Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks

Story and Characters owned by

Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling

Story Adaptation by Erica K. Bailey

Here is a sneek peek at the sequel to Cullens go to Hogwarts. It will be primarily from Cedric's Point of View as he returns with the Cullens to begin service as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. The story will follow both story lines of Breaking Dawn and Order of the Phoenix as if they happenned in the same year. Except, of course, now Cedric as lived - risen from the ashes as it were, and will not go on to find his own purpose in his new found life.

Chapter 1 The Beginning


As I recalled my last days at Hogwarts, I felt relief to be sitting on a plane over the Atlantic ocean surrounded by vampires… I suppose I should feel otherwise. Any normal person would – even a wizard.

It had been awkward, being around Ernie, James and Patrick. I had heard their hushed sobs in the night, saw their stoic faces during the end of year feast. The effort with which they avoided his name… All in vain, I thought… No, not entirely in vain – it was for his protection after all.

And then there was Cho. Her sobs still haunted me. I had heard them enough times during the final week. I had wanted to go to her, to provide some comfort. She was a good person – a good girl… a good woman, really. But I couldn't. What would I say?

A part of it bothered me – the lies and deception. It burned against every fiber of my being to sit back and act out my part in the falsehood that protected my friend. That knowledge was the only thing that kept me from shouting out the truth – that Edward Cullen was alive… He's alive!

That truth, though, would only kill him. If Voldemort – I still cringed at the name, but Dumbledore was right. Fear of the name only perpetuates fear of the man himself… If he knew, he would know what Edward really was… and that would be deadly. A flick of the wrist and wizards fire would consume him.

It had only taken until the day after my realization of what he truly was to recall the first task – how Edward had faced the dragon and his deadly fire – all for the sake of protecting Harry Potter… I cringed when I recalled the recklessness of our practice – me aiming wizard's fire at him as he hid behind a mere boulder. I couldn't believe he and his brothers had talked me into it when I thought he was simply a muggle… Even then he could have died, or at the least lost a limb… but as a vampire, a single strike would have been certain death.

I looked over at him, sitting with his love beside him, wrapped up in his arms. It still ached to see them like this… to see her. Edward glanced at me. I flinched. His being able to hear my thoughts was incredibly inconvenient. A smiled twitched at the corner of his mouth. I sighed. He was my best friend, but sometimes he was more then a little annoying, I thought with emphasis… He smiled in earnest. His true love sighed beside him in her sleep…. "Edward…"

When I met Bella, I knew dating her was a long shot. She is incredible – sweet, kind, good, intelligent, brave… and beautiful. She stood out from the crowd, from the gaggle of giggling girls that had followed Edward and Harry around as Hogwarts Champions. She was out of my league… I hadn't known then that they were together. If I had, I'd never have screwed up the courage to ask her to the Yule Ball. I had been shocked when she said "yes"… only to find out it was fates cruel joke. She already belonged to Edward.

But I couldn't stay angry with him. I wanted to… I was – and jealous. Insanely jealous – an emotion I had been previously unacquainted with. But more then my attraction for Bella was my craving for Edward's friendship. He was like a part of me that had been missing. All the things I wanted for my life – to live out the beliefs I held so dear – to face danger despite the risks because it was the right thing to do – to be noble… he was. And somehow, I felt like he needed me… It was hard to explain.

And that is why I now found myself seated in first class surrounded by a family of vampires with no fear for my life… Because our world is in danger. I believe it with every fiber of my being – and I can't just sit back and watch it happen. I have to do something.

"Do you suppose the oxygen masks will fall soon?" the voice next to me asked. I turned to see Sirius Black, as pale as the vampires around us, clutching fiercely to the armrests of his chair.

"How can you be scared?" I asked, "You fly all the time."

"I fly all the time when I'm in control – with a force that isn't fallible – that isn't comprised of a million tiny components, run off a flawed fuel source that could run out any minute, at the controls of strangers I've never met and have no idea what their background is."

I supposed he would have felt better if he'd been allowed to carry his broom on board, but Carlisle had assured him it wouldn't get past security… Something about new security measures ever since 9-11... I wasn't really sure what that meant. He had looked at me in shock when I admitted my ignorance… asking me why I hadn't watched it on some device called a TV.

Having grown up in a fully wizard family for at least 5 generations, I had no idea of muggle technology or practices. I supposed I needed to learn before I was unleashed on my task. The thought left my mouth dry and my stomach queasy… how was I to convince total strangers of the coming danger and, moreover, to risk their own safety to come to our aid for the good of the world. It was an impossible task. How in the world did one explain about… Voldemort.

