Selena's POV

"What do you mean some boy asked you about how you smelled?" I try to hide my laughter as I speak to Miley over the phone. I keep the phone between my ear and my shoulder while I'm counting the last of my pay. For the first time, Ian did it right.

I hear the roar of the freeway behind her. "Remember how I borrowed your jacket today?"
She thought it complimented her outfit so I let her. "Yeah?'

"Well this guy comes up to me as I walk out of Macy's asking me about my smell. And then he started sniffing the jacket! Well maybe not sniff, but he did start smelling it." Ha.

I look through the newspapers, trying to find a new job. "Haha, then what happened?"

"He asked me if I worked at the restaurant you worked at!"

Wait…this sounds familiar now that I think about it. "Did he have curly hair? Sunglasses?"

"Yup…do you know him?"

"Met him yesterday at the funeral party thing. He's the reason I quit, well one of them."

"Oh. Wow."

"Well, what else did he say?" I ask. I hold up my glass of water and drink.

"Something about me lying to him. He said I smelled like the girl he met, just a little different."


"I thought he was crazy and stalkerish so I just turned away from him after telling him I didn't know what he was talking about."

"I'd do that too!"

"But then…"


"He said he had to find you. Well he said he had to find the girl."

"Now that is just creepy."

"And I told him I might be able to help."


"I thought it was really sweet of him."

"Really? I think that's just scary. I mean, you smell a girl and then you fall for her? What is this? Love at first sniff?"

"Well, I didn't know it was you. I'm sorry."

I sigh. "Don't worry. It's not like I'm ever going to like him or see him anyway."


"Oh no, what is it now?"

"He's coming to our place tonight."


"I'm sorry. I just thought it'd be easier if I sat and talked with him over the girl."

"But the girl would be RIGHT next to him."

She says nothing.



"We are locking my door; we are not going to tell him I am the girl; most importantly, I need to borrow your clothes."

"Why? Maybe you'll like him."

"No. Never. I can't."


"Because." I don't want to tell her why. I don't want anyone to know. My ears start stinging, and I know it's time to hang up. "Bye."