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Prologue: Day of Arrival

In… Out…In… Out… In… Out…

If he kept thinking it he knew it would work. The special mantra he had developed in youth was the only thing keeping his sanity in tack. If not for it he'd be madder than a hatter as the old saying chimed.

In…Out…In… Out…In… Out…

A hiss of pain slipped past him, making it out barely through his teeth. Another lashing had been the cause. "We can do this all day, Lelouch," The dark, annoyed voice stated darkly. He, however, could not bend to his tormentor's will. If he did that all would be lost.

"I'm not in the mood for you. Get lost," He stated softly, keeping the waver from his voice. He was shaking all over, body weak from the blood loss and the low temperature of the air. He always knew that his father, Charles Britannia, was a sick and twisted man but he never expected the torment currently being dished out. He remained strong, however. Lelouch was quick as a whip, especially in situations such as this.

If they'd been expecting a warm welcome they were sullenly disappointed. As soon as Taki entered the air space of the strange, foreign land known as Britain a barrage of arrows and flaming rocks were launched at them. Below Suzaku spotted a girl with hair a hue similar to magenta and large cerulean eyes barking orders at the army of Slayers at her beck and call. Taki zipped and zagged, however, and gave the wolves quite a unique ride. When he saw a large park close by he landed and disappeared in to it, blending with the surroundings. They laid low, the three worried that perhaps the Slayers had anticipated the landing. When no noise or ambush arrived they relaxed. "Do you have shelter while you're here?" Taki asked.

"I had Todo use the wolf song system to send inform the pack here of our situation. A guide should be arriving soon," Rin informed him with a small smile. Taki nodded in understanding before looking up.

"There's a dragon flock here. I'll try to enlist their support. I'll let you know what I find out about these strange lands," He stated gently before taking off, keen and alert for any incoming perils. Rin sighed and perked up, the smell of another wolf filling the air. She turned and was greeted by a thin, petite wolf with a pale pink coat. She had darker pink eyes that were half open and almost seemed bored.

"Are you our guide?" She asked sharply, turning and readying for a battle. The younger female perked up, seeming a bit stunned by her hostility, before nodding a bit.

"I'm Anya, the Alpha's daughter. Are you ready to go?" She asked calmly. Rin nodded and followed, Suzaku close at her heels. Suzaku kept alert, examining their new surroundings carefully for any thing suspicious or dangerous.

When they arrived at the small enclosure of werewolves a blur of golden fur scurried right up and began familiarizing itself with Suzaku. Much to the future Alpha's horror this friendly wolf eagerly sniffed his back legs and tail before looking at him with large, happily sapphire spheres. His tail was going back and forth like a broken metronome. "Hi there! I'm Gino! It's great to meet ya!" He barked eagerly. Suzaku stepped back a bit, feeling uncomfortable near the too perky male.

"Uh… Hi?" He answered uncertainly. The other, seeming appeased with this, giggled a bit and trotted back to his spot. Suzaku was stunned at the how small the pack was. Aside from the teens there were only four other members, who he assumed were their parents. "Your numbers are so small." He commented.

Anya nodded. "Charles Britannia and his followers have taken many of us out," She stated bluntly.

"We may be small but we're great at sting operations and stealth. If you need help with anything we've probably got the info you need," Gino piped in cheerfully, a big grin on his face. Suzaku perked up and looked at them. "Yup, we know exactly where your friend is. We've been keeping tabs on him until your arrival. We'll show you the place and begin the mission tomorrow." He chuckled. Suzaku nodded, not really seeming any more relaxed. Tomorrow they'd be heading in to the belly of the beast. And, hopefully, they'd be able to get Lelouch back in one piece.


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