Crazy. Insane beeping.

'Oh, that's why I hate that alarm clock' Bonnie thought to herself as she reached for the snooze button. Monday mornings sucked. Especially after waking up from crazy strange witchy dreams. She was still freaked out by the whole candle incident at the Founder's Day Party. Predicting your teacher's death by dreaming up lotto numbers, that could be chalked up to a coincidence, that weird book she'd been reading about a mathematically inclined serial killer. But wishing a candle burn bright? No amount of mystery novels and freaky Passion episodes online could explain that one.

"Bonnie. Wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

Well, Gram could. Her grandmother was standing in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest smelling like cinnamon rolls and coffee. A chill ran up her back.

"The door was locked for a reason ya know."

"Yes, well, no locked doors in my house. Get up, you're going to be late for school."

She wasn't particularly looking forward to school. She wasn't particularly looking forward to her best friend either. Ever since the Salvatores had come to town, Elena had been, well, weird. Elena had become totally wrapped up in sexy Stefan Salvatore's drama with his totally sexy older brother Damon. She had to admit both brothers looked smoking hot in those leather jackets they favored. But she shivered. As if the whole being possessed by your ancestor and the whole witch training thing wasn't weird enough, the Salvatores had to be dead. And tt was so easy to forget that the two were in fact creepy members of the not-so-living. Probably because they walked around in the daytime. Totally knocked all her Buffy induced mythology on its ass.

She came downstairs in her cheerleading outfit, a red ensemble showing off her toned midsection, not to mention her legs. Bonnie wasn't an Amazon goddess when it came to height but her legs were something to be proud of. Emily's gold chain hung crystal tucked inside her top. She grabbed her jacket and her backpack off the floor in the mudroom.

"Gram, I hope you only made cinnamon rolls because there's no way in hell I can eat a full breakfast in my uniform, Caroline will freak and I don't need her on my case. I've got enough-."

Sitting in her grandmother's kitchen were two tall, insanely hot…men. The shorter one was older, harder, five o'clock shadow, bad boy sex appeal with the dogtags and everything. The taller one had dark hair that fell to his jaw line. Perfect bone structure, clean shave. Both of them decked out in denim, plaid, and biker boots.

"Students of yours Gram?"

"Uh…no Bonnie. You don't remember John Winchester do you?"

John Winchester. John Winchester. John Winchester. Ha. She remembered. He had been the final straw between her dad and her grandmother. Her dad had already thought the whole nonsense about being descended from a family of witches and having supernatural powers was complete bullshit, the rantings of a fanatical old woman who had maybe spent way too much time in Mystic Falls. But then one year when she was twelve, John Winchester had come to town, stayed with her grandmother despite the tension between the two. She wasn't sure exactly what went down but as long as John had been here, she couldn't be around her grandmother at all. John Winchester had two sons if she recalled.

"Sam? Dean?"