love-struck idiot." he rolled his optics.

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