Okay people. Don't forget about Cassie. She's going to be very important in the future I have planned for Bonnie. She'll be back-not anytime soon-but she'll be back. She's part of my own original fiction-if you're interested about her story let me know and I'll fill you in on what's going on in my creative head. And yes Lilith does have a history with the Bennett's. It's important for the future!

"Relax Sam it isn't your fault. The witch is lucky she didn't end up dead."

"Yeah I know but on some level I am responsible Ruby, the plan was half-cocked. There could have been an actual body count. And Lilith still got away."

"So are you upset that Bonnie got the shit beat out of her or because you didn't get to see Lilith dead."

Sam didn't answer. Sure he was hurt for Bonnie but there was this rage inside him-something he just couldn't seem to control. He was reckless, more than reckless. And he knew despite himself that recklessness always lead to chaos and heartache.

"Don't worry Sam. You'll get Lilith, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. It may be a year from now but don't worry. You'll kill that bitch. I'll make sure of it."

Cassandra was packing up her stuff. College just didn't seem like a good idea right now. Telling the cops that Ava killed her beset friend and threatened to kill her and Jake if they told, kind of made you a campus target. She had tried to escape the truth about herself all her life but then she fell into it with Ava and Heather. That had been a bad idea, no matter how accidental it was. Once she found it was the truth she bailed. Until Professor Williams had let her in on a little book he was translating he found in Jerusalem on his last expedition. And then once she found out the truth about her so-she-thought best friends and then realized who they were summoning it had been unbelievably believable. She hadn't want to believe that book was true. But look at her, her own existence was unbelievable. A half-breed, in every shape, form, and fashion-and a scarred half-breed at that. She tossed a sweatshirt in her suitcase and nearly jumped at the warm bout of electricity that shot up her spine.

"What the hell do you want Castiel?"

"I see you've changed your mind about everything."

"I haven't exactly changed my mind. It was prophesied. What the prophet writes can't be undone am I right," she snickered. Angels.

"So you're going to-."

"Yes, I'm going to New York. You guys got what you wanted. Dean and Bonnie are together-for how long that'll last once they find out the truth-."

"The truth isn't for you to tell, Nephilim. Just remember your life depends on the vessel and the witch. The grails are the only thing possible for restoration."

"Who said I ever wanted to be restored anyway?"

"You have your part in this Cassandra. Don't get laid to waste before you complete your tasks."

"Well considering I play a huge role in this whole prophecy, I'm betting Castiel that I'm off limits for destruction. At least for a couple of years. I guess you'll just have to bide your time."

Bonnie felt like crap. There were bruises all over her ribs, her lip was busted, and she had a swollen cut underneath her eye. She had worked a little magic on her body before she became exhausted-probably because of the blood loss. Not to mention the bruises from Jake manhandling her. What, just so Cassie could exorcise Lilith? If she could do that why didn't she do it at first? And what the hell did Lilith know about her family? And did Cassie know what Lilith know? And what the fuck did her hooking up with Dean have anything to do with Bennett history? Her head hurt. She was thinking too much. She just had the shit beat out of her and she was thinking way too much.

She pulled her jeans on and a gray sweatshirt dangling off her bruised shoulder-it was light and airy helping her with her breathing.

"Hey baby. You hungry?"

"Oh my God, French toast. Bacon. Eggs. Sounds delicious, I'll grab my jacket."

"You sure you just don't want me to bring it back for you? I mean-."

"Dean, I've been in this crap motel for a day and a half. I need some fresh air. Besides, you've gotten worse crappy looks before. I'll just tell 'em Sammy did it."

Dean would have laughed but Sammy was kind of blaming himself for the fall out. Bonnie noticed and paused with her hair brush.

"I'm sorry, that was really insensitive."

"C'mon, lets just grab something to eat. Sasquatch is starving."

Bonnie had to walk slow when she came through the front door and the three took a seat in a booth. The waitress came up, a pot of coffee in her hand, fumbling in her pocket for her notepad and her pencil, "So what can I get you?"

"Omelet and a glass of water."

"Lumberjack breakfast, extra bacon please. Glass of orange juice."

"French toast, bacon, eggs and orange juice."

"Alright, I'll be right out with your," she looked up and noticed Dean's arm around Bonnie and then the young girl's face, "drinks."

Bonnie felt a smirk play out on her face, causing her busted lip to sting a bit. Dean looked over at Bonnie, not smiling at all. The thought that he was a woman beater didn't sit well with him. The waitress left and cast a sidelong glance towards the table before going behind the counter and whispering something to another waitress.

"Alright, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Hang tight boys," Bonnie instructed before getting up and making her way to the bathroom ignoring the looks she was getting.

She was tired. Way more than tired. Bothered. Frustrated. Annoyed. And scared-mostly scared. Hell, she was terrified shitless. Four weeks. Four weeks Lilith would be coming to collect Dean's soul. And there didn't seem to be a way to stop it. Sam was on pins and needles, restless, trying to figure out what to do with the time running down. And Sam, who had been way easier to talk to in the beginning, now had some kind of weird resentment towards her. She had a feeling he thought that she was to blame for his brother's death. What? He wasn't dead. Not yet. And he loved her. And she was pretty sure she loved him. If she loved him she would do everything in her power to save him. He didn't want to die but he somehow looked as if he was resigned to his fate.