I choked on the name even in my thoughts. I needed to get over that. The story was insane enough without constantly referring to 'he who shall not be named'. How did you tell others of an evil wizard, a dark Lord, who was hell bent on eternal life and omnipotent power? Edward said he would help.

"We've just begun our decent into Newark airport. The flight attendants will be coming through the cabin to collect any unwanted items from your flight. At this time we ask that you fasten your seatbelts and return your seat backs and table trays to their full and upright position." The cheerful voice chimed over the intercom system. Sirius began searching frantically for his seatbelt.

"You're already wearing it." I reminded him. He hadn't removed it the entire trip. I smiled with ease at his antics. It had been a shock when I was first introduced to him in Dumbledore's sitting room.

I had walked into the room. The Cullen family was there along with Bella and Hermione. Dumbledore was standing there, a large black dog at his side. I was surprised. I hadn't recalled Dumbledore ever owning a dog.

"Cedric, here is your travel companion." He had said gesturing to the dog.

I eyed it speculatively. Really, it was impressive in size, but that was about it. It had no set pedigree and was relatively un-groomed. "A dog, Dumbledore? Do you think they'll let it on the plane?"

"My boy, this is Sirius Black."

"The convicted killer."

"The one and the same." A voice suddenly came from beside Dumbledore as where once stood a large black dog, there was now a man – almost as scruffy as the dog he had replaced.

"W-what?" I jumped in surprise.

It took some doing, but I was finally convinced of his innocence. I almost chuckled now to see him – terrified as we descended toward North America… killer my foot.

"Hey this is seriously dangerous, you know – one in every five crash." I heard Emmett's booming voice from up ahead.

"R-r-really?" Sirius stuttered.

"No, Emmett's pulling your leg." Jasper said in an annoyed voice as the elegant hand of Rosalie slapped the back of Emmett's head.

A sweet pixy like face popped up over our seats then. "Don't worry. We'll make it down safely. I can see it clearly." She laughed pointing at her forehead as she spoke. Her voice was like magical bells.

Suddenly I felt a wave of calm hit me. Jasper! I wished he could focus his gift in one specific direction. I was already exhausted. I didn't need any encouragement to fall asleep… but that seemed to be exactly what happened. For the next thing I knew I was sitting up with a start.

"Excellent – solid ground once more." I heard beside me.

"Yes, but we still have to make it home." One of the voices from up ahead reminded.

"But we can drive there, right?"

"Not if you want to make it today." Edward laughed… "We're almost as close to Hogwarts as we are to home."

Sirius' face turned chalk white. "You mean we have to do it again?"

After clearing customs and changing plans, we were back on board, Sirius resuming his stiff, arm rest gripping stance.

"Why don't you try some deep breathing?" Esme suggested.

He tried that while Jasper added some calming influence and, after a few moments, the knuckles of his hand weren't quite so white.

"What I really could use is a nice ale – that would help me relax." Sirius groaned as the plan took off.

"They'll be around soon with service." Esme cheered.

"Why worry about that when I could make one right here." He pulled out the wand that I wondered how he got through security and began to go through the motions of creating himself a drink.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed as the plan lurched.

"What was that?" Sirius gasped beside me, hand newly tightened on his arm rest while the other held his wand in his hand.

"You'd better put that away." I whispered as I noticed the flight attendant get up and come to see what the problem was. He quickly stowed it in his cloak.

"Is there any trouble here?" the flight attendant asked.

"No, none – just a nervous flyer reacting to the turbulence." I replied motioning toward Sirius.

"Oh, we're sorry, Sir. That almost never happens at take off. But I'm sure there will be smooth flying soon. Can I bring you a beverage to calm your nerves?"

"I'll have an ale, if you've got any." Sirius replied stiffly.

"Certainly, I'll have it for your shortly." He said as he returned to the front of the cabin to prepare the drink. I somewhat doubted we would have received such prompt service in the back of the plane.

"You'd better keep your wand hidden for the rest of the flight… I don't think we're supposed to have them on board. I packed mine in my suitcase." I whispered to him.

"Oh, right… of course." He tried to smile… However, after an ale and some more assistance he finally relaxed enough to sleep for the remainder of our flight to Seattle. Being exhausted myself, I drifted off…

I woke to another lurch. Sitting straight up I gazed out the window, surprised to see we had landed. Had I really slept the entire time? It was dark out my window… I wondered what time it was. "Edward, what time is it?"