Maybe if she knew what the fuck Lilith was implying then maybe just maybe she could figure out a way to-the grimwoire. Maybe there was something in Emily's book that could help-. Was that the Bennett witch she had been referring to? Emily's grimwoire had dipped in the tone of her entries towards the end of the journal. How did Emily get mixed up with demons? Well, she had been mixed up with Katherine. Lilith wasn't a stretch.

"Hey, are you okay?"

A feminine voice pulled her from her thoughts. She turned towards her waitress who had a concerned look on her face.

"Um…yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

"You know," the redhead narrowed her gaze at her as Bonnie realized what she had been referring to, "no matter how many times he says he's not going to do it again, it's going to happen again."

"It's um not what you think. It wasn't him."


Bonnie took a deep breath and sidestepped the waitress. She laughed. She should've told her the truth-I got almost sacrificed to trap a demon who wants my boyfriends head on a plate. A boyfriend who loved her, who was willing to die to keep her away from Lilith. She's wanted by the FBI for him, left her entire life behind and ended up with him loving her. And she loved it. Loved every moment of being with him-the good, the bad, and the painfully ugly she thought as she took another deep breath injuring her already bruised ribs. She loved him. He was going to die soon.

"I love you."

"What," Sam asked, taking a sip of his water and almost choking on it, followed by his brother who gave her this reassuring look before his face returned stoic. He took a sip of his orange juice and smiled into the glass.

"I know."


Run. C'mon Winchester you can fucking run faster than that. He could hear it snarling, the fucking dog was gaining on him. Then there it was that pinch at his back as claws fell into his flesh. He fell to the forest floor as the hell hounds pounced on him. This was it. His mom, his dad, Sam, Bonnie-they all ran through his head as teeth and claws pried him apart.

He sat up in bed, sweating, reaching for the bowie knife under his pillow. His amulet banging against his chest. Bonnie sat up next to him in the dark, bright yellow lace bra looking luminescent in the dark, hair tumbling over his shoulder. She sighed leaning against him.

"They're getting worse aren't they. The nightmare?"

"It's uh…no big deal."

"You were there for me when I had my nightmares. Don't hide them from me."

He sighed, feeling her lips on his shoulder. "Yeah, they're getting worse."

And then he turned to look at her. Her face, dear God what was wrong with it? Was he still dreaming? It looked like, like something from hell. He moved away from her, scrambling across the bed onto the floor.

"Dean? Dean what's wrong?"

She flipped on the lights, stunningly aware that for some reason he was afraid of her. And that scared her. She saw his chest rising and falling, breathing so hard and still sweating. Dean took a deep breath, wanting to touch her, needing to touch her-but he couldn't.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Bonnie, I just need-."

There was a knock on the door. Had to be Sam. Bonnie threw a look at Dean before reaching for a shirt and heading towards the door to let Sam in.

"Hey, man are you okay?"

"Yeah. Just a nightmare. What's up?"

"I, uh," Sam began giving Bonnie this look that said he didn't believe his big brother, "just got off the phone with Bobby. He tracked Lilith to some town in Indiana."

Dean knew what was coming. He had about day left. He looked over at Bonnie. He loved her. She loved him. Did he really want to spend his last few hours driving for hours on end trying to smoke Lilith and stop the inevitable.

"No, Sammy."

"What? Ruby could help. I'm sure between the five of us-."

"I'd rather spend this time with Bonnie."

"Dean," Sam snorted, "are you serious?"

"Sam," Bonnie interrupted, looking at her boyfriend, head down, blinking back her tears before she looked up again at the youngest brother-her friend-who she was pretty sure might hate her now, "can you give me a few minutes with your brother?"

Sam looked between the two. Knew he wasn't going to get anywhere. He slammed the door behind him. He wasn't used to this, this new dynamic where Bonnie had a say in practically every decision Dean made. He wasn't sure how to handle it, he was Dean's constant. He swore before going back into his room. Bonnie came up behind Dean, leaned her head on his back, and took a deep breath.

"Ya' know, everyone isn't so accepting of this as you are. Don't you wanna-."

"What I wanna do is make love to you. I don't know what hell is like but the last thing I wanna remember before I die is not how crappy life has been, but all the joy and happiness I've had since I ran into you. I don't think you know how scared I was when my phone rang and they were talking about sacrificing you or how fucking angry I was when I saw you beat up like that. Bonnie I haven't been this happy in a long time."

"Dean," she began in between tears, "I'm like Sammy now. I'd rather get in the Impala and drive all night then have to see you like this. I just found you again. I don't know if I can-."

"It's okay," he told her, leaning in to kiss her. This kiss, traveled throughout her entire body as he undressed her, slow, savoring-like he was memorizing every bit of her body. It was the first time she had cried in all of her times with Dean.

This time was unlike any other. This time the sex was more about cherishing the last moments with each other like this. Dean spent so much time touching and kissing her body, revving her up with the minutes he took working on her lips, to her earlobes, to the spot behind her ear, her neck, finally her chest, her breast, her stomach, her hips, her inner thighs, before his mouth finally covered that sweet and hot spot between her legs. Bonnie came right then. He took his time, slow licks and thrusts of his tongue, gentle teasing of her clit with light taps of her finger. It was the best orgasm she ever had. She tried to return the favor but he adamantly refused. "No, I wanna remember you like this," he whispered against her center, breath flicking off her clit as he watched her arch off the bed when another orgasm slammed straight into her. She felt like it was hours before he actually entered her, slow, steady, unmoving-absorbing every nerve ending that he touched.

"Dean," she dragged out.

"Wait Bonnie."

"I can't. Please. Move."


"Do something," she yelled as his lips, tongue, and teeth latched onto her neck. And she orgasmed again. Fuck, he wasn't even doing anything. Finally, he started to move as her climax began to wane. She didn't last long again. One. Two. Three times before he finally orgasmed himself. He looked down at her, his body still locked inside of her. He moved hair out of her damp face, only to see that she was leaking tears.

"Alright, we'll go to Indiana. But if things don't turn out the way we hope, I want you to promise me three things."


"I want you to run. I don't want you to see me like that and Lilith, your family-."

"No, don't think about that. If Lilith comes after me…", she couldn't finish. She didn't know what she would do-or could do for that matter, "the second thing?"

"Make sure Sammy doesn't do anything stupid. I don't want him making deals for me- you either actually."

"Okay," she nodded, crying more, "and the third?"

"Go home. To Mystic Falls. I don't want this for you-this life. I want you to be happy-even if it's without me."

There were words unsaid that spoke volumes. She nodded, not sure if it was a lie, the truth, or somewhere in between.

"I love you."

"I love you back," he told her, a tear sliding down his cheek as he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead into hers.


"How you doin' son? Piercin' the veil yet?"

"What," Dean asked Bonnie who was looking through a few books, her fingers fidgeting against her knee underneath the table. Where was Sam? He had a bad feeling about his brother's absence.

"Ya' know. Hallucinating, seeing demon faces."

Dean jerked his gaze from his girlfriend and look at Bobby before looking down at the rosary he had in hand to bless some water, "So that's what that is huh?"

"Ya' know Dean-it's okay to be afraid."

There was a slight pause as Dean refused to take in everything that had happened in the past hours. Time was winding down now. In a few hours he'd be dead or alive with more trouble on his ass than he started out with-he wasn't exactly eager for either.

"So what's the plan?"

"Lilith is held up in the body of a nine-year-old, the family's scared shitless. I'll bless the sprinkler system, instant barrier against the friendly neighborhood demons, you waste Lilith-."

"With what exactly," came an obnoxiously condescending voice from the doorway. Sam was there, with Ruby. Bonnie didn't know what her friend was thinking, she felt like she didn't even know Sam anymore, obsession could do that to a person. Ruby was a demon, no way demons had some kind of inner goodness, "this plan has a body count like no other and it isn't going to save Dean."

Bonnie stood up, hands on her hips, wanting to flick Ruby across the room and send that bitch flying back to the pit she crawled out of but Ruby turned to Sam, touched his arm, "You know how to kill Lilith Sam. The only way-."

"Sam I can't believe you summoned this bitch," Bonnie told him eyes rolling.

"Ya' know what, you're really starting to piss me off," Ruby countered, trying to move forward only to hit an invisible barrier.


"Sorry Ruby, I don't trust you that much. Give me the knife-."

"Dean, this is the only way. Lilith's on shore leave! If you don't wanna die-."

"Give me the knife Ruby," Dean said stepping closer, there was an edge to his voice that caused everyone in the room to stand up a little bit straighter. Ruby tilted her head to the side and pulled the knife from her jacket and handed it to Sam, "You're going to die Dean."

"Well-I'll see you in hell then. By the way, you are fucking ugly."

Everything happened so fast, rushing into the house, Ruby bursting in telling Sam it was too late to try to save his brother as the clock struck midnight and Ruby's eyes turned a frightening white. On the ground, hearing the call of the hounds, Dean yelled for Sam to get Bonnie out of there. Fuck her promise. She hadn't wanted to leave. She had wanted Lilith to kill her then, yelled for it, begged for it. It was Bobby that had calmed her hysterics down but nothing stopped the tears. She closed her eyes, afraid to sleep. Her best friend and her boyfriend stood in the doorway.

"Elena, you think she'll be okay?"

"I don't know," she took a deep breath, threatening to cry herself, "I'm calling Damon."

Dean's dead. Bonnie's back in Mystic Falls. Castiel has made his first of many appearances. Cassandra is way, way, way important. This storyline is far, far, far from done. The story continues in Rescue & Redemption. The first chapter should be up later on today or sometime this weekend.