"It's 9:30 pm" he replied in a hushed tone. I could see Bella sleeping beside him. He let her remain asleep until the flight crew had completed their routines and it was time to depart. Even then she seemed barely awake.

It wasn't long until we were piling into a series of what seemed to be quite luxurious muggle automobiles… I couldn't be sure. I had seen them on the motorway in London when I went to visit my father at the Ministry of Magic, but other then that and the few outings we'd had for summer holiday, I'd spent most of my time at Hogwarts, and there wasn't much in the way of automobiles there. Except, of course, the enchanted car Ron Weasley brought a few years back and still roamed the forbidden forest… I smelt the leather as I crawled into the silver car that Edward was driving. Sirius climbed in beside me.

It was a relatively quiet ride, aside from the occasional exclamation from Bella about how fast Edward was driving. After years on a broom, this didn't seem that fast at all. I felt weary from the trip, but also wide awake at the same time. I suppose in England it would be morning. This could take some getting used to. Hopefully I'd be tired enough to get to sleep in a couple hours.

I had taken out a book at the airport to read on the trip back, but after a few minutes I realized it was too dark.

"Here" Sirius offered, "lumos" and his wand suddenly lit so I could see the page. I was about to tell him I wasn't really interested when I heard an expression of excitement from the front of the car.

"What is going on?" Bella exclaimed as she watched, wide eyed, as Edward gripped the steering wheel and the lights on the dash of the car flashed erratically.

"I don't know… must be something to do with the internal sensors… just a minute."

In the excitement I'd forgotten about the book and Sirius must have as well as his light went out. After a few minutes things seemed to settle down and the car stopped swerving erratically.

"What did you do?" Bella exclaimed when things seemed to be back to normal.

"I have no idea." Edward replied, just as bewildered. I got the sense he didn't often feel that way, especially when it came to his car. "I'll have to ask Rosalie to take a look at the panel… maybe there is a short or something."

Maybe Sirius was right about this flawed technology we were putting our lives in.

The trip didn't take long and before I knew it we had pulled into a driveway crowded with trees on both sides… and then, after a few minutes, it opened into a meadow with a beautiful large modern house. We didn't see much like this in England, especially among the wizarding families. Most houses had been in their respective families for centuries.

"Um, Edward… why are there 5 owls perched on the roof?" Bella asked.

I leaned over and looked out the front window. "Oh, hey the mail is here." I exclaimed as I crawled out of the back seat and ran toward the house. I was hoping I'd receive some word from people back home… Upon approach, I was immediately pelted with five letters, the last of which I was fearful to see was a howler.

"You'd better open it." Sirius said, as the rest gathered round. I took a deep breath and opened the envelope.

"WHY HAVEN'T YOU REPLIED TO ANY OF OUR OWLS? WE HAVE BEEN WRITING SINCE HOGWARTS GOT OUT TWO DAYS AGO AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SENT WORD. YOUR FATHER AND I ARE VERY WORRIED." It screamed at me before disappearing in a flash of fire and smoke. I looked down at the rest of the messages… they were all from my parents.

"I suppose they haven't any idea how long muggle transportation takes." I mumbled embarrassed that the Cullens had witnessed that.

Carlisle chuckled, "I suppose that's true. You'd better call." He handed the phone and then slowly brought it back to himself, "Ah, do your parents have a phone?"

"No, not really… I'll need to send back an owl." But looking around I realized all the owls had left. Now what would I do?

"Would any owl do?" Alice asked. "I'm sure we can catch one for you."

"I think he needs it alive." Emmett teased…

Yes, I suppose that would be a danger… though I don't imagine an owl would provide much sustenance. "Actually they do need to be trained." I answered, "I don't suppose you know of any place near by where I might purchase one?"

The only response I received were the blank stares of 7 sets of vampire eyes and one set of beautiful brown human eyes… I shook my head. I needed to stop noticing things like that. "Before last year, we had no idea your kind even existed, well, except for Carlisle." Edward explained, "I have no idea if there are places around here to purchase the supplies you might need or a trained owl."

This could be difficult. I had brought the basic supplies for mixing any potions I might need or performing necessary magic… but I would need to pick up a few things here and there, especially if anything specific came up.

"I should have asked Dumbledore." Carlisle frowned, "I'm sure he would know… there has to be others around here."

"Well, I'm sure it can wait until morning." Esme smiled, "Come bring your things inside. Edward has to return Bella home. I'm sure Charlie will be anxious to see his daughter." She gave a very pointed look at Edward, who helped Bella back into the silver car and drove back down the drive way.

To my surprise, my luggage had already been unloaded at the front of the house. When did that happen? I didn't even recall seeing the trunk of the automobile open.

"You must be hungry," Esme continued, moving faster then I could imagine she had disappeared into the kitchen and returned with sandwiches and drinks. "Sorry I don't have much else right now. I had the grocery deliver some basic supplies when I realized you would be joining us…"

It struck me then; this was just for Sirius and me. Of course, the Cullen's didn't have food supplies. They would never have use for them. I was touched by the thoughtfulness… Was I crying? It must be the utter exhaustion from being jet lagged. I looked around embarrassed at my emotional outburst and realized Sirius and I were alone…

"Where did everyone go?" I asked, looking around.

"I'm not sure, they all just disappeared… quite remarkable – how fast they move. I saw a bit of it when I stayed with them at Venlaw, but they must have at least tried to act human because it is was nothing compared to how they move here." He marveled.

My stomach chose that particular moment to make itself known and I dove into my food. For someone who never ate, it was incredibly impressive how tasty the sandwich was. I was about half way done when a piece of paper caught my eye.

"Accio paper" I stated with a flick of my wand. The lights flickered slightly as the paper flew to my hands.

"What is it?" Sirius asked as he eyed the light warily.

"A note – she must have written it before they left, though I can't imagine when…" I must have been concentrating a little too intently on my sandwich.

Dear Sirius and Cedric,

We've gone to hunt. We're taking every precaution while you stay with us which includes a more regular hunting regime. Please make yourselves at home. The remote for the television is in the drawer of the TV stand. Your rooms are on the top floor to the left off the stairs. Edward's room is at the end… We'll be back in a couple hours. Make yourselves at home.

Carlisle and Esme

"I suppose that's prudent." Sirius said nonchalantly, though it just occurred to me what they were taking precaution against. I hadn't thought much of it before. What Edward was seemed to have avoided my conscious thought until I had seen him lying there, seemingly dead, after the third task. Afterward, it just seemed relatively normal to sit with him as I had all year… It didn't occur to me that he might fight every day against his natural inclination to feed on human blood. I shivered at the thought.

"I think I'll check out our new accommodations." I said casually, trying not to betray my new found nervousness.

Sirius wasn't fooled, "Listen, they've been at this long enough. They know how to behave around humans." He chuckled as he clasped his hand on my shoulder, "Though I'll admit, I took a few precautions myself when I first met them… little did I know I would have done better as a human then as a dog."

I smiled at his candor, then eyed my bags, alternately glancing between them and the stairs.

"No sense in hurting my back." Sirius smiled, "Wingardium Leviosa"

His pile of luggage which included one large trunk and two worn travel bags levitated into the air as he guided it toward the stairs. At just that moment, the lights began flickering wildly again.

"See what I mean about imperfect technology..." Sirius gestured toward the lights, "they can't even find a consistent way to light their homes. I don't know why they don't just stick with candles and lanterns. It would be much more consistent this."

I followed his lead, using the levitation charm to carry my large trunk and one suitcase up the two flights of stairs to the third floor. Just as we hit the second set the lights went out all together.

"This is getting a little frustrating." Sirius complained, "lumos" he exclaimed and we now had a narrow beam of light to follow up to the third floor and to our rooms. The lights flickered back on just after we set our things down in our rooms.

"Of course – now the lights come back on." Sirius snarled from the room next to mine. He was beginning to get a little on my nerves with his negativity… I supposed perhaps he was tired as I was. I glanced over at the clock on the table by the bed. It has stopped at 11:00. I supposed that was likely a recent event – at the same time the lights had gone out.

"Sirius" I called, "Do you know what time it is?"

There was no response.


Again, silence. I got up from the bed and walked over to the room next door. Peeking in I found him spread eagle on the bed, snoring loudly. How had I not heard that from the room next door? I gently closed the door and returned to my room to retire for the night.

So, that's the beginning of the next story. Thank you so much for reading Cullens go to Hogwarts. I hope you will continue with the sequel. It's funny - I never intended Cedric to even be in Cullens go to Hogwarts, but then he just showed up and then became Edward's best friend and now, here he is coming back go Forks... Will wonders never cease